21 Apr

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A Blue Ball Jar Giveaway and Happy Happy!!

A taste of France for you today and a quote.

 Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our soul blossom.  ~Marcel Proust

Thanks for making my soul blossom 🙂

Ahhhh Spring!
It brings with it new ideas, renewed energy for life, and appreciation for wee things and great things.

At my house it usually gets me briefly in the mood for redecorating and stirring things up.
Of course, I have considerations that I must keep in mind.

The furniture approval committee can be grueling….


With some taking the high road …..


while others get in on the ground floor of what I am not sure.


And although they like to have a vote, they are rarely reliable for getting to the meetings on time…



Decorating is so tough—
but then you find the perfect combination of color, function and hair….


And just like that, I am out of the redecorating mode… 😉

I thought you might enjoy seeing a bit of shabby chic that happened this spring at my house.
The table was originally very dark.
The cabinet has a Van Gogh painting on it by Van Dreama (I did this many a year ago).
And the large print on the wall is a reproduction of  one of my paintings that takes me to a happy place.  I can’t decide if the frame would look better a little lighter or not.  I’ll have to get the committee to vote on it 😉

dining-digs-smIn celebration of spring’s arrival I am going to give away a couple of my blue Ball mason jars from my collection 🙂

Gotta have something blue to put those tulips, lilacs, hyacinths, pansies, daffodils and such in!!

Happy, Happy!!

“Happy Happy”
12 x 12in oil on museum quality panel

2014 Workshop Adds:

For those of you who may have missed it, I’ve  added 3 workshops for my 2014 schedule.  The CA spots are all gone…however…
September in Kentucky is open for registration 🙂  For details, just click here.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. I absolutely love your work. Do you give workshops in California?
    ….or at Scottsdale Artist’s School?

  2. Dreama, Your posts are fresher than spring flowers! I’m loving the inspiration and energy you project!

  3. Jana McDougal Rooke

    Since the bluebonnets are almost all bloomed out, it will need to be Texas Laurel that will be blooming soon and will look gorgeous in the jar!

  4. Brenda Hughes

    I keep treasures like sea glass, seed pods, broken pottery and old coins in old jars and would love a blue bell jar in my collection.

  5. Bonnie L. Porter

    I will ask my husband, the garden, to select a few seasonal flowers for the jar and then my ladies watercolor class will use it for a still life session!

  6. Kimberly Santini

    I fill mine with dry goods like rice, quinoa, beans, grains, etc they are pretty lined up together in the kitchen.

  7. Jo Anna Flynn Wycoff

    Would love to use the blue jars as flower vases.

  8. Sue

    Love it for flowers.

  9. I would fight my urge to keep them to hold flowers and paintbrushes, in order to give them as a gift to my niece. She might actually do some canning with them! Thanks for the chance. Your artwork is so gorgeous!

  10. Frances Kut-Best

    It’s all about color!

  11. Adele Bower

    “MY” blue jar, if I win one, will sit empty on my breakfast room table. Thomas (a cat) and Abby Cat eat flowers…but only after they turn over the vase or container. Hmmm! Maybe I could put it on the patio table with flowers in it.

  12. Yvonne Palmer

    so very pretty, these jars just seem to be attached to warm memories and simple times 🙂

  13. Yvonne Palmer

    so very pretty, these silly jars just seem to be attached to warm memories and simple times 🙂

  14. Joanne L

    I would fill with seashells and sometime flowers

  15. Shelly Medley

    I will keep fresh flowers for my kitchen in the ball jar I win! Makes my heart sing!

  16. Karen Oliver

    This colour of blue,
    makes me think of you! I would try all kids of flowers and trinkets to see what the blue colour does to them.

  17. Karen Oliver

    This colour of blue,
    makes me think of you!

  18. Donna

    Blue is my favorite color, and it would go beautiful with lots of things in my home. 🙂 Pick me, please!

  19. Barbara Nelson

    It will be an every changing carrier of flowers, real and/or paper flowers, which ever mood strikes, and it will look wonderful with some of my beautiful paper straws. Lots of use, my little blue jar. And as always a great painting/s will leave my brush. Wish me luck!
    Thank you

  20. Sharon Hodges Trainor

    Flowers, especially from my rose garden! The light tells a happy story.

  21. so excited about the kentucky workshop!! thank you for so much inspiration!

  22. I’d use them for flowers part of the time and probably something else part of the time!

  23. I will put my Marbles in the Ball jar
    They once were lost, but now they are found, Marbles…
    Have you lost your Marbles?
    ~ Sylvina

  24. Caroline Clark


  25. Kathleen Barnes

    CANDY with ribbons round the top and kisses overflowing. A few brightly wrapped bits of sweetness to inspire and feed the eye as well as the heart!

