10 Sep

During the Creative Process

Sunflower Skies and Grapevine Goodness

Good Morning Sunshine!!!
Someone has their eye on you 🙂

“A Day in Tuscany”
Original Watercolor Postcard

Detail 😛


And they wanted you to see where they live!

The grapes are hanging out next door to the sunflowers because…
they compliment each other so well 😛

And they wanted to show off their home to you too!

And a breezy video for you from the Tuscan countryside!

A peek at my traveling watercolor sets.  The twinkling watercolors were “installed” in a little box I found at Hobby Lobby (a local crafts store).  I used my glue gun to hold their little buns in place and left the lids back home in Kentucky 😉

And here’s your scene for buonjournaling along today:))  A little side street in Cortona.

(Please note:  The photos I share here of our time in Italy are to be used as reference for  doing watercolors for personal journals or postcards only.  I please ask that they are used soley for that purpose:-)

Enter below to get your name in the hat for a chance to win a very petite original watercolor/postcard that comes with it’s own handmade paper envelope:)

If you have a friend who needs some JOY in their life, share this post and encourage them to have some fun playing in the water (colors) and traveling along to Italy—everybody needs a Roman holiday once in awhile:-P!
Runaway to Italy continues on the next blog post!!!  Ciao Baby!!!
P.S.  Make sure you don’t miss a post from Italy–just click here to get your daily dose:)
P.S.S.  If you just joined us, you can pick up some watercolor journaling tips–just click here.
AND ONE MORE THING…. A winner has been drawn for the very first giveaway 🙂  Drawn by Random.org.  You can view it here—there is still time to enter all of the others if you haven’t had a chance yet!
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Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. Mary Moran

    Besides being inspired by the gorgeous photos you provide for us, I am also loving the flattering travel clothes you wear! Keep in touch!

  2. julie hickcox

    THANK you so much for that BEAUTIFUL postcard from Italy!!!!!! It truly a gem….what wonderful colors!!!
    Thanks again!

  3. Julia

    I love the photos and sketches you’ve been posting. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Claire Southward Snyder

    Watercolor–my favorite! The postcard is lovely!

  5. Judith Ann Weiss

    I am so enjoying seeing Cortona again. We were there in 2010 on a painting journey. I am going back and looking thru my journal of that tripand doing some small w/c s from my old pictures.

  6. Nancy Makar

    Some friends brought me some delicious chocolate from England and I had two pieces in honor of your trip to Italy! Life goes better with chocolate!!

  7. So beautiful, High on my bucket list! Thank you for sharing all this with us!

  8. Julee Holder

    I really enjoy the pictures and dialog. I’ve been to Italy and loved every minute of it. Keep them coming.

  9. Nancy Martin Piros

    So, so beautiful! I have wanted to go to Tuscany for awhile now. Love your colorful watercolor note cards. Safe journey’s!

  10. Flynn Gentry-Taylor

    Beautiful as always, have to get those twinkling paints..I like the idea of gluing their buns into a box…lol

  11. Karen Oliver

    Again, another taste of Italy and with NO calories!

  12. Starr Hull

    BEAUTIFUL PHOTOGRAPHS! The street scene in Cortona is wonderful. I hope I get that postcard. I love it.

  13. Carol Barbian

    Choose me! Choose me! Choose me!

  14. Linda LD Artman

    Love your work – thanks for sharing and bring us along-

  15. Diane Howard

    The sunflowers made my day!

  16. Valerie McMullen

    Love your sketches! They are so pretty! I’d love to watch you make one! And now I’m back to eating more chocolate! Yum!

  17. Linda Macgregor

    Grapes and sunflowers: what a gorgeous region!

  18. I loved the watercolor tips and have been inspired to do little paintings on my humble travels stateside!

  19. Loree

    Wow, love the image of the happy sunflowers and the cobblestone side street! Grabbing my watercolors now…

  20. love it all…..what breath taking views and street scenes….Thank you

  21. Judy

    I’m half-Italian. Need I say more….

  22. Rynda Moore

    Love that you share your adventures!

  23. Carrie Roets-Waller

    These are just gorgeous!! I want you to paint in watercolor all the time, but I may be biased:)) Love, love, love it!!!

  24. Love how different the cityscape is to what I see here in PA. thanks for sharing…now off to paint something..You too out there.

