17 Mar

During the Creative Process

Eddie le Chat en France

Eddie is a poser.

He often does things to make himself appear  large and in charge.
(Notice here how he strategically placed himself in front of a dark pot that happened to be similar in shape to himself but conveniently much LARGER?)  

As for Eddie in France, he still denies that he followed me there.
He also denies having followed me to Italy but then there’s the Venezia hat that appeared in his closet.

Eddie in Italy?
Eddie in France??

He is a cat of international mystery.
According to Eddie he’s the James Bond of cats.
Pussy galore and  Agent 009 all rolled into one—cool, handsome, dangerous— with a “license to kill”.

I’m not going to argue with that.  He is masterful at killing….time.
Sleeping 16 out of every 24,  I’d say he passed his test with flying colors 😉


“Eddie le Chat en France”
16 x 16in oil on museum quality/ cradled panel

Eddie le Chat en France
International Cat of Mystery 🙂

*Side view of cradled panel


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  1. Epic Dreamer Children's Books

    I saw your Eddie painting on Facebook, and then checked out your other paintings as well. You have a magnificent style, I must say! Your expressive brushwork and dramatic coloring are stunning! I’m so glad I saw your work. You made my day! Tom

  2. Cathy Joerger

    Good morning! I just have to take a moment before I get side tracked to tell you how much I enjoy your writing and your art. The March newsletter arrived in my inbox this morning and it nearly brought me to tears – of joy! Yes – your life has brought joy into the lives of others . . . thank you for being out there!!

  3. june

    A glorious painting of un bel chat in a beautiful setting in a stunningly beautiful part of the world. Thank you for brightening my day with this painting today, Dreama.

  4. Melissa Jander

    Woo, Dreama…a beautiful piece! Love this size on the cradled panel. Eddie looks so stylin’ among the lush garden surrounding him.

  5. jobi

    Eddie is a handsome man of mystery! I did do a double take thinking he may have had a wee too much Creme Brulee! But he’s gorgeous in front of the pot. I love the painting so much! And what kind of thicker panel is it painted on? And how did you not get paint all over the sides!? haha Hope you are well. I am so looking forward to Costa Mesa in November. xo

    • Dreama

      Jobi—Thanks so much! The surface is the same I always paint on. This is a larger format (16″ x 16″) than most of the ones I do so I used a cradled panel which allows for the work to be hung without framing, displayed standing alone (as pictured) etc. Lots of options.
      And keep the sides clean was as simple as covering the them with clear packing tape 🙂 The tape was still on in the photo I took but is off now and the sides don’t have a speck of paint on them:))
      Eddie says thanks 😉

  6. Nancy Martin Piros

    Good Morning Dreama!!! I love the painting with Sir Eddie sitting on the stone wall ! My eyes are drawn to the beautiful stone wall that has reflecting light and color bouncing all over it. The whole painted is a perfect one!!!!! Hugs, Hugs, Hugs , Me

  7. Alice O'neil

    I love your writings. Would love to hear more about your painting excursions. Do you paint outside a lot and where. What is the scenery like where you live, how does it inspire you? How are your plans going for your next trip to Paris, France. In the states, where is your favorite? Which state offers the prettiest places to paint? I like hearing about Eddie but I would like to hear about your life also.
    Sincerely, Alice

  8. Mary Crook Moran

    What a feline! So glad he’s hired you for his pr person.

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