  26. Perfect shade of blue, perfect for flowers, for paintings, and just perfect standing on it’s own

  27. Kerry Hanks Marquis

    I’ll definitely put flowers in the jar. And then I will work on some paintings of them in the jar, thinking of how I was inspired by Dreama! In fact, the name of the paintings can be “inspired by Dreama 1, 2, 3, etc.” 🙂

  28. Nancy Kendrick

    I definitely need a blue ball jar to put some flowers in for some photographs!! Thanks for the chance!

  29. Anonymous

    Tulips… Roses… Chocolates… Bonbons… Wishes… Prayers… a blue ball jar would be perfect x

  30. Dana Whitney

    I finally have several blues that would paint that jar just right! What I really want is one of your workshops in MA or NH!!

  31. Janet

    Love the blue jars. It is supposed to bring you luck to have something blue in every room. Blue is my favorite color so I do have blue everywhere.

  32. chr

    I am a happy camper! I love the painting and am excited to see it in person!

  33. Stephanie Pappas

    I so enjoy your work. When I see your email message in my inbox I smile knowing I’m in for a treat. Thanks so much for sharing your art and beautiful prose!!

  34. Donna Vacca

    Will add to my blue glass collection that I have all over my house. Love to see sunlight stream through it!

  35. Sea Dean

    I will use it for paintbrushes and as a model. I do love that blue blue.

  36. Sheri Freshour

    You are the best, no really, I’m not just saying that because you are offering to give away beautiful Blue Ball Jars. You add so much to the time I allow myself to be in your presence. Adding a workshop of yours in California to my bucket list. I miss you both!

  37. Sherry Crouse

    If I had a Blue Ball Jar I would use it for watering my self watering African violets and paint the two together!

  38. Lou Everett

    Dreama, I grew up in a farm and the blue jars were my favorite to pretend that I was “canning vegetables” like my mom. I would use the blue jar to add beautiful flowers for still life paintings in oil. Thanks for your marvelous uplifiting messages! Lou

  39. Kathryn Fisher

    I would put flowers in them on my porch….then paint while enjoying my morning coffee. (Better be careful not to dip my brush in the coffee! ) 😉

  40. Linda Guslani Stratton

    Love this painting

  41. Judy

    Gold leaf for the frame is my suggestion. I’d love to just enjoy the light bouncing off the jars but I’m certain I’d put it to various other uses as time went on. Thanks.

  42. Denise Trescone Scripter

    I love flowers in the blue Ball jars, a beautiful addition to my home, and a wonderful thing to paint.

  43. marcia woodroffe

    ditto to all the wonderful suggestions. Yes, I would lighten the frame to go with the other lighter shades.

  44. Judy Allenza Heron


  45. Leslie McConnell Dobbins

    I sure do need a blue jar to sit beside my green one!

  46. Debra

    Would love to have some “Dreama Blues” for my photography and paintings.

  47. Mary Beth Attix Harrison

    My yellow iris would look fabulous and “paintworthy” in a blue jar!

  48. Anonymous

    I need to paint it with flowers!

  49. Melissa Jander

    It’s tulip season here! I’ve been longing to set up some still life scenes with tulips. Have also been planning on painting some roses in a blue jar, in memory of my Grandma Rose. She would have loved the bright blue color! Thanks for sharing your humor and your art, Dreama! Hugs!

  50. Joyce Boggs

    Love, Love, Love all your blogs and art. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you and all your work shops.

  51. Flowers! Or, maybe put some kind of solar light in it and put it outside on the deck.

  52. Verna Hall

    I think I would like to put Queen Ann’s Lace with maybe baby Iris or Lilacs in the blue jar to paint.
    Thanks Dreama for all your inspiration!
    Verna Hall

  53. Mel Hicks

    I have roses blooming in my garden now that will look lovely in a blue ball jar! Red, pink & yellow – pretty.

  54. Barbara Hust-Ray

    Would surely pick a few flowers from my garden, to place in the blue Ball jar.

  55. Valerie McMullen

    Love the flowers!!

  56. Jane

    Definitely flowers! Thank you!

  57. Teri


  58. julie hickcox

    Not only are your blue jar paintings beautiful,they are an inspiration to use for other objects to be held.Shells, Daffodills etc.
    I love your room….pastel colors dominate so I believe a lighter frame would be more appropiate! Thank you for sharing so very much.

  59. ginny

    Just to let the light shine through on my windowsill

  60. The shabby chic is beautiful. I think the lighter frame would go better with the lighter cours you have chosen in your room. Was that a hamster on your lounge eating a cupcake? You have quite a houseful of animals!
    The blue Ball jars are delightful with and without pretty things in them.
    Thanks for sharing a little it of France. I hope to go there one day, but for now I will have to visit through your amazing paintings!

  61. Sharon Merchant Ivy

    I’d use my blue Ball jar in my still life setups in my studio, filled with flowers, brushes, knitting needles and such.

  62. April

    I desperately want one of these for my paint brushes!!! My clear mason jar just isn’t near exciting enough! Thank you so much for all your inspiration ;o)

  63. Colored pencils! Love the new shabby chic decor Dreama!

  64. Beautiful blue jars…waiting for flowers from my garden! The pale pink roses are in bloom and will look lovely in them today. Happy Gardening!

