18 Apr

During the Creative Process

Southern Girls and New 2014 Workshops Added!

I love tulips for oodles of reasons.

They have a mind of their own and will rearrange themselves at the drop of a hat 😉
They say so much with so few petals.
They blow in your door and bring spring right along with them.
They are….

very much like ALL the great women we know!!

NEW WORKSHOPS: My last 3 workshop dates for 2014 are now up and open for registration.
To see the Lexington, Kentucky Sept/2014 Workshops, click here.
To see the Costa Mesa, CA Nov/2014 Workshop, click here.

Speaking of workshops AND southern girls….here are a few pics from my first workshop in Louisiana 🙂


The scent of lavender was definitely in the air!


Befitting beautiful women and art everywhere… artists painting in the ballroom!!


And for one moment, we were ALL southern girls—that is ’til some had to head back home 😉


Thanks so each of the gals here for making memories, great art and smiles all around.  What a great way to welcome Spring!!!


“Southern Girls”
12 x 12in oil on museum quality panel

Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. I love collecting sea shells. Mason jars make great displays.

  2. Karen Rhodes Kircher

    Love your ‘ dreamy ‘ work !! I collect canning jars!!

  3. jobi

    I agree with June! Love seeing those happy, creative faces! I want to be part of the Dreama Tolle Perry Experience! I guess I already am! I shall excel in percussion! 🙂

  4. Joanne Loeb

    Yes, that’s me

  5. Estelle Howard

    Your paintings are so beautiful.

  6. Beth Badger

    I would save all my pennies and paint peonies!

  7. june

    Beautiful! Beautiful! And more beautiful! No question about it – southern girls are beautiful – the flowery kind and the human kind. Just look at all those truly happy faces. That’s where the phrase ‘southern belle’ came from – I’m sure of it. 🙂
    I’m delighted for all of you who’ve had such a great time at the latest Dreama experience (hey! that could be a cool name for a new band – the Dreama Tolle Perry Experience! 🙂
    Keep on’ creating such beauty and joy, all you southern belles.

  8. Sandra Collinsworth Degnan

    Dreama, Please let me know if you do a workshop in either Louisiana or Whibney Isalnd, Washington. Thanks so much.

  9. Tatham Sue A

    Will you be doing another similar Tulip pic??

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