3 Nov

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One Moment in France

It is the particularity of things that jump out at me sometimes.  Knowing that on this backroad in France, even if I return to the very same place next year, it will be different.  I will be another year older and have seen a thousand things since then.  The owners who live there may decide to trim back the overgrown roses, or paint the shutters with a fresh new coat of paint.  The roses themselves may decide that winter was a bit too harsh for their taste this year and hedge their bets for next year by not blooming in such a show-off fashion.

Every moment is a miracle occurring only once.

P.S.  Thought I should report on how I spent my extra 60 minutes over the Fall back week-end 🙂
1.  Saw the sunrise
2.  Took a very silly photo of myself first thing this morning and mailed it  to my sister.  BAD idea.  She is now threatening to blackmail me with it…
3.  Went to Barnes & Noble and bought a new journal (on the last two pages in my current one) and  read a children’s book called Bits and Pieces which made me smile.  I ended up buying it 😉
4.  Wrote a very silly story for you, shown below.  Read at your own risk 🙂

What If 

What if there were GIANT SUNFLOWER TREES and tiny poles to carry electricity.
What if phones were as BIG as public fountains and every word you spoke was magnified for all to hear
What if BRUSHES PAINTED US everyday and sent us out into the world to be ogled and oogled every which way.
What if we slept standing up and used our hands to walk everywhere and saw the world upside down with sky on the bottom and earth above
If we lived at night and slept by day and Cheerios were all we ate.
To see everything new each time we saw it.
What if the sun brushed our hair and the trees rubbed our backs
Not finance and politics, plans or rules
and smiles were currency…
What if.
Since this is such a huge slice of silliness I think it only fair that you add your silly self to it.  Leave a line below in the comment section 😉

So what if today you did nothing that made any sense at all.
It would be a very fine day indeed.

“One Moment in France”
12 x 12in oil on museum quality panel

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  1. June

    Ohhhh….I love this post, Dreama. And your – ahem – so-called ‘silly’ story, which is in no way ‘silly’ but lovely and love-filled and joy-filled.
    My two what-ifs echo what both Carole (Jurack) and Diane (Mannion) have posted. What if my cats and I could have a interchanging dialogue that we both understood and could communicate back and forth to one another? The things I know I’d learn from them!
    And images of colours and music intertwining just brings me so much joy just imagining how brilliant a ‘what-if’ that would be. It reminds me of a lyric (and I think it’s also the title) of an old and beautiful song by Mac Davis, called, appropriately enough, ‘I’ll Paint You a Song.’ I love that.
    This is wonderful…as is the ‘One Moment in France’ – so filled with love and happiness and delight…I can almost smell the beautiful fragrance emanating from those flowers.
    Thank you for this – it’s made a very cold Irish evening quite warm and cozy.

  2. Michelle Murdock

    What if everyone played “What if” everyday for dreams and good things?

  3. Jo Anna Flynn Wycoff

    What if we really could catch a falling star and put it in our pocket and the light would never fade away!

  4. Dreama

    These have just been so awesome to read. Sheri—I am so beyond thrilled for you–new twin grandsons at 81—how sweet it is!!!!
    Dianne Manion–LOVE the imagery this brings to mind:)
    Amber–cool idea–no muscles that will even allow the face to do it:)))
    So many more—I have to teach tomorrow or I’d write about each one that each of you have added. So fun to explore the what if’s — love the story that this is making! I am inspired to try some of these in my journal in the form of a watercolor 😉
    I’ll report back if I do!!!
    Thanks so much for helping write the story of What If???

  5. Marilyn Leslie

    What if every time you smiled at someone a bubble of joy would well up in their heart. What if the kindness we receive would shoot up rainsbows in the sky. What if words of encouragement become fireworks that sparkle against the night sky.

  6. Linda Levine

    Your ‘what if…’ thoughts are not silly Dreama, they are the deep longings of all your fans. And many of them are actually happening or can happen if we learn to look beyond the ordinary. The sun actually does brush our hair when we are outside taking a walk. And life really IS about wonder and awe. We just need to practice looking at our lives, our world, our children and loved ones in slightly different ways. THINGS may stay the same, but our perceptions of everything can change.

