1 Jun

Before the Creative Process

Love to Plan/ Plan to Love

One cannot plan for what LOVE does.

It always results in a thing that is more perfectricher
and more soul satisfying than anything the mind can conceive.

No matter the plan, or lack thereof
No matter the effort, or lack thereof
No matter, no matter
It is the LOVE of the doing that renders perfection.

LOVE imparts and places its imprint on the thing being done—-and then we partake of it in its many manifestations:

A garden A home-cooked meal Friendship Art

The simplest of all ingredients that always yields more than we planned for.


This little watercolor in my journal depicts a piece of Carolyn B’s heart—simple things lovingly placed underneath the giant oak at Sabbath Song Farm.  It nourishes me just to sit and look upon this pocket of peace she created.
For the glad heart that placed plants and pots here the LOVE of the doing is evident.
It leaves a trail on my soul.

Peace comes in many ways.
The inky depths of a star filled night viewed from the cocoon of a bean bag chair and heavy cover—heavenly!
A sunrise observed that holds the morning star and a crescent moon from the night before as splendid “leftovers”.
A morning quiet time in the audience of hummingbirds.
Watercoloring under the dappled light of the giant oak tree—while occasionally laying back to look straight up through the trees to the sun beyond.

Take some time for yourself.
Make a date with the night to see the stars etched across the heavens.
Maybe doodle a bit in that journal of yours 🙂

Just look at what LOVE has planned for you!



(Close up of Twinkling H2O’s in Sabbath Song Moment Watercolor 🙂


Sabbath Song Moment

Sabbath Song Moment


Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. Linda Colgan

    Derma , this journal page is wonderful, sure wish I could of watched you do this your watercolors are so lose and the colors are beautiful. Thank you so much, for the time you take on your journey to let use be in the joy of it all,

  2. June

    Beautiful colours. Beautiful images. Beautiful thoughts. Beautiful words, all from a truly beautiful human being and spirit.
    You’ve inspired me to go out into my backyard this morning, with my Dreama journal in hand, and a cup of tea in the other, and sit quietly and take in all the joy, all the beauty and serenity all around me. The birds, the wind gently whistling through the trees, the beautiful flowers in all their glorious colours, and reflect on and bask in how much love and beauty is offered to us – all we need to do is truly see and truly listen, and then feel all those gifts of nature, and of life.
    Thank you for this, Dreama. As well as wishing and hoping to one day be a part of one of your workshops, one day I hope to nourish my heart, my soul and my spirit at Sabbath Song Farm. From all that you’ve shared with us about it, it looks and sounds like a slice of heavenly serenity.

  3. Nancy Martin Piros

    Hi Dreama, I love the loose free form brush strokes . You just let the emotions flow simply beautiful!!!!! HUGS & ♥♥♥ Me

  4. Cindy Rutherford

    I not only love your art, but I love your heart <3 Ministry to my soul and spirit!

  5. jobi

    Oh, your journal painting is so gorgeous! I love the curves and playfulness…and always your color!!! Excited for my trip to France with you! (Via my lounge chair by the pool!) I will WC journal along with you. Can’t wait to see the pics you send us this year! Thank you for taking all of us without summer vacation plans along with you. :0) xoxo

  6. Susan Masten Drawbaugh

    Beautiful and inspiring words. And so true! I wasn’t loving the illustrations I’ve been doing for years. The medium was way too time consuming, and my style was going on a different path. I decided to do some research and change up, and now I LOVE the work. “Loving” is absolutely the answer. And, of course, taking the time to smell the roses. Thank you Dreama.

  7. Clare Strohman

    Hi Dreama!
    Thank you for the peaceful journal entry…..is that a bit of Twinkling H2O’s I’m seeing? I love adding Twinks to my regular watercolor sketches, they are just such happy colors.
    Speaking of happy:) I’m getting oh SO excited for the upcoming
    I’ll be wearing pink so you can find me, just in case I’m sleepwalking at that time!!

  8. Flynn Gentry-Taylor

    So pretty, a nice treat this morning. What size sketchbook/journal do you use most? I see you have several on your list…thanks and have a great week Dreama..and Eddie of course!

  9. Tommie Stewart

    how awesome to wake up and find your beautiful watercolors…started my day and week off with joy…gonna doodle a bit in my journal!!! thanks!

  10. Suzanne Dungan

    Absolutely beautiful! What wonderful words and watercolor. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Carol Hopper

    Your writing is a song of beauty in verse. The watercolor of Sabbath Farm in the journal is so perfect, it is breathtaking. BEAUTY LOVE JOY CARING

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