25 Aug

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When in France

One of the many things to ❤ about France is this:
Meals are often enjoyed amidst the bounty of the gardens and courtyards!

Friends gather in for locally made wine and bread (spread with amazing butter from a nearby farm) and spend a leisurely couple of hours catching up with each other.

It doesn’t hurt if off in the distance one can spy the lavender fields 😉 — this table is on the Lavender Farm at Lherm!

This is your “spread” for the day.  Pull out your favorite table cloth, some good wine, fresh bread and most important of all—
some of your favorite peeps—and enjoy 🙂 !!

*side view of cradled panel (and yes, I was photobombed by Ed)

"When in France" Original Oil by Artist Dreama Tolle Perry on 16 x 16in cradled panel

"When in France" Artist Dreama Tolle Perry

“When in France”
16 x 16in oil on museum quality/ cradled panel

**P.S.  A little music for your feast is always welcome!

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  1. June

    An absolutely, stunningly beautiful painting, Dreama. I remember well the gorgeous (and ‘real’) food to be enjoyed in the French countryside, yes. The cheeses, the butter, the baguettes…the chocolate, the coffee, the wine…oh, yes.
    I’ve taken your very wise and sound advice and, even on this cold and wet August day (it is Ireland, after all), I baked some bread (and scones), bought some fresh and organic cheese from our farmers’ market’s ‘cheese man’ Trevor (and olives, too!) and of course, some wine to accompany the feast.
    This simple but delicious array of delights, coupled with wonderful company (thanks, hubby!) and your beautiful ‘When in France’ painting (and the perfect music to accompany it) chased away the gloominess of an unseasonably cold and dreary late August afternoon.
    And to top it all off, along with finishing off the wine, I fully intend to pop in ‘Chocolat’ this evening, and imagine that yes, I am indeed in France. 🙂
    Thanks, Dreama. You’ve cheered me up considerably.

  2. Judy Kimbriel Odom

    When in France! This is just gorgeous and so is the music that goes with it! Question…did you paint it in one sitting? When I am doing that like you showed us in class I am having trouble with my colors mixing. Could you please post one picture from your trip that you challenge us to paint?

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