  7. Kelley MacDonald

    What if our pets could talk? (in OUR language – they already DO in theirs)

  8. Judy Kimbriel Odom

    My personal favorite is the “sun brushing our hair and the trees rubbing our backs!”

  9. Bruce Bingham

    What if we were deliriously overjoyed with things exactly like they are right now? All though I’m really fond of the blow your wrinkles away idea;) Outstanding Dreama, as always, big smiles and hugs:)))

  10. Artist Dreama Tolle Perry

    I’m teaching today but rest assured, I will be checking in this evening to see all the “What Ifs” you kids have added to the story. So fun—you guys are creative!!!! But I already knew that 😉

  11. Sandra Foy

    What if we were all born blind until we were 21 and didn’t know how people looked, what cars they drove, what color they were until 21 when we had already learned how to really connect with people from the heart?

  12. Carol Hopper

    What if clocks and time ran backwards; we got up at 30 o’clock, went to bed 15:06 and I was 17.

  13. What if every luscious fruit grew on one tree and ripened one at a time and birds wore shoes with little spikey places for their claw feet, and if mirrors showed your heart so you could correct it every day by scraping off the gunk that accumulates so that it is clean and pure and sparkling with goodness?

  14. What if I was so happy I burst my seams. Gussets would be needed.

  15. Rosita Henley

    ….everyone had a job and or hobby they looked forward to doing each day…a special someone or somebodies they looked forward to spending time with each day… a special prayer of thanks they looked forward to saying each day…

  16. Georgia Jensen

    What if when we spoke, only TRUTH came out and we learned to speak with our HEARTS and NOURISH with our words…

  17. Peggy Jungbluth

    What if you ate candy and it made you thin and eating vegetables made you gain weight. What if the vacuum and the hair dryer could suck away or blow away all your wrinkles….OH I think I could love this and go on and on…. Happy day to you for bringing a smile to my face today…

  18. Sheri

    What if you were 81 years old and were anticipating the first sight of one-year-old twins very soon? What if they were your grandchildren who were born in Germany? (Yes, grand, not great-grand)? I can imagine it because it will happen in December. Color me excited and happy!

  19. Dana Richards

    What if we travelled by clouds?

  20. What if our external beauty grew deeper with each act of kindness?
    Thank you for starting my day with such fun thoughts, Dreama!

  21. Fay Bohlayer

    What if we could live in “The Now” for a few moments a day for the sheer joy of it?—seeing the kalaidescope of leafcolors as you rake,smelling the baking apple pie or the crush of the garden rosemary, noticing the lovegleam in your dogfriend’s eye with tail wagging, microfleece softness, kittypurr rumbles of contentment…..These are islands of Blessing,havens in the sea of life’s worryhurry….
    “Stop, and smell the roses”

  22. What if dogs and cats had opposable thumbs and walked upright? We’d have a world full of fluffy Wookiees!

  23. What if you could imagine how you would paint a scene and by the time you finished thinking it, it was on canvas.

  24. What if we could go back in time for one day and see our self as a child. What if we could go back in time and see our children as little kids. What if every painting was better than the last one and people begged to purchase it.

  25. WHAT IF… Colors were music and paintings a song?

  26. Amber Hall

    What if frowns and grumpy faces were simply impossible to do? I love the idea of sunlight combing hair and trees giving back-rubs.

  27. Dreama

    Carole–and one can only begin to imagine what they would be saying–LOL! Perfect what if!

  28. Dreama

    Cathryn–that’s an awesome what if 🙂

  29. Carole Jurack

    What if real conversations occurred between animals of different species, like a cat and a dog, and if you paid attention to it you would know what they are saying to each other as well.

  30. Christine Osgood Holzschuh

    what if we each had soft playing theme music

  31. Flynn Gentry-Taylor

    What if the world were seen in black and white, and only love and kindness could bring color into it.

  32. Kathy Cousart

    What if brand new GrandBabies gave you their first smile and your heart melted and it all started anew? xo

  33. Barb Eiben

    What if our cats spoke in words to us and all we could do was meow……

  34. Kim Ritter Gignac

    What if we danced while running errands and only music played in our heads! xo

  35. Julie Hickcox

    You certainly write beautiful thoughts !!!

  36. Cathryn Berry

    What if we played like a child all day and had no grown up thoughts….

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