1 Aug

During the Creative Process

French Spoken Here

There’s always one.

2014FranceJulyTheresAlwaysOne Dreama Tolle Perry

You know the type I’m talking about.
They like to kick up their heels and party

2014JulyFrancePartyTiltheCows Dreama Tolle Perry

‘Til the cows come home 🙂

Can’t say that I blame them.
Sometime said cows don’t even want to come home, especially when they’re in France.
(Not that I know anyone who feels this way…)

I mean, I’m certainly no angel

2014JulyFranceImNoAngel Dreama Tolle Perry

 I’ve been known to do my share of cattin’ around 😉

2014JulyFranceCattinAround Dreama Tolle Perry

That’s why I’ve decided to let you hang out in France just a few more days.
Yes you.
I don’t need any trouble when it comes to the FAA and trying to get you  on the plane coming home.

So here are few more more pics to paint, a couple of video strolls and a giveaway.

Please try, try, TRY  to behave yourself… 😉

2014JulyFranceStairway Dreama Tolle Perry2014JulyFranceBicycle Dreama Tolle Perry

Today’s giveaway is just like the watercolor kits that all the gals I took with me to France are using 🙂

"French Spoken Here" 9 x 12in oil on museum quality panel SOLD

“French Spoken Here”
9 x 12in oil on museum quality panel

P.S.  If you have a friend who needs some JOY in their life, share this post and encourage them to have some fun playing in the water (colors) and traveling along to France—everybody needs a holiday in France once in awhile:-)!

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  1. Elaine Cook

    I love the pictures you send from France. Thank you very much.

  2. Sheila Grace Tansey

    Poppies, Sunflowers, history!

  3. Bonnie Archer

    Stay!! Beauty Love Painting!!

  4. Loree Hill Luther

    Your one good reason is your kitty waiting at home.

  5. Patty Cross

    Dreamy inspiration, fantastic food, lazy summer days in France. That’s what I call heaven.

  6. Elaine Stewart

    Love your work. Gorgeous

  7. Pamela Keravuori

    The light, the food, and the gentle pace. Three lovely reasons to stay in place.

  8. Adele Bower

    Dreama, Thank you SO much for the walking videos. I save them all. Such beauty everywhere, as you say.

  9. Carol Watson Miller

    Flowers, light, color, cats, lavender, old narrow streets, cafes, moss-covered steps, pastures … oops! That’s more than three reasons to stay! (Grandchildren. That’s one great reason to come home!)

  10. Vicki Smith

    Family, friends, Eddie. 🙂

  11. Chrissy McGale

    Only 3 good reasons to stay?! The bread, the cheese, and the wine. Simple, but wonderful 🙂
    Enjoy your time there!

  12. tommie stewart richardson

    I have enjoyed every post from this awesome time in France…made me feel like I was there with yall…really …t

  13. Chrissy

    3 good reasons to stay?! The bread, the cheese, and the wine. Simple, but wonderful 🙂
    Enjoy your time there!

  14. Madeline Breidenbach

    What a joy your paintings are. Love it!~

  15. L Newman

    Three reasons to stay?? Pastries, history and
    Scenery! If you ever get to Mont Blanc, Chamonix or the horse drawn village of Megeve….you will love it…just sayin…lol

  16. Carole Jurack

    I have been to France 3 times on bike rides. There are too many reasons to stay and a lot of them show up in your videos, i.e. medieval towns, cobbled roads, beauty and charm everywhere you turn, flowers, flowers and more flowers, color to make even a rainbow sad, food to die for, brilliant golden sunlight that the masters all knew about and which is very visible wherever one looks. Need I say more? Capturing any one of these things in watercolor would be a dream come true!

  17. Suzanne Dungan

    Horses, green grass and Eddie await you and Paris, (Ky. that is) misses you, too!!! Thanks for the wonderful blog posts and the fabulous photos!!!!! You brighten all our days!!!

  18. Hallie Kohn

    My husband and I have been looking at your website for the past three days to find out more information about your next travel trip. Since I’m dreaming of going, I’d say go ahead and stay!!!

