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Lokie has been chiding me—says the rumor is I’ve run away to the lavender fields.

LokieinFrance Dreama Tolle Perry

Just because I was spotted with Suzie in the lavender car with the eye lashes means absolutely nothing!!

2014JuneFrance DreamaTollePerry

2014JuneFrance Dreama Tolle Perry

We talked it over and decided what happens at the Lavender Farm in Lherm stays at the Lavender Farm 😉


Besides, how can one resist a place this beautiful…


One with signs that say things like…




Where cats cruise down lanes of lavender scented air




And sometimes stop for a snuggle 😉


I saved a favorite seat for you, right in the lap of all that purple extravagance.

2014 June France with Dreama Tolle Perry/ Lavender at L'herm


Note:  You can read more about Suzie and Ian Dick’s award winning lavender at this link…just click here!  Their story is inspiring and they are….well, Ian has a tree house and Suzie has a car with eyelashes….what else is there to say?? 😉  They love lavender and life!!

Lavender Peace

“Lavender Peace”
9 x 12in oil on museum quality panel

(Please note: The photos I share here, of our time in France, are to be used as reference for doing watercolors for  journals or postcards only.  I please ask that they are used solely for that purpose:-)

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Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. I love your art. Wish you would write an instruction book on how to paint.

  2. Linda Colgan

    Dreama, All your photos hear are wonderful, but the close up of the Cat truly is a winner, wish that I can be there,but thank you for taking me along,
    Have a wonderful day,

  3. Suzanne Dungan

    The lavender makes my heart sing!!!

  4. Patricia Stoelting Langley

    My color is blue

  5. Debbie Lamey MacDonald

    Wonderful post Dreama! One color that makes me feel peaceful and happy is rose.

  6. Linda Macgregor

    blues running to lavender

  7. Cindy Stierhoff

    I wish I was in France with you Dreama, you find all the special things in life.

  8. Valerie Bottcher

    Just absolutely beautiful

  9. Judy Beck Lobos

    Gorgeous Dreama- thanks for sharing!

  10. Nancy Martin Piros

    Hello Dreama, as Steve Martin would say “you are wild and crazy!” The bug you were in with the eye lashes was a site to see! Did you have your “big girl panties on too!” Haha Really though,the lavender fields are amazing and I bet smell fabulous. Thanks for the great photos! I really love the painting that sold Lavender in it was beautiful. !!!! HUGS♥, Me

  11. Shelly Medley

    Lovely…….so very peaceful.

  12. Judy Seawright Parton

    Spring Lime Green 🙂

  13. Dreama, tus pinturas son hermosas. Me encanta el estilo de la pintura en acuarela y tus colores atraen por su alegría y a la vez por su serenidad, paz. Te felicito y tu página esta muy bonita.

  14. Marcia

    Beautiful pictures and paintings!

  15. Lura Kay Gee

    Sky blue and lavender (of course!)….ahhhh….

  16. Terri

    Greeting from Paris (Kentucky) to you! Enjoy…T

  17. Sherry Defazio

    Lovely lavender, I can smell it now.

  18. Kathy Carpenter

    What a tranquil, lovely spot.. Heaven

  19. Verna Hall

    Of course I love anything to do with France, including lavender,but what really drew my attention was the cute little VW. Our family grew up with VW’s. Our very first camping trip adventure was in a loaded down VW BUG. Tent, food , four kids, Hubby and I. Still to this day someone In our clan has a VW. So I am always nostalgic with happy memories when I see one,” especially when it has eyelashes”….

  20. jobi

    Naples yellow light is peaceful to me… Love the pic of you and lavendar kitty! =^.^=

  21. Judy


  22. Jodie Billings

    Beautiful work!

  23. Jan Finley

    Beautiful painting Dreama .x 🙂

  24. Teresa

    Love that second cat photo, (the gray tiger stripe tabby walking towards you, between the lavender rows) Silver tabbies are my most favorite. It must smell heavenly. Thanks Dreama.

  25. Laurie Ryan

    blues and turquoise….. ocean sky yep!

  26. Lou Everett

    Dreama thanks so much for sharing these beautiful photos – Periwinkle blue is my favorite and the lavender is fabulous!

  27. Mmmmm I can smell the lavender from France. Great photos. I love everything about lavender including the color. It has always been one of my favorites. Blessings to your days in France.

  28. Yvonne Palmer

    robins egg blue is a color I find to be very peaceful.

  29. Susan in TX

    Lavender . . . and periwinkle and shadow–a mix of blue, green, and gray. Wonderful pictures. Thanks.

  30. Judy Baker

    Beautiful post! Looks like you are enjoying your visit to the fullest. Thanks for taking us along!

  31. Linda Niebuhr Hall

    Can almost smell that lavender!

  32. Ruth Walsh

    Love all that you do! ….Thank you!

  33. Carol Miller

    Loving all these wonderful watercolors and photos! I’m enjoying France vicariously through your blog posts. Thank you, and happy lavender dreams!

  34. Jane Casnellie

    I can hear the bees from here!

  35. Ginny

    Perfection! What a lovely experience…merci!

  36. Cathy J

    Shades of purple . . . . :-))

  37. Melissa Gray

    beauty and peace

  38. Melissa Gray

    beauty and peace

  39. Thank you for sharing your travel, beauty, and peace with those of us who wish we were with you! God bless you and all that you love!

  40. Andrée

    I love lavender color and flower ! Have a nice trip in France…Thanks for sharing!

  41. kathy osborne

    beautiful talent but it does run in the family,GOD gift to the tolle family.i love your art work. Kathy Osborne,garrison,ky.

  42. gayle

    Blues of all sorts are soothing to me and you’ve found them all. Gayle

  43. Andrea Hawkes

    Dusty colours – any dusty colours – love them.

  44. For those of us who will not be able to travel to France, this is the next best thing – to be inspired by your photos, paintings, and messages! Thank you again. Lou

  45. Deb LaRocque

    Love your colors!

  46. Jo Ann Simon

    peaceful beauty!!!

  47. Dreama, your colors in your paintings are always so beautiful. I’ve been on such a lavender kick myself of late; just cannot get enough of that gorgeous clean and oh so fresh smell!

  48. Nell

    Lavender…such a soothing and peaceful color. Love your paintings and pictures. Thanks so much for sharing…I look at the pictures and can actually smell the lavender fields….heavenly…..

  49. Jane

    Turquoise is peaceful to me. Thanks. Enjoying these posts and photos!

  50. Ann

    Lavender Lady!

  51. Stephanie Jacobson

    Love taking the trip with you while here in NY!

  52. diane howard

    What a wonderful place…can just feel the peacefulness!

  53. pam Lassiter

    Beautiful and sensuous Dreama’s work is so captivating! I’d love
    to own something she created! It makes me smile and be glad that I enjoy painting flowers, cats and fields!

  54. pat

    Absolute Heaven:)

  55. kate palmo


  56. Prudy Weaver

    Just love, love, love this post cause lavender is a favorite of mine – all lavender from the fields to the final product. Your photos were awesome! Wish I was there……..

  57. Jane Casnellie

    I can hear the bees from here!

  58. Lois Keffer

    I love a periwinkle blue.

  59. Celeste Mycoskie

    So fragrant! Soft and dreamy. Thanks for sharing Dreama!

  60. Michele Pursley

    I so love your artwork. They all say “be happy” to me!

  61. Melissa

    very alluring photos

  62. Claire Southward Snyder

    Periwinkle peaces me out immediately. I guess lavender and periwinkle are VERY closely related–almost twins.

  63. Carol Collier

    Greens and blues definitely make me feel peaceful…

  64. Linda Walcher Jones

    Can just smell all that wonderful lavender!!!!l

  65. BJ Minor

    Love the lavender!

  66. Kathy Cousart

    Love the way the light dances across the sweet cottage. Gorgeous shutters…always love the way you capture with your drawing. It’s a gift you have for sure!

  67. Sandra Robbins

    A very pale green sooths my soul.

  68. Cherry Loney Fisher

    Love the lavender, but my favorite color, red, puts me at peace!

  69. Sharon Lynn

    Beautiful :-)!
    Periwinkle is peaceful to me 🙂
    God Bless You 🙂

  70. Nancy Laliberte

    Love this post and all that lavender! 🙂

  71. Valee Sewell Penn

    Caribbean pale blue / green is my favorite.

  72. Ginny Good

    Love the lavender! Turquoise blue brings me peace!

  73. Valerie M

    Your photos look like a ad for a travel magazine! Simply beautiful!

  74. Julie Hall

    It’s gorgeous!!!!!

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