23 May

During the Creative Process

Whiskerlicious and One for Me/One for You

It’s spring—some are kicking up their paws in celebration.It’s spring—some of us are working like dogs to support those who are kicking up their paws.

Winter blues are being shed along with…..a LOT of fur.
Eddie says, what’s a little hair among friends?
I say, I’m all for having my cake and eating it too—but I draw the line at ingesting a whisker 😉
Cupcake anyone??

Eddie and I are keeping this painting.
Since Eddie has more than a few fans (dear lord, I hope he isn’t reading this) I feel very guilty not having it available for purchase.
Guilt does have its advantages though—I decided I would do  a giveaway 🙂
There will be 3 Winners drawn from the entries.
Now, I feel MUCH better!!
P.S.  I leave for France in about 3 weeks.  I’ll be there awhile (like a month and half).  You should probably begin praying now for all the poor French folks who are going to have this hillbilly accent inflicted on them 🙂  This means that YOU should be getting your watercolor journal goodies all in order—I am going to be making it as real as I can for you to be right there with me:)))!  Hugs to you and enjoy this beautiful Memorial Day week-end!

"Whiskerlicious" 12 x 12in oil on museum quality panel $675

12 x 12in oil on museum quality panel
Just Added to the Private Collection of Eddie Bill the Cat

Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. sandi pierce

    eddie is one sweet kittie

  2. April

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!! Your creativity astounds and motivates me!!! I can’t wait to see your posts from France!! We just got back last Tuesday, and while I’m happy to be home with my friends, family and 4-legged kids, I already miss it a little!! ;o))

  3. Lisa combs

    Eddie is interesting, captivating, and articulate. Eddie is the most entertaing curmudgeon alive.

  4. Tommie Stewart Richardson

    Have a great time … sure wish I were tagging along! I throughly enjoyed the workshop with you…learned a lot…even if you couldn’t tell it by my painting!!! prayers for a safe journey and a fun time!!!

  5. Irene M. Santana

    Hi Dreama, I see Eddie Bill is up to his catie tricks again, but you’ve got to love him. He is such a trickster, sneaky, but very loveable little cat in his own tricky ways. Have fun in France and may the Cat Gods be with you, or Eddie in another cat form ,may be waiting for you out there. I look forward to seeing you there! 🙂

  6. june

    Adorable cheeky chappy!
    I love this painting, Dreama. Eddie Bill has good taste in art. :
    Thanks for this sharing this with us via this giveaway. You are a generous soul, my friend.
    Looking forward to our collective virtual adventure in France next month. Are you packed yet? Have the two Eds asked to come along with you? I’m sure they’re discussing the ‘plan’ as we speak. 🙂

  7. kristin

    i love keeping up with your blog and getting email updates. you and your art are ever inspiring and the colors brighten my day every time i see them. so inspired… i’m off to paint on this beautiful morning!!!

  8. Holly Rose

    Oh Dreama, I would be delighted to have a print of Eddie Bill. Plus it would be one cat I don’t have to feed.

  9. Nancy Myers

    Hi Dreama – Just wanted to say I have been in a bit of a slump lately; tossing more boards than I am buying, avoiding my just-started web site because nothing looks worthy and generally being unmotivated. And . . . jealous that I can’t join you in France. So after a brief meditation this morning, your suggestion to get back to watercolors and follow you to France was a message from the universe. Thank you again for saving my soul one more day.
    Nancy–from a workshop on Marco Island

  10. Patty Lewis Schwarz

    Hi Dreama, Eddie is laughable, lovable and loony. Have a fantastic trip. Patty.

  11. Cynthia Harvey


  12. Claire Southward Snyder

    A handsome dude.

  13. Leslie

    He is funny, beautiful and very paintable!

  14. Beth

    three words to describe Eddie? lucky, funny, feline 🙂

  15. Teresa

    CUTE AS A BUTTON! A LOVER NOT A FIGHTER! ONE DREAMY CAT (that’s from my new snow bengal kitten,BASTET, who’s only 2 & 1/2 months old, and she’s already smitten with Eddie)

  16. Sharon Hodges Trainor

    I am so envious that you will be going to France soon. Hope I can get in on the next one. Will be watching for 2015 sign-ups. You did this painting just so Eddie will have a reminder that you will fly home again soon! Or maybe, it will be in your suitcase to France and back? He sure is cute. Love the painting especially your bright beautiful colors.

  17. Elaine Weeks

    Eddie is a master of disguise, lover of life and heartbreaker!

  18. Clare Strohman

    One Inquisitive Kitty.
    Dreama……See You Soon!

  19. Sharon Chapman

    Eddie is “catalicious”, superior, and bodacious ! I love him.

  20. Lucinda O'Donohoe

    Handsome Top Cat!

  21. Sandra McMillan Cox

    Eddie is a priceless scamp! He also realizes that he is a lucky cat – to have a sweetheart like Dreama to immortalize him!

  22. Reveille Kennedy

    Hi Dreama, Just want to say I love the way you encourage people! YOu are amazing!

  23. Karen Oliver

    confident, conspiring, charming

  24. Joanie Jennings Murray

    So darn cute

  25. Snap

    Eddie is handsome, “catalicious”, a super-kitty!

  26. Valerie McMullen

    Best cat ever!

  27. Jamie Sanderlin Parks

    Deramylicious cake cat

  28. Jobi

    lucky, handsome, famous!

  29. Joanne Lawand

    Have a fabulous time in France. Just thinking about it still makes my heart flutter.

  30. Sue Kemnitz

    rambunctious, above-it-all, loyal-to-tea

  31. Carla Pasley

    I think this might be my favorite with Phyllis and Eddie! It made me get up and appreciate my painting of them! Gabriel and Lucy say hi!

  32. Ann Marano

    Eddie, here’s my three words to describe you: “I’m The Man” I am sooo excited, I’m attending your workshop at Indian Rocks Beach, Fl…Yeah!!! Can’t wait. Also I have a cat must be a cousin to Eddie..Except he is quite fat. Hope he didn’t hear me.

  33. Monica

    Love, love, love the print of Eddie
    (Would look divine in our next
    home! Moving days are here!)
    3 words to describe Eddie:
    elegant, edgy, and w/o equal…!

  34. Judy Chalker

    The painter’s muse. 😉

  35. Sharp-dressed cat. (He reminds me of the ZZ Top song.)

  36. Lorraine Kendel


  37. Linda Levine

    After all the messages, I feel like the Eddies are my cats!

  38. kim g.

    intent beautiful honorable

  39. Terri Pennell

    How cute!

  40. Linda MacGregor

    Eddie is sophisticated and discerning – look at the company he keeps : )

  41. Ruth Ann Sturgill

    Eddie is clever, cunning and cute!

  42. Maureen Walsh

    Mischievous Mouse Master!

  43. Karen

    The Cat and The Rat !!

  44. Cyndi Marble

    One handsome dude!

  45. Alice Craig

    Green eyed darling!

  46. Henrietta Prescott

    A door able

  47. Jean Scholz

    smart, suave, lovable (even for mice)

  48. Candice

    Beautiful and whimsical! What a sweet little guy.

  49. Pam Traylor

    Love that Cat!

  50. Tricia

    Cool cat’s cupcake

  51. Lois Keffer

    tuxedo clad charmer

  52. Sarah Chandler

    compassionate cupcake connoiseur

  53. Sheree' Burdette McClure

    Spring time delight

  54. Joanne Moore

    I love your watercolor work and look forward to following you in France!

  55. Patricia Stoelting Langley

    Eddie is quite handsome.

  56. Teri Jordan Towse

    I am so glad you are keeping this beautiful painting of your manager. Eddie is a master of disguise. He sets the pace for for excitement and adventure ( when he isn’t lounging around ). Also Eddie has lived many of his nine lives outsmarting curiosity. Kudos to Eddie

  57. Sheila Grace Tansey

    humble :-), gracious and purrrfect!

  58. Michelle Irizarry

    Cute and curious cat

  59. Karen Knight Veal

    Purrs of love

  60. Paula Jones-dauzickas

    One cool cat!

  61. Melissa Gray

    one cool cat

  62. Brenda C. Manheim

    Eddie well marked, sneaky and determined.

  63. Nancy Martin Piros

    Hello Dreama, I love how this painting draws your eye straight into the painting. Eddies eyes and the flowers grab you. The fantastic colors are always so beautiful in and make everything flow and set the mode. Hugs, Me

  64. Kathleen Leslie Brown

    that’s cool

  65. Kathleen Leslie Brown

    handsome, suave, cook

  66. Anita Zorrilla

    Eddie is purrrfect,with “eyes of the Tiger”, and loveable!

  67. Intelligent, Resourceful, Handsome ~ 🙂

  68. Love this painting…it’s a favorite…and appreciate that you want to keep it for yourself. I think that is so important. Amazing gesture on the mouse…wonderful expression on Eddie and just fun light popping everywhere. There’s a sweet genuine connection in this one that just shines through. Have ever so much fun in France….can’t wait to see posts and writings from France. They feed my soul along with so many others. Hugs to all….

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