  25. I am lovin the scenery and the beautiful postcards.

  26. Ms Fay H Fisher

    I have been to Cortona on a day when there was some pageantry going on! People were waving huge flags, wearing period costumes, and coming down those steps in the main courtyard. It was lovely! I took Art History II and Italian Renaissance History in Italy. We were based in Perugia – you know where all that wonderful chocolate is made! Your trip is bringing back so many memories and I love your journals. You are such an inspiration to us all!

  27. Caryl Park

    Your sense of colour and vibrancy is incredible. I would never think to paint a street blue and it looks lovely.

  28. Libbi Byrd Corson

    Love your photos, videos and paintings…may be the only way I ever get to Italy ;)!

  29. Joanne Spilman Kilduff

    Fall is all about flowers at their peak and sunflowers of all sizes everywhere personify it. Lets all paint them inspired by Dreama!

  30. You’ve added another title to your never-ending list – Tuscan Art Queen! ;-))))))

  31. Debi Levay

    LOVE your paintings…. and enjoyed my little chocolate! 😉

  32. Pamela Michel

    Your blog posts just brighten my day…THANKS!

  33. Celeste Mycoskie

    I just received my twinkling paints. Love.Love.Love them. Met my cousins to celebrate four birthdays. including mine and painted each a b’day card using these new paints…they loved them. Ciao celeste

  34. Cathy Engberg

    Thank you for sharing your trip to Italy! I’m enjoying it very much!

  35. Nancy Finch

    Thanks for sharing, love Italy

  36. Linda Guslani Stratton

    Love your pretty scarf! ;))

  37. Joyce Wilson Howard

    Beautiful postcard…I pinned it to my art board. Now I’m off to paint one of my own. Thank you for sharing your trip and art with all of us.

  38. Suzanne Michels Hoyne

    So beautiful! Another joyful, sunshine filled painting!
    A great way for us to be inspired! Thanks

  39. Maggie Nicolosi

    Italy speaks to my soul! It says: Go Home, paint brush in one hand and a glass of wine in the other!!!

  40. Such fun to travel along with you Dreama! Thank you for the chance to win this gorgeous postcard and for permission to eat chocolate! xo

  41. Betty Turner Hunter

    Street scene lamp light makes the pic.

  42. Judy Baker

    What a beautiful Italian scene. Love traveling along with you.

  43. Lucinda Hathaway

    nice renderings of my favorite place….have a pistacio gelato for mr

  44. Teressa Sliger

    Your paintings and your videos touch my heart. You have found a wonderful way to send me Italy!

  45. Jan McKinzie Burnett

    Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  46. Debo Boddiford

    I am so enjoying your trip! Eat some cake for me!

  47. Phyllis Elliott

    Sunflowers and grapes. What a beautiful pair

  48. Lynne Wogan

    ohhh I hope I win the sunflower one..love it

  49. Barbara J. Hart

    What amazing landscape! Love your postcard. Hope to join you someday!

  50. Donna Pierce-Clark

    Thank you for sharing such beautiful paintings and photos of the area with us!

  51. Sherry DeFazio

    Grapes hang heavy,
    Sun shines bright
    Beauty of Tuscany,
    A true delight!
    Let me walk
    The streets with you
    Endless beauty
    Will dance through.

  52. Judi Hostetter

    Love this postcard! Loved Tuscany!

  53. Shelly

    So beautiful! I love the twinkling colors!

  54. Cathy Marcquenski

    I just love all the beautiful views you share with us, Dreama! The postcards are just lovely, and I wish I was there with you!

  55. Jennifer

    It is all so glorious. Tuscany is calling me!

  56. I love these little petite watercolors so much. Your photos are gorgeous too.

  57. Linda Rupard

    Hi Dreama what fun thanks for sharing .

  58. Sharon Merchant Ivy

    Love how the grapes and sunflowers complement each other!

  59. Sea Dean

    I love this postcard, especially the torn edge.

  60. Ginny

    You so beautifully bring Italy to life!

  61. Mary Moran

    I so want to be there with you. Thanks for sharing.

  62. Deborah

    Great way to start the day!

  63. Bryonna

    Isn’t this just the perfect time to be enjoying Tuscany! The lushness of the countryside, the slightly softer September light. Bella !

  64. Andrée

    Wonderful watercolor of the street in Cortona and you mimi mini just beside a so big sunflower! Thanks for sharing with us!Andrée

  65. Love your photos and paintings! Makes me feel like I’m there…

  66. Kim

    Yes, I have spoken with Ed. He has followed you to Venice but he had a variety of shenanigans getting there. He doesn’t take too kindly to water! He’s not quite sure about this place! He is still keeping an eye on you, and has told me you have had far too many gelatos and espressos. He says, you might want to take it easy.