  65. Caroline

    I would put purple irises and yellow daisies’s… and smile at the sunny arrangement! 🙂

  66. jobi

    Van Dreama!!!!!! That’s awesome! I’m soooo stealing that…Van Jobi xoxo P.S. I would put lilacs in those beautiful blue jars to paint! Mine finally bloomed after a few years of being frozen out. They are so lovely and fragrant!

  67. I’d use it for still life’s, holding flowers, pencils, brushes, coins, drinks … anything I can think of! Thank you Dreama for all you do!

  68. Blue is my favorite garden accent color! I love blue glass, blue pots, and I am considering what to put in my discarded blue teflon skillet! Maybe a cactus garden? Or just shells? My blue glass jar would hold many things… flowers, for sure, marbles, too; paint brushes for a time, but always my hopes and dreams. Love it!!

  69. Andrée

    Hi Dreama!
    I have beautiful white tulips who would be perfect to match with these wonderful blue jars!
    I like the darker frame to contrast ! This is beautiful anyway! Thanks Dreama!

  70. Alice Craig

    Hi Dreama!
    Because your frame is framing a print I think it would look nicer in something lighter and modern but it does look beautiful just as it is too.
    I’d put all types of flowers in the pretty jar.
    Thanks for your generosity.

  71. Madeline Breidenbach

    Love the blue jars. I can see flowers in the jars and then paint them.

  72. Gretchen Stoudt

    Dear Dreama,
    You never fail to get my day off to a great start and I can’t thank you enough. I love the way you decorate and the 3 fur balls always add an interesting touch. Thank you my dear friend!

  73. Hi Dreama –
    The blue jar would go with anything, thanks for giving them away. Just one persons opinion but I like the painting with a darker frame. Since everything else in the room is light, it draws your eye to the beautiful painting. It adds texture to the room.
    Happy decoratiing 🙂

  74. Jill Ocull

    we must get together this year… set a date…i will call the crew.

  75. Katherine Baker

    My blue ball jar would hold many different things, from flowers to shells, paint brushes, to wishes and dreams. Thank you Dreama for offering such a fun gift!

  76. Celeste Mycoskie

    What fun to paint a blue jar! Where do I get Carribean Blue?

  77. Suzanne Dungan

    Flowers in blue glass vases make my heart and soul sing!

  78. These blue jars are so beautiful! I would keep all of my blue buttons in there, they would be a perfect match! Thank you so much for your inspiration and this fabulous opportunity!

  79. cherrie hill

    Well, when not in use, I would keep it in an antique dish cabinet that belonged to my great aunt where my favorite art things are kept.
    Flowers….buttons maybe. 🙂

  80. Sharon Lynn

    Flowers 🙂
    Thank you for the opportunity and God Bless You 🙂

  81. Alice ONeil

    Just on the morning I felt blue I would take my worries and put them in my Blue Ball Jar.
    I would add water to weaken them, then put in a tulip or two to bring joy to my Blue Ball jar….move it to a sunny location and head for the donut shop in town, returning with a smile on my face, knowing my worries were tucked away, nice and safe away from me in my Blue Ball jar. You can have worries and beauty at the same time, you just have to have a Blue Ball jar!!! Maybe I will win….one jar will do…..

  82. I would love to paint my branches of cotton bolls in that beautiful jar! Great post Dreama!

  83. Connie

    We have some lovely “Don Juan” rose bushes growing in our yard-the blossoms smell just like raspberries-and would look lovely in a pretty blue jar 🙂

  84. Sheila Youd

    Put jelly beans in it!

  85. Cathy

    Love to have a blue Ball jar fot painting glass, painting flowers and just for enjoying such a happy color!!!

  86. Flynn Gentry-Taylor

    Wishes! I will write wishes on pieces of paper and draw out one a week and make it come true!

  87. Tammy Monahan Goodrich

    Sea shells! Or sea glass…or sand and a candle? You can never have too many blue ball jars!

  88. Linda Jones

    I would LOVE to win the blue ball jar and put all kinds of flowers in it and paint them!!!! I love flowers and LOVE the blue jars!!!!!I am crossing fingers that I win one!!

    • Annette

      I’d use them to store dry goods. I have cats who would eat the flowers, so I can’t put those out.

  89. Linda Will


  90. Nancy Darling

    Would love to paint some flowers in a blue ball jar. BTW Michael’s has some but they’re only 1 pint.

  91. Dianne L. Stroup

    Flowers for sure….or maybe my brushes!

  92. Marion Corbin Mayer


  93. Dave Casey

    Those Ball jars also make great brush holders.

  94. Carol Collier

    Probably flowers, but until then I think my favorite red blend wine would look good in there!!!

  95. Sandy

    Flowers and paint them! I like the brushes idea also!

  96. Leslie

    Definitely flowers!!!!!!!!

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