5 May

Before the Creative Process

Italian Blues

Creativity is a funny thing.
Originality highly prized.
Fear of rejection breathing hotly on the collars of all who would attempt
to deliver on either of the above.

We learn rules that we then become afraid to break.
We learn the boundaries so that we can then walk safely in them.

Like a starved soul we look over the fence to the lush green pastures of the WILD BEYOND.

We know we have a gift within–
one we keep tightly wrapped (in brown paper of course).

Even as our appetite grows bigger by the minute
we ask someone else to order from the menu for us.

Someone to decide if “it’s” finished or good enough.

Now let me ask you..

How would you ever know what I have been craving?
What I have a mind to eat up by the spoonful?

Or how could I have those answers for your cravings?

It is precisely why creative work cannot be advised upon, steered from or understood from the outside—-not while it’s happening.

You have an appetite.

I know you do.

Don’t wait to see if someone else can discern it, can guess it, or can advise you.

Your appetite needs you to say what you want.
Your appetite needs you to order what you have a taste for.

Your appetite is how the REAL you shows up in your work.

What are your REALLY craving?

"Italian Blues of Tuscany"

“Italian Blues”


Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. Carol Hopper

    Your words and paintings come from your soul. I read your words just as I daily read from my many inspirational books in my library. All are meditative, instructive and uplifting. I am joyful to have had the opportunity to study with you.

  2. Helane Todd

    I am craving to have a spot in your workshop. Unfortunately, I have Fibromyalgia so it is difficult for me to travel around. I need to sit down. Maybe some day I will make one in Costa Mesa.

  3. Thank you for that last post, it was exactly what I needed to read. So inspirational.
    The fear of failing keeps me from doing so many things in life. It’s really a noose around my neck and a pile of bricks tied to my ankles. I’m so grateful for your wisdom.
    How much would a print of this painting be?

  4. Sheila Simpson

    Dreama – as you may remember, it took me over 20 years to realize “it’s good enough.” No one else has my perspective, my unique lens through which I interpret life. A lot of what you’ve said in class or posted over the years has help me to understand this…and believe in myself. Thank you!

  5. Adele Bower

    Thank you, Dreama. I appreciate your words and will take them to heart. Artists are strange and unique people, are we not?

  6. Jill Rae Finally Art

    Thanks Dreama. Great post and wonderful painting.

  7. Jill Seale

    PERFECTLY put!

  8. Brenda Pinnick

    No one needed to hear these words more than I did today. Thank you!

  9. Sharon Trainor

    Another beautiful painting! Thank you for sharing. My two favorite countries, Italy and France. Can’t wait to be in your class in November. Waiting and watching for the post on sign-ups for France, Italy in 2015! Have a wonderful color day! The joy you express in your color; you will never know how much we appreciate you talents.

  10. Jerry gill

    I was craving the adrenalin rush that I used to get from golf but I’ve found something better….a wonderful brushstroke…one that I wasn’t expecting.

  11. Marion

    Amazingly said! Thank you, just last night before I went to sleep I asked myself that question…what am I craving? And why am I avoiding it? Thank you , thank you

  12. Kay Gammill

    Just the thing I needed to hear, Dreama. Now, just to take your words into my soul and space.

  13. june

    Ohhhh…I love this painting! I am in that cafe/ristorante … somewhere in Venezia…perhaps in Burano…
    A wonderful and expressive post, Dreama. Definitely food for thought. I have a taste for colour in all my art (and crafts), and I crave to get back to doing still lifes again. Still life paintings and making the mandalas are the two things I crave the most, and enjoy creating the most.
    Thank you for reminding me what tickles my creative taste buds, and for whetting my creative appetite, once again.

  14. Sheree' Burdette McClure

    Dreama your posts are always so clever! Thank you for sharing your insights and your amazing talent as an artist.

  15. Nancy Martin Piros

    So, well said Dreama!!! Great!

  16. Ann Franklin

    So True!!

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