7 Oct

During the Creative Process

Out for the Evening in Tuscany

Sing to me of Joy
let my spirit rest in warm waters of understanding
in the quiet
we are owned by no one
and our soul finds
its needed rest

Counting blessings last evening became a vision of people in my life.  I hadn’t planned on this—the list just grew and it was all people.  Some here, some passed, some new, some old.  Their love was palpable.  Are we not held together by the love and relationships we have in this life?  As fragile as life feels at times what pulls us through the tight passes are precious, enduring, faces of love.
And for that we give thanks.

"Out for the Evening in Tuscany" Original Oil by Artist Dreama Tolle Perry / DreamaTollePerry.com

“Out for the Evening in Tuscany”
12 x 16in oil on museum quality panel

Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. Sharon Campbell

    happy that I found your blog & web site , so inspiring. keep doing what you love!

  2. June

    To give thanks…to feel gratitude…to give love and to feel love and to be loved…these are the pathways to serenity, to bliss, to a rich and full, and well-lived life.
    Thank you, Dreama. Beautiful words. Loving words.

  3. Lisa Stantz


  4. Cheryl Adams-Zanewicz

    This muse is just beautiful………….prayerful. It touches a place in my heart that reminds me of what sustains me……..Thank you, Dreama.

  5. Sandra Beatt

    Nice Dreama…..really nice!!! One of my favourites.

  6. Carol Hopper

    As I read your blog I found myself quickly relaxing and taking a deep breath. Thank you; I am inspired!

  7. Jennifer Edgar

    I can feel myself ascending the stairs to this slice of heaven for an intimate celebration

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