25 Nov

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It’s All About the Ribbon (and a Giveaway!)

“The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize” ~Clairee Belcher/Steel Magnolias

Evidently flowers feel the same way 🙂

Go forth and accessorize!!!


P.S.  Art tip for the day–when you find that one accent color that just pops when you put it on your painting remember to use it as an accessory (just like a scarf).  Resist the urge to go ape— placing it everywhere.

Remember, one scarf is marvelous—scarves tied to both arms, both legs, around the neck and one on your head might lose the effect your were going for.
WARNING: Remember this was written by me, someone who tends to break rules.  Scarf anyone??

"It's All About the Ribbon" Colorful Oil Paintings by Artist Dreama Tolle Perry

“It’s All About the Ribbon”
12 x 12in oil on museum quality panel

Colorful Paintings by Artist Dreama Tolle Perry

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P.S.  If you win the print, which one are you gonna pick???  Enquiring minds want to know 😉

Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. Migdalia Marrero

    “Shades of France”, though it’s hard to pick just one.

  2. Debbie

    Hi Dreama,
    All your work is beautiful and uplifting! I especially love “Color Song”. Roses are one of my fav flowers and I love blue bottles–so it is a win, win for me. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Yvonne Ray Snead

    “Sunday Morning in France” Love, love.

  4. Nancy Darling

    Table for One or any print with Eddie. Love em all!

  5. shonda

    i love anything you do that has a glass jar in it….
    and your furry friend makes me smile too. 🙂

  6. joