27 Jun

During the Creative Process

French Blue Buckets and a Fragrant Giveaway!

JOY is in the doing.
With every stroke JOY is chosen and it creates the way for more.
I wish you JOY in this day, in this very moment.

Found some things for you today 🙂

A place for you to sit and  dangle your feet in the cool waters  🙂


A place for you to have your cake and eat it too 🙂 !


Place to Sit

Cake to Eat


And a chair to sit in for reading a favorite book…OR perfect for watercoloring 😉


(Please note:  The photos I share here, of our time in France, are to be used as reference for doing watercolors for  journals or postcards only.  I please ask that they are used solely for that purpose:-)

Next stop is Lavande de Lherm — see you there 🙂 !!

Enter below to get your name in the hat for a chance to win Lavender Creme from Lavande de Lherm!

If you have a friend who needs some JOY in their life, share this post and encourage them to have some fun playing in the water (colors) and traveling along to France—everybody needs a holiday in France once in awhile 🙂 !

"French Blue Buckets" 12 x 12in oil on museum quality panel $675

“French Blue Buckets”
12 x 12in oil on museum quality panel

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Hi Dreama, loving your posts!
    Say hi to Carol, my next door neighbor-friend 😉

  2. Gretchen Stoudt

    Thank you my dear friend for enriching my day with such a lovely start. I can feel the sun warming me with its rays as I sit in that chair, letting the beauty that surrounds me soak in. Living vicariously through you is one of life’s greatest joys! God Bless!

  3. Claire Southward Snyder

    Treated myself to Symphony in the Park! ‘Twas a lovely early summer evening and beautiful music.

  4. June

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. The calm and the serenity are so inviting, that I am visualising myself there (especially sitting in that chair, under those trees and soaking up all that beauty)…oh…and that cake, too. 🙂
    For self-care today, I treated myself to a long-overdue hair cut and purchased some peppermint and tea tree essential oil (excellent for headaches, when they sometimes try to disrupt a perfectly good day.) Today, thankfully, wasn’t one of them 🙂

  5. Patricia Stoelting Langley

    I’m going to take a nice cool bubble bath.

  6. Libby Thompson

    Beautiful pics.

  7. Madeline Breidenbach

    Wish I were in France with all of you instead of home recovering from a broken foot that happened in Italy. Love your paintings.

  8. Sally Dalrymple

    Lavender fields forever…

  9. Prudy Weaver

    Love lavender and your paintings and photos!

  10. Linda

    One of my favorite places!

  11. Yvonne Palmer

    Rest is the order of the day

  12. Verna Hall

    Just fixed myself a cup of tea and enjoying the comfort of home while I read your newsletter and try to imagine what the French countryside is like.

  13. Nicki Lanzi

    Lavender, an artists subject that makes you want to pick up the brush, and paint away…..dreamy lavender!!

  14. Sharon Chapman

    My favorite color and scent. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

  15. jobi

    Loving “our” trip to France ;0) My self care indulgence today will be a soak in the hot tub (even though it’s 97 today it still feels good on my old bones!) Glass of wine is mandatory!

  16. Nancy Martin Piros

    Hello Dreama, oh how beautiful!!! I can smell the lavender from here. Pretty fancy new feature of either my nose or my phone or both! I love you words of today “every stroke you take…” such a gift of words combimed with beautiful photos and cake with french custard my favorite . Not to mention “French blue buckets.” Awesome painting wonderful color and impressionist style is such a wonderful combination. Thank you for sharing France with us today.HUGS, Me

  17. Katherine Fleming

    I love, love, love lavender!

  18. Judy

    A long hot shower.

  19. Marcia

    Oh I can smell the lavender!!! I hope you will continue to go to France, I would love to go with you to paint and run through the fields 🙂

  20. Deb LaRocque

    Love Lavender! Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Theresa P

    My best friend loved lavender.
    She passed away before thanksgiving and I still miss her.

  22. Amber Hall

    Slices of heaven!

  23. Karen Rhodes Kircher

    Lavender reminds me of my grandmother…Yardley’s scent & is my ultimate fragrance !!

  24. Teresa

    So very peaceful, amazing colors which i was taking a bite from that cake.

  25. nina Snyder

    I so look forward to your posts and my water colors are on the kitchen counter!!!!!

  26. You simply make life lighthearted and filled with pleasure!
    Thank you!

  27. Cathy J

    I’m going to harvest MY lavender plant today . . . . !!!

  28. Sherry DeFazio

    Ahhhh! To sit in the corner or the little French garden eating cake.

  29. Jeanine

    Love the vibe your painting gives off.
    It makes me feel like it’s at the beginning of that path that takes you to the Lavender Field with your swing. Oh how peaceful it must be there. Thanks for sharing a beautiful painting and a heavenlike spot on earth.

  30. Vicki Brevell

    I’m experiencing the act of joy – painting. Loving the photos!

  31. Katherine Baker

    Viva la Lavender! Wonderful photos – merci Dreama!!

  32. Dianne Nasworthy

    Thanks for another wonderful tag a long!!!!!!

  33. Barb Krell

    Such beautiful pictures and art!

  34. Sara

    I have that swing ( live to swing grand kids )
    Overlooking the Ohio river just up from ParisKy
    In GallipolisOH!

  35. carole Stone

    I love your artwork.

  36. Our very own art teacher, travel guide and inspirational motivator! Hip, hip, hooray, Dreama!!!!

  37. Julie Reagan

    Please enter me in ALL of your prize drawings. Thank you very much….. Julie Reagan

  38. Love the oil painting and the French country colors too. I’ll bet the lavender cream smells divine!

  39. Paula Jones-dauzickas

    Enjoying France!

  40. Linda Walcher Jones

    Love the sharing on the beautiful scenery!!

  41. BJ Minor

    Beautiful! I wish I was there.

  42. Rhonda L. Tolle-Beaman

    This is beautiful. Even though I am not there, it is said that just staring at a picture of a landscape can benefit ones feeling of peace and joy. I believe it. Since I am not always good at making up things in my mind, this gives me a reference. I might use it next time I meditate!

  43. Love the big blue watering can for water coloring! This is a great trip! 😉

  44. Mitya

    Place to sit – cake to eat))) It’s all I need)

  45. Flynn Gentry-Taylor

    Thanks for sharing this.

  46. Carol Collier

    My self care today will be a lavender rosemary scent bubble bath!

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