17 May

During the Creative Process

The Sun and the Moon of Spring

Both the sun and the moon are held in all things around us.
The clematis with her “star” quality
The lilac with her delicate scent in the sun.
I like to think of them both
talking away the night to the moon
and sitting in silence with the sun.

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  1. jobi kocher

    Bonjour Dreama! I have been looking forward to your trip to France for weeks! Thank you for the lovely pics! Little Lokie looks just like my beloved, dearly departed, very missed cat, Gus. Have a wonderful time! Can’t wait to meet you next year in Costa Mesa. I’ve already bought my supplies! haha Have some fine french wine for me! And throw my name in the beret please 🙂 xoxo Jobi from New Mexico

  2. june

    Ohhhhh…this painting is absolutely glorious, Dreama. Please, please, please consider it amongst all the other beautiful paintings for your 2014 calendar. There’s a special magic to this one – the colours, the composition, and your magical words accompanying it. Beautiful!

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