  19. Verna Hall

    Since it’s unlikely that I will ever physically visit France, I will rely on imagination and live through your photos, paintings and your colorful descriptions of all that you expierance. Thank you Dreama.

  20. Marion Corbin Mayer

    I was in St. cirq the week before you on a dreary, rainy day. We walked down the same paths! What a beautiful villiage. Public bathrooms not so nice tho!

  21. Annmarie Thomas

    Take us to Tuscany next!

  22. Suzanne Michels Hoyne

    Love every post. Glorious photos. Thanks so much for bringing us along.

  23. Jeanne Brail

    The scenery is beautiful, so many painting references and we love reading your blogs and feel like we are there!

  24. Yvonne Palmer

    Lavendar, peace, and inspiration.

  25. Jenny Cramer Breniff

    My heart is full of Art….my heart belongs in France!! Take me away and I promise to stay!

  26. Lois Keffer

    café au lait, les baguettes avec la fromage, la lavande!

  27. Nancy Sewell Makar

    One good reason to come home is to be able to enjoy all your videos and share them with those of us who yearn to be there with you one of these summers soon. Next year I will be in the UK, France and Ireland with friends for three weeks but maybe the following year!! PS I have refrained from purchasing water colors because of all the oils I still need to use so if I won today, I would have just a small sample of water colors to learn on!! Pick me please!! haha!!

  28. sandy Lillis

    Going home always with the thought you will return, makes it better.

  29. sandy Lillis

    Going home always with the thought you will return, the break between trips to France makes it better.

  30. Kathleen

    Les flowers! Les cats! Les cafés!

  31. Sea Dean

    French Bread, Pain Chocolat, French vintage

  32. Cathy Joerger

    reasons to stay: beautiful countryside, genuine baguettes, rational pace of life . . . . thanks for being out there for us, Dreama!

  33. Chris Berard Cuneo

    Food, wine, chocolate!!!

  34. Anonymous

    The antiquity, the wine, the magic around every bend.

  35. Jan Tilker

    Home is where your love is…I am so looking forward to meeting and painting with you in September Dreama! Thank you for bringing me/us along on this beautiful journey to southern France! What a treat to walk along with you through these quaint adorable towns. You are like a magical wizard!! :))) Then, on top of that, the promise to paint in watercolor too!! AMAZING!!! The giveaways are just wonderful “icing” on the cake! Bonjour!!

  36. Judy Dwyer

    Ok can’t figure out to pin on my iPad and then get URL. Oh well, I do enjoy your paintings comments. Was in South of France and Provence area in June. had a wonderful time and miss being there

  37. Claire Southward Snyder

    Actually, I’m not sure if my daughter is there, but she’s posted some pictures that look suspiciously like yours.

  38. Claire Southward Snyder

    Reasons to stay: My daughter is there, summer scenes to paint, and the morning coffee and pastries (oops–is that four?).

  39. Carol Edmondson DeMumbrum

    Kitties, cows and flowers! Love the photos you shared!

  40. Wow, can’t believe your trip is already coming to an end. I enjoyed all of your posts and all the lovely pictures. I would say, wine, chocolate and spending all day painting are three great reasons to stay. And delaying unpacking is always good, too. 🙂

  41. Kaye Hinson

    Thank you for sending the pics and videos. I am hoping to visit France next year (first time). Can’t wait. Stay a little longer for the painting inspiration, lavender fields and of course the ice cream!

  42. Sue Moore

    Three good reasons to stay…..that’s easy…the scent of fresh bread baking in the town bakery at 5am, that first sip of french roast coffee in the morning before you even get out of your pjs, and the incredible beautiful sound of the French language where “take out the garbage and sweep the porch” sounds like a love song! Enough said!!!
    Love your paintings and the French painting adventures
    Sue Moore

  43. Judith Fox Fletcher

    Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!

  44. Lorri

    3 reasons not to leave: the beauty and history everywhere, the culture, and you’d never run out of scenes to paint.

  45. Roxanne Marsiglia Jarvis

    Because the US can’t stand to be without one of our national treasures!

  46. Judy Baker

    I’ve really enjoyed your trip to France. Thanks you for sharing the beauty around you. Happy painting!

  47. Julie Brockman

    3 good reasons not to leave: the scenery, the food and the paintings!

  48. Laurie McLaughlin

    just love your newsletter and paintings! thanks for the good vibes!

  49. Michelle Young

    Reasons to stay: Good Friends, Beautiful Countryside, Great Food

  50. june

    Wow! Is it really time to return home?! Already!? So soon?! Why…we’ve only just arrived…haven’t we? 🙂
    Ah well…you know there is one…actually two…no…wait…there are actually three good reasons to leave all the gorgeousness and beauty of France and return home: Eddie Bill, Eddie Pierre, and Maggie. Actually, that’s all one and the same reason: all the gorgeousness and beauty of all that you love back home. Right? Of course right! 🙂
    Thank you for sharing all this joy and all this beauty and all the colours…and all those gelatos and espressos and, of course, all that lavender..with all of us. And thanks for all the very generous give-aways. You are a gem, Dreama.

  51. Stay for the beauty, the food and the kittens! But don’t tell Edie! Thanks for the wonderful trip.

  52. Judy

    To Paint, to photograph, to take part in all things France.

  53. Melissa Gray

    stay because of the beauty, the the food, and the summer won’t last forever

  54. Melissa Gray

    stay because of the beauty, the the food, and the summer won’t last forever

  55. kim

    I never tire of this

  56. This is the best way to travel – vicariously!!! Thanks so much for sharing such great photos and helping us feel like we were right there, too! I’d love to win and am feeling lucky today!!

  57. Family and friends and cats? Of course, you could just have them meet you in France. Right.
    Traveling “with you” is such fun. Thanks.

  58. Next best thing to having been there! Thanks for sharing!

  59. Katherine Baker

    There is never a good reason to leave France. But there are many reasons (more than three) to stay: The glorious flowers, the delicious food, the wine, the kitties, the friends you’ve made there, the narrow cobblestone streets, gardens full of delights, and more. We welcome you back home, after another successful painting trip to France!

  60. Gayle

    Why, so you can share your adventures with us, of course. Nothing like having the same interests~~lavender, ice cream, beautiful old cities. Gayle

  61. Dear Dreama,
    I am laughing away reading your stories and loving the french countryside! You inspire me so i hope to paint today!
    Fondly, Sylvina Rollins ~ artist
    p.s. I is sign my paintings with my first name too.

  62. Anita Hoffman

    I do so want to win the paints.

  63. Becky

    Loved having my coffee and walking with you down those lovely streets this morning. Thank you for sharing.

  64. Thanks for sharing France – I feel like I’m there! Bon Jour, mon amie!

  65. Debby

    Beautiful surroundings,leisurely summer days, and delicious French

  66. Stephanie Jacobson

    Follow you all the time!

  67. Ursula

    Dreams, I so enjoyed walking with you this morning, just delightful!
    Thank you very much for sharing!

  68. Cynthia Killian Woodruff

    If you’d like a little walk through a French Villa, click on two of them in her blog here. So charming!

  69. Carol Collier

    There’s no place like home! But I am looking forward to my upcoming trip to France.

  70. Anita Estrada de Zorrilla

    Le village, un croissant, un cafe’. 🙂

  71. Cherry Loney Fisher

    The weather, the endless plein air painting subjects/opportunities, and the Nutella crepes, of course!

  72. Rhonda L. Tolle-Beaman

    I loved this. Wanted to go in one of those little side cafe’s and get a cup of coffee and something delicious to eat!!

  73. jobi

    Oh goodness…is our trip over???!!! Please tell me it ain’t so!!!!! It has been such a fun journey and I’ve not only enjoyed your beautiful art (both WCJ and oil) but the scenery you’ve shared and the videos that help us feel like we are there….they all have been such a treat for summertime. Especially for those of us who didn’t go anywhere on a summer vacay :0) Thank you Dreama for your amazing talent and generous time. I know the Eds will be SO happy to see you back home. xoxo

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