14 Mar

Before the Creative Process

No Defense

I should just go ahead and apologize now.  It will save doing it later.
In my defense (and Lord knows I need one) —I have spent most of my life looking for a sign.

I have found a few that I decided I would share with you.

I think this is a form of discrimination but I’m not a hundred percent sure.
Never allow yourself to think you have heard…


or seen it all. 


Nothing…are you sure??  I’m  concerned and confused about this one.  That’s all I have to say.
Which brings us to the one below.
Is this really a problem?  Are people planning family reunions and bar mitzvahs in the bathrooms these days—did I miss something??
And last but not least—the plea to not take reading material into the restroom at Target.  People, people, people!!  🙂 🙂 🙂
Looking for a sign is full of surprises, but every once in awhile, the universe speaks and suddenly
—everything comes back into focus 🙂
I have workshops starting in about a week so I have been busy preparing–which includes deciding what we are going to paint, which led to looking through my pics and finding all the “signs” today.  That is my defense and I am sticking to it 🙂
Here’s a clip from one of my all time favorite shows .  It’s about Impressionist art, sort of—at least that’s my defense for sharing it 😉

P.S.  In the middle of all the signage today I did manage a painting.
It’s black and white and Ed all over—stay tuned.
REMEMBER TO:  Have a happy day, make someone laugh and……keep looking for a sign 😉

Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. I saw a sonic sign once that read: When your onion rings answer it! i loved it!

  2. Alice O'neil

    The above video just made my day!!! I will be laughing every time I think of it, esp. in the bathroom!
    How great something so simple could bring laughter…to bad the show is no longer in production.

  3. Rosita

    Love the Seinfeld Impressionist art clip!!

  4. Nancy Martin Piros

    Thank you Dreama for making me laugh today. It was what you would call perfect timing!!! Hugs! Night

  5. Kathleen Takacs Friedman

    Thanks for the humor!

  6. Ardie Clark

    Loved the signs and the painting

  7. Ralph Arvin

    Years ago, when I was still in the sign business I had a crudely painted sign hanging in my office that said “AN EVIL AND ADULTROUS GENERATION SEEKETH AFTER A SIGN.” It clicked with a few clients (very few) who may have been familiar with the scripture, and laughingly accepted my attempt at humor. Most of the others…? Still another sign that hang just above my dog Dandy’s favorite sleeping spot on the floor said I HAVE A DOG BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE THE GUTS TO BITE YOU MYSELF.

  8. Nancy Darling

    My favorite apisode along with the one about the low flo showers. Thanks for finding it and posting it!

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