2 May

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Rosie Signs and You Look Easy!

Ahhh the French and their roses.
Poetry that climbs the walls in a red velvet dress.

Have you ever watched someone doing something and thought how e-a-s-y they made it look?

I surely have.

Take my Pilates teacher—she will do a move that looks deceptively simple and TALK as she’s doing it, pausing at each segment to explain how to breathe, what to liken it to, what muscle you should feel working.

I have learned to be highly suspicious of her 🙂 BECAUSE I have learned that when it comes my turn I can barely get myself into the position, let alone have a CONVERSATION.

When I watch the winter olympics I briefly get inspired to think I could probably skate if I really wanted to (which lasts until I remember the time I fell on my butt on ice in the parking lot).
The girls look gorgeous, there’s inspiring music playing and everyone is just gliding along, twisting and turning like it’s no big deal–they make it look EASY.

We ALL have things that we are good at. Things we have done so often, for so long, in so many ways, with so little money, under stress, sick and healthy, noticed or unnoticed—that we make it look EASY.

We are so accustomed to the skill level we have obtained that we take it for granted and behave as though everyone else could do what we do.
We all know those who can whip up a meal when you’d swear there was nothing in the house to eat, people who can calm crying babies in a nano second, dog whisperers, computer whizzes, the guy who can listen to your car and know what the problem is.
They are all over the place.
And you are one of them too!

The funny thing is—we don’t give ourselves credit for making it look easy—but we WILL assume that because something else we may be trying to master doesn’t come easy that maybe we weren’t meant to do it!  Start telling ourselves that maybe we should just quit.

Now that is some wacky thinking 😉

Have you forgotten the long walk involved from beginning something new to making it look easy?

We should know by now that the things that seem to come easy to another are just a sign of how much time they have put into being “easy”.

Transfer some of that insider’s knowledge you have of what it took for you to look easy in one area of your life and put it to work in your present undertakings.

Making something look “easy” is what slips up on you while you are simply showing up and doing the work.

What are you doing now that will eventually become the thing you make look sooooo easy???

"Rosie Signs" 12 x 12in oil on museum quality panel $675

“Rosie Signs of France”
12 x 12in oil on museum quality panel

In Other News:

As promised, my 2015 Workshop Schedule is here—just click to go!

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  1. Patricia Pastor

    just gorgeous! I love love love your work, dreama! so looking forward to Marco Island Jan 2015!

  2. Maureen Zmak

    Love your paintings and your writings you do seem to make it all seem very easy. I am too far away to attend your workshops, do you have a DVD thanks for all the inspiration

  3. Joan Duma

    I would love to see a book or DVD, because just like the last post the workshops are just to far away to go to.

  4. JoAnne Castor

    Has Dreama made any DVDs ? None of the workshops are in my area and I cannot travel.

  5. Kati Rhodes

    Beautiful painting – thanks for sharing!

  6. Kathy Cousart

    Beautiful painting Dreama! Love all those rich creamy yellows to let the other colors pop! AND what a good post…always thought provoking! Thanks!

  7. Connie Jones

    Exactly the words of wisdom I needed right now. Thanks for continuing to inspire me.

  8. Eileen Sullivan

    Thanks. I needed to hear (read?) this right now.

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