20 Oct


Sun Day in France and Funtober Workshops!

Every little breeze whispers your name.
Sunshine reminds you that the night always passes.
ALL things are working together for your good 🙂
There is simply nothing to amazing, to awesome, to wonderful to happen to you today.
Just thought you should know 😉

What is given away always comes barreling back at us.
I tend to forget this.
Like when it comes to workshops.
Hard as I may try, all the good I try to put out seems to find its way back in the people that I am privileged, and I mean PRIVILEGED to meet.  Pictures can’t tell all of the story.  Smiling faces and paintings done—behind it all—remarkable individuals living remarkable lives—gracing this planet with LOVE and JOY.
Lexington I/October 4-6

2014OctoberLexingtonWorkshop1-4Beth, Elizabeth, Laurie, Katharine, Regina, Margaret, Mary, Barb, Lynda, Martha, Mary Anne, Ivana, Joyce, Nancy, Carole, Laura, and Barbara!

Lexington II/Sept 8-10
2014 October Lexington Workshop 2:1 Yvonne, Kathleen, Amanda, Sylvia, Jeri, Marjorie, Nancy, Susan, Barbara, Sharon, Rosanne, Terri, Judy, Cheryl, Janet, Catherine, Lori, Joan, Kristina, and Kathy!

Creating, smiles and love.
That pretty well says it all 🙂
In Other News:
Want some sunshine in the middle of winter?  There are a few spots remaining in my last Indian Rocks Beach, Florida workshop coming in February–you can see the details and register here.   🙂
Calendar time is almost here! My 2015 Calendar will be available for pre-order this week—stay tuned!
My next Letters from Dreama arrives this Saturday. You can subscribe to the fun if you like by clicking here.
It’s always filled with videos, articles and inspiring things, hand picked by me— that I think you will enjoy.

"Sun Day in France" Original Oil Painting by Artist Dreama Tolle Perry

“Sun Day in France”
9 x 12in oil on museum quality panel $525

Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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