12 Nov


To See With the Heart

To see with the heart.
That’s when it feels right on all levels.
Eyes see only surface.  Heart takes everything in, from the smallest detail to the quietest corner.
While the eye is limited, the heart is not.

When I was a kid I remember someone talking about their mom being like God’s “obscene” eye because no matter how sneaky they were, their mom always seemed to find out what they were up to.

I realized later that it was actually God’s all seeing eye 😉 and that moms in general have a knack for seeing with the heart when it comes to their kids.

The hidden advantages of seeing with the heart??


The shuttered doorways above with roses nestled between love when they are experienced fully.  For best viewing, look intently with the heart 🙂

“To See With the Heart”
12 x 12in oil on museum quality panel $600

P.S. I have been a lazy bum since completing my last two workshops of 2013.  Even Eddie has been impressed with my total lack of activity which lets me know just how low I have sunk 😉
I am working on a comeback though.  Tomorrow I  have plans to  get off of the couch for a few minutes.  Of course I have to do this.  My supply of chocolate covered peanuts is running low and I have heard that there are more in the kitchen….

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  1. June

    Your painting, its title and your beautiful words have helped me so much these past few days, Dreama. In so many ways. I’ve been trying to see with a joy-filled, love-filled heart, and that’s a most welcomed and most appreciated companion to accompany my heavy heart these past few days.
    I echo Jobi’s sentiments – if anyone deserves to be a ‘lazy bum’ and enjoy some chocolate covered peanuts, it is most definitely and deservedly you, Dreama. You’ve been non-stop chock-a-block pretty much this entire year, so give yourself a break with some much-deserved rest, and definitely some much-deserved choco-covered peanuts. I wonder if they’ll help me feel better if I go get some.
    I don’t have Pandora, but something similar – Spotify – and it’s been the amazing music of Robert Palmer that’s been helping – along with your art – to get me through da blues.
    And yes – once again to chime in with Jobi – you, dear Dreama, are so loved by so, so many.

  2. Judy Kimbriel Odom

    I noticed on your painting that I “practiced”
    there was a heart in the center of the sunflower. Is there always a heart somewhere in your paintings?

  3. Judy Kimbriel Odom

    Do I detect LOV in the roses or am I dreaming? Beautiful!

  4. Dreama

    Ahhhh Jobi! I AM going to grab onto that nice thought of being surrounded by so much love 🙂 It’s good to be home amongst all the fur! Happy that you are lovin’ the Pink Martini station on Pandora.

  5. jobi

    Good morning Dreama! What a lovely painting. I made hubs come gaze at it with me. He loves it too! I was dropping a Christmas hint, hint. 🙂 And if there was ever a woman who deserved to be a “lazy bum” for a spell it’s you my friend! You have blessed so many this year with your non-stop, Sonic the Hedgehog spinning travel, teaching, inspiration, creativity and encouragement! So by all means curl up with the Eds (and your hub) and take a much deserved breather. Oh, and about that Pink Martini channel….ahhhh, we play it at work now and everyone loves it! First time I played it I just laughed and laughed! Now it’s just a dreamy (dreama?) state of mind around here. Oohh la la! Enjoy your day, and your nap, and the thought that you are loved by so many! xoxo

  6. Clydetta Burchett

    OH my Gracious!!! I am in love once again!! Being in love is suppose to make you happy right?:(

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