  67. Renee

    Just spectacular!!!

  68. Terri

    Don’t worry; all is well back here while you two have an Italian blast!! Continue the fun…

  69. Sandy Ward

    A few days ago, I forwarded one of your blogs posts to my friend Bruce. I wrote: “Dreama’s in Italy again, this time in Cortuna. Scroll down through the photos – she managed to get BOTH of my favorite colors in one shot – periwinkle and chartreuse!”
    Something was wrong…Cortuna…did Frances Mayes spell it that way?…I couldn’t figure out what the problem was, needed to leave for an appointment, and so changed Cortuna to Tuscany and sent off the email.
    It was only yesterday that I realized that I had used Eddie’s spelling for Cortona….Tsst.

  70. gayle

    Everything is lush, including that wonderful top you have on! From Italy or Ky? gayle

  71. Amy Welborn

    Love the light in your photos! Please have some chocolate gelato for me! Thank you so much for sharing your lovely adventure with us!

  72. I was just where you are on my birthday (today) a few years ago! Such a gorgeous spot! and yes! I’ll have some chocolate and raise a chunk to you! Enjoy your day and celebrate for me!

  73. Terri Godfrey

    Such beautiful work and in such beautiful areas of the world. I’m grateful for your website! Please enter my name….thank you.

  74. Libby anderson

    Thanks for sharing the beauty!

  75. Deb LaRocque

    Love the sunflowers and grapes. Or maybe I just love the colors.

  76. Marcia

    The sunflowers look so friendly! Love your postcard today, I really like the new colors 🙂

  77. Mary Frances Doss

    So much beauty from my armchair. Thank you Dreama.

  78. June

    Ohhhh…so much gorgeousness! I’m smiling from the inside and outside looking at all these beautiful photos – all that beauty! All those colours! All those sunflowers! And the grapes, too! Look at the colour of those luscious grapes! And so many wonderful places for us to paint.
    This has been such a joy and a pleasure to come along with you, Dreama. I’ve been loving every minute of it – and the video diaries are an added gift (I love what you’re wearing in this video, by the way – did you buy it there in Italia or did you already have it and brought it with you?).
    And now, you’re there in my beloved (and much-missed) Venezia. How I love, love, love this Italian holiday we’ve been on. Molto grazie!

  79. Dreama

    Hey Kids! So glad everyone is taking the “eat more chocolate” directive to heart;)) You follow instructions so well!
    Just arrived in Venice and it looked like I was not going to have internet connection at all—then it popped on this morning. I am thinkin that when they were building an entire city that floats on water they weren’t giving much thought to wifi.
    Yep, that’s your deep thought for today 🙂
    Hugs Over and Out from Venice
    PS Has anyone talked to or seen Eddie???

  80. Mary Beth Attix Harrison

    So nice to have permission to have a little more chocolate today!

  81. Linda Guslani Stratton

    Love following along. Beautiful trip!

  82. Barbara Hust-Ray

    Lovely to see.

  83. Donna Dale Abbott

    Dreama, you are the best photographer! Beautiful beyond words.

  84. Carol C

    Wow!! What a gorgeous area you are in! Your daily postcard is gorgeous as ever and I love the Twinkling H20s!! It reminds me to get mine out of whatever hidey hole they are in and to start using them….

  85. Josephine Hardison Fine Art

    If I eat 5 pieces of Chocolates do I get more chances to win? HaHa! I’ll get to work on that!

  86. Teri Jordan Towse

    I am loving the inspiring settings. The view is breath taking. Lush grapes and shiny sun flowers are a real treat. Scoring points for eating chocolate is the BEST! Thanks Artist Dreama Tolle Perry.

  87. Sue Rob

    Love your photos and can’t wait to get to Italy myself! Thank you for sharing!

  88. Marie Mustard

    Love this Dreama. I bought some of the new Watercolors, having fun.

  89. Dianne L. Stroup


  90. marianne leal

    bella italia and watercolors….perfetto!!

  91. I am loving the scenery. The grapes look lush and the view from a distance is divine. To see the fields and hills is inspiring. Thanks for sharing Dreama.

  92. Cj Rider

    Fun to see your pics, paintings and videos of your trip! Thanks for sharing.

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