22 Aug

During the Creative Process

In Love in France and Remembering


What is important?


How may I truly serve?

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  1. Nancy Martin Piros

    Hello Dreama, I love “in love in France.” The french blue window with the rose vine growing around it is so luscious. Color fantastic just plan wonderful all the way around. So, glad to get back in touch with you now that you have settled back home in the “other Paris.” HUGS, Me

  2. Judy Kimbriel Odom

    When in France! This is just gorgeous and so is the music that goes with it! Question…did you paint it in one sitting? When I am doing that like you showed us in class I am having trouble with my colors mixing. Could you please post one picture from your trip that you challenge us to paint?

  3. Kathy Cousart

    Strong and simple and true…Always comes back to being genuine and honest in your life and your paintings. It comes across- always! Beautiful painting Artist Dreama Tolle Perry!

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