1 Jul


So Much Chocolat, So Little Time

When we arrived in France you said you were looking for a sign that this is where you should be.
I think I found your sign;)

There is one side issue that I haven’t mentioned because I knew it would only make you paranoid.
Eddie has spies everywhere here.
They are very good at blending in with their local surroundings…and then reporting back to those who have no business knowing how many crepes one has eaten whilst in France.

Well, some are better at blending than others;)
Below is a cat free photo—just a window bouquet in the dining room at Le Vieux Couvent,  complete with candles and angels:))

Which inspired a post in my watercolor journal of the jams and jellies and angels.

France is fraught with problems….Eddie spies being only one of them.
An excess of chocolat is to be found everywhere!!

If video doesn’t appear, just click here:))

With chocolate as the theme for today….you get to pick which one to include in your journal.  The beauty of Sarlat or the beauty of chocolat glace with Sarlat in the backdrop 🙂

(The photos I share here, of our time in France, are to be used as reference for  doing watercolors for  your personal journals or postcards only.  I please ask that they are used soley for that purpose:-)

“Carte Postal #?? (I am starting to lose track)

Please Note:

It is a slow pace of life here in the south of France.
This also includes the internet—things take much longer to accomplish online—So my plans are to post my new French paintings, journalings and postcards (and  a video or two) for you to continue your French escapade—after I return home 🙂
For those of you who have been asking….I do have new paintings of France that will be available for purchase once I return to the states.
P.S. If you think you’d like to come paint with me, you can check out my workshops by clicking here:))


Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. Thanks for letting me tag along on the trip. I bought a sketchbook like yours and have been having fun trying to watercolor. Yours photos are so beautiful. I loved the last video, so inspiring, just like you.

  2. your watercolors are so inspiring! I love the economy in the line and lusciousness of the colors!

  3. Jean Scholz

    You bring such joy to my day! I love your great humor pictures of France and of course, your beautiful paintings!
    Jean Scholz

  4. It’s incredible how much detail is in your little watercolor sketch. I love France… Thank you for sharing your adventures on your blog, it gives us a glimpse of another part of the world, a beautiful other part of the world 🙂

  5. How lucky for us we got to the chocolate factory before the internet delayed the rest of the trip:)Safe trip home!

  6. Debra LaRocque

    I am in awe of all the beautiful flowers. My son is in Ireland right now and many of his pictures have beautiful flowers in them. I wonder if people that visit America feel the same about our flowers!

  7. Hoda Nicholas

    Dreama; thanks again for sharing, beautiful painting and pictures… very inspiring…

  8. Pamela Clegg

    What an exciting trip! Thank you for sharing.

  9. Susan in TX

    I love this postcard! And this place. Thanks for sharing. And thanks for the reference photos.

  10. Loree

    Chocolate – my favorite

  11. Sarah Sheffield

    Maybe I should enter the lottery–and want $ to travel with you! Your blogs are so fun.

  12. Nancy Martin Piros

    Looks like so much fun Dreama. I can see how much fun you are having!!! Hugs!!!

  13. Roseanne Campagna

    Dreama – you just seem so at home there in France – but you will have to learn to give those kitty spies the slip, c’est vrai?

  14. Bobbie Ward

    I’ve never seen so much chocolate in one place! How exciting! Everybody loves a kitty, even Eddie who is up to his mischief.

  15. Karen Gifford

    Oooooh, the photos and paintings are wonderful – I would say it in French, but I really don’t remember very many words, sigh. I even love the cats!!

  16. Donna Kallie Clawson

    Wow! Edie has spys! Watch out, guys!

  17. Loving it all!!! Checking every day to see more of what you’re all doing!

  18. Diane Fujimoto

    I so love reading your posts. I have visited these places in France multiple times and it continues to be one of my favorite places to paint. The picture you present when you write makes one feel like they are there with you- thank you for that! And now, I will pull out all my old photos and hunt for new inspiration. Any chance Northern CA is a place for a future workshop or even publishing a book on your painting style?

  19. Sharon Chapman

    Just one word. MMMMMMMmmmmmm! Yes that’s a word when it comes to chocolate!

  20. Karen Adams Smith

    Have I told you how much I love your watercolors? Beautiful!

  21. June

    Enjoy and savour every single gorgeous chocolat-filled moment, Dreama. Mmmm….chocolat….guess the only ‘cure’ for this is to raid the mini Snickers-filled cupboard…that, and watch (for probably the 20th time) ‘Chocolat.’
    Thanks for sharing, Dreama. It’s all tres bon. It’s all magnifique. And it’s all delicious.

  22. I love all the kittykats . There seems to be no end to the beauty in France. Thanks, thanks, thanks for sharing!!

  23. CJ Roughton

    Yes! I took your advice! And..you are inspiring, Thankyou!

  24. Karen Mitchell

    It looks beautiful at Sarlat. Was the ice cream as delicious as it looks?
    Love your postcard. I like painting buildings.

  25. Jane Allen

    What a wonderful way to start your day!

  26. Anonymous

    I NEED some…looks & smells delicious!

  27. Amber Hall

    Thanks for letting me travel along.. you are such an inspiration!

  28. Mary Beth Attix Harrison

    Suddenly I want to eat chocolate and pet my cat while I paint!

  29. Karen Reza Chick

    So much fun poor Eddie is missing out! That is why all his spies are there. Enjoy all the chocolate and the beautiful surroundings.

  30. Marcia

    I think I may have one of Eddie’s spies here with me in NH. She looks enough like him to be his sister or cousin at least! Have fun in France and can’t wait to see your paintings when you return.

  31. Trish Davis

    Your posts inspired me to get out my watercolors and paint along on y”our” trip. The chocolate glace was so tempting! Remember, you are eating for all of us, so dig in. 🙂

  32. Bruce Bingham

    Those cats ARE sneaky- so much so that I didn’t see even one- and I was there! Good times:)

  33. My eyes were feasting on the photos and now my stomach is grumbling! A lot of chocolate will be eaten today after this post.

  34. Linda Perry

    What marvelous glimpses of sweet village, Dreama!

  35. Josephine Hardison Fine Art

    Ok, Think I’ll have chocolate for breakfast and it’s all your fault!

  36. Valerie McMullen

    Two of my favorite things! Cats and chocolate! The stacks of chocolate look heavenly! Enjoy!

  37. Monica

    Hooray!!! photos of “chats” everywhere!!! Beautiful!
    This will make Eddie’s coat curl like a Cornish Rex!
    Happy chocolat day!

  38. Ursula Marquardt

    This chocolate shop is I N S A N E!
    This is C R A Z Y! I am salivating and sooooo jealous, have to go get chocolate TODAY!

  39. Prudy Weaver Artist

    What temptation! I have thoroughly enjoyed every post of your trip and will be disappointed when it is over.

  40. I’m hungry now looking at your chocolate! I love the cat photos – yes you’d better be on your best behavior – no secrets from Eddie!

  41. Jane Casnellie

    Oh chocolat! Love it! Cats too! Looking forward to your workshop in Cary! Jane

  42. Enri

    Oooooh! Love that chocolat’ video. But I love your loose watercolor cards best.
    Can’t wait to see what you bring home!

  43. Tish Barrens Murphy

    Looks like a wonderful trip…enjoy!
    Discovered Carolina and Eddie Bill on skype – she was complaining that we went to the Caribbean without her and Eddie Bill was discussing the fact that you did not take him to France!

  44. Terri

    Hoping for chocolate and a postcard…any time, any day!!

  45. Marion

    Chocolat! That’s just mean! 😉

  46. Cats, chocolate, wine, France and painting…these are a few of my favorite things….hmm, there is a song in there. Big thanks for sharing,Dreama!!!!

  47. Kim Boyer

    Thank you Dreama for posting your wonderful trip! I have enjoyed seeing everything especially the chocolate shop (yum!), the beautiful vignette near the window, the cozy patios and great architecture, an artist dream for sure! I must go there someday…I look forward to meeting you at your workshop in California! Love, Kim

  48. Lynne Wogan

    So glad you are still able to continue these lovely posts

  49. Diane Howard

    Looking at your post today just reinforced my love of chocolat….thanks for sharing!

  50. This has been such a beautiful and inspiring art “stay”cation! Thank you, Dreama! And, after seeing that video, I do not feel any guilt at all for having chocolate at breakfast. After all, “I’m on vacation.” 😉

  51. Have loved the trip. Can’t wait to see more when you return.

  52. I too love chocolate! What a great photos of everything. Looking forward to more.

  53. Alice Craig

    Sarlat is on my serious list of places to visit – so gorgeous! Loved your sketches Dreama and that pink spoon in your chocolate ice cream! Not to mention the cats and the angels… just wonderful! Wish, wish, wish I was there with you!

  54. Gayle

    So, you say you won’t be sending more messages until you get home. Sure it’s not because of a chocolate haze?…… Gayle

  55. Andrée

    Chocolat! Que c’est bon! I will be very sad when tour trip and postings will stop!
    But Enjoy the rest of your trip ! Videos are wonderful idea this year! Thanks for your generosity! Andrée

  56. Debra LaRocque

    Now I am understanding more of why my son loves France. He is a French teacher and takes students to France in the summer. He has loved it since he was there in high school. Right now he is in Ireland and trying to figure out a way to get to France before he comes home. Not only do you get to paint beautiful things but you get chocolate too!

  57. Mandy Parrett

    Ohhh this reminds me of our trip to Paris this Spring (!!! SMUG MODE!) – chocolate shops are everywhere; as are tempting patisseries and icecream cafes which literally scream out for attention! It really is THE country to indulge a sweet tooth 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your enchanting holiday with us Dreama!

  58. Ursula Marquardt

    The pictures you posted are just delightful.
    Love your writing!
    Love all the cat sightings!
    Can not wait to see your paintings!

  59. Good for you to soak up every moment while you are there! We will eagerly look forward to a recap upon your return! Love that bottom photo with all the sunlit umbrellas…Bonjour:)

  60. Ginny Good

    Thanks Dreama for all your fun sharing of France with us! It’s been very inspiring to me and I have been having a renewed interest in watercolor sketches in my journal!

  61. Pam

    I’ve felt like I too have been on a mini vacation to France thanks to you Dreama.
    If I don’t ever get there at least I have been on the journey with you thanks to your journalling, posts and videos. Merci!!

  62. I’ve enjoyed being on this trip with your group and seeing all the posts. Thanks forever for taking us along. Each day I looked forward to your entries. N

  63. Oh nooooooo! It’s almost over! I’ve so enjoyed pretending that I was along on this workshop/trip…I wanted it to go on and on! I’ll just have to look forwards to the next one, and enjoy the resulting paintings. Bon voyage…have a save journey home!

  64. Dreama,
    I love the cat photos, especially the 1st one (reminded me of ET in the toy closet~ just blend in & they’ll never notice). Chocolate……..my favorite!!! 🙂

  65. Samantha Figiel

    French Chocolate! I can’t imagine! I wouldn’t be able to draw any because they would all be gone!!!! Just wrappers! haha Enjoy the rest of your time in France 🙂

  66. Helen

    Oh! The delicious chocolates! We always bring our carryon full of chocolates from any trip to Europe! Except, last time our flight out of Paris was cancelled and all my hubby had in HIS bag was chocolate! Lol! Thankfully, they returned our checked bags to us overnight. LOVE your journal!

  67. Katie

    Is this postcard one of the giveaways??!! I knew instantly where it was! I just got back from Sarlat two weeks ago and I miss it so much it hurts. It rained the whole time I was there 🙂 Better luck next time I go hopefully! I stayed in Beynac one week as well. It was like another world. I can’t believe places like it exist!

  68. Jobi

    I will wait with eager anticipation for your return to the speedy internet of home sweet home! I have loved, loved, loved being on this journey with you! Thank you for all you have shared and all the wonderful instruction. I have learned so much and enjoyed every vicarious moment of it! God Bless you on your trip home. Enjoy the rest of your time in France! xoxo

  69. I love the photos, themes, and chocolat is always welcome at my table. Enjoy your trip and safe journey. I am looking forward to seeing you in two weeks. So excited. Thanks Dreama

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