3 Jun


Anticipation and Luxury

A few days ago I ordered myself a new watercolor journal (a Nujabi journal).  A beautiful little thing with deckle edged  paper in it–so fat with handmade paper that it can’t close properly:)

I have checked my front door daily to see if the postman has left it there, knowing full well that it would have taken a small miracle AND a fairy to have it there so soon;))—but like a little kid looking to see if  the seed he just planted has produced any tomatoes yet—I have looked anyway!
In my mind’s eye renderings of dogwood blossoms and Eddies are already spilling out across the page in a meandering fashion —with my black script running between-around-and through the watercolor drippings—soaking themselves into that oh so wonderful to touch paper surface 🙂
It has brought me happiness even in the anticipation!
This new little joy costs less than 50 cents a page.  It will, no doubt, bring me much more in the filling of it, one page at a time with the moments I deem special….which leads me to my next thought of


and what we think of that and us and what is possible….
how that when we break it down, luxury can and should be viewed a bit differently—not necessarily parked in the Lamborghini or Chanel clothing or the French Riviera (a “lap of luxury” that seems highly unlikely for most of us;))—but hanging out in freshly laundered sheets on the bed, a scoop of gelato or a new watercolor journal:))

Today I did a simple luxury for myself that didn’t cost anything.  Needing to work online  but with an eye out on the beautiful day that was happening just outside my door—I grabbed an old quilt, my laptop, my iphone for playing spa music, a cold beverage and claimed the backyard under the trees as my “new office”:)))

Proving once again that life does offer the having and the eating of the cake at the same time 🙂

Remember…. “luxuries” and childish anticipation lurk around every corner of our everyday lives.

Let the kid in you pick one for yourself today 🙂

“Our” trip to France is just a couple of weeks away.  Watercolor postcards will be happening along with watercolor journaling and of course oil painting (proof positive that oil and water do mix;)  My Amazon store has my picks for the watercolor stuff  (click here) in case you decide you want to play along at home with your own watercolors and postcards/ journal:))

It’s high time to indulge yourself in the things that really bring you JOY!!

If you’d like to check out my 2014 Workshop dates, you can click here to view:))
Since you read to the end, you get a few more  peeks inside my journal:))

It’s fun to wrap some words around your drawing;))

Loving the “ruffly” edges on the hand-made paper!

Remember, France is a little over two weeks away — start getting your stuff together :)!

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  1. Nancy Martin Piros

    Dreama, you make watercolors look so easy , but I know it’s not easy!!! Simply beautiful!!!!!!

  2. Anita Zorrilla

    Bonjour, Dreama! I love all the beautiful!!!!! pictures and videos you shared with us from France. Le vieux couvent indee is a beautiful place, make me go there :)) it looks sooooo…….peaceful and relaxing and those kitty are so beautiful! I wish one day I may join that beautiful French art workshop adventure with you, Au revoir!

  3. Thank you for taking us along on your painting adventure in France. The 6 am walk through the garden was such a great way to start the day. Your paintings and writings always make me smile. You are such a treasure.

  4. Karen kircher

    Just love your watercolor postcards from France. They are so delicate & ethereal!! Keep ’em comin’ !!

  5. Dreama,
    What a wonderful gift you are giving us by sharing you trip to France. I was so inspired by your posts that I ordered a water
    color journal. I could not get the Nujabi Handmade Watercolor Journal because they were sold out.
    I can’t wait for your next post. Hope you do the workshop again in France because I would love to go.
    Happy Painting!,

  6. Early mornings in France! What a great way to wake up! Thanks, Dreama for sharing. Hearing the rooster crowing in the distance and your morning voice made my morning! Hope you’re going back next summer, ’cause I want to be on that plane! Thanks for sharing! Your postcard would serve as my little nudge to make it happen!

  7. Beth Powers Badger

    What is the machine on the blanket? Not the laptop LOL

  8. You never fail. You inspire, you uplift, you give. Honestly Dreama….I hope you know what a gift you are to we artists and other plain ole people. xoxo

  9. You never fail. You inspire, you uplift, you give. Honestly Dreama….I hope you know what a gift you are to we artists and other plain ole people. xoxo

  10. heehee, I needed another sketchbook like a hole in the head….but this is so beautiful with its deckled edges…how could I resist? So of course I just now ordered one! Maybe it will arrive in time for my trip! I can hardly wait!! 🙂

  11. Kim Minichiello

    You will love these books for watercolor sketching! I have used ones like this for years and treasure them! It’s wonderful to look through them to remember my fond travel memories… better than a photo!

  12. Berit Trædal

    Love your inspiering art!

  13. Rhonda L. Tolle-Beaman

    Luxury is a lit candle, a piece of classical music, fresh picked wild flowers and a little set in the sun….most of which don’t cost a thing. To quote Deepak Chopra, Luxury isn’t necessarily expensive! Good for us!

  14. Tracey Mardon

    Thanks for the invite Dreama, I’ve shifted a few things around and turns out I can be there! 🙂 Seriously, I can hardly wait to see the paintings and hear about your wonderful time!

  15. Sabine Scanlon

    I’m looking forward to this.. I headed for a painting trip in April, but we took a tour first. By the time we arrived in Paris, I became so ill I spent a week in hospital. [an infection cause by a fish scale!]
    My friends headed to the south of France to paint as schedualed while I flew home to finish recovering.
    Your sharing this trip will be a lovely perk..

  16. Mau Joe Tomaino

    Oh Dreama…this is so inspiring thanks for sharing.

  17. Barbara

    Hello Dreama –
    Love, love, love your watercolor journal. Your colors are fabulous ! What kind of script pen do you use? I want to start my own journal as soon as possible !

  18. Beautifully said! I am all for the little happies that just bring a smile. And would love to try watercolors- never have…inspired to order your set and give it a go!! Have the best most amazing trip ever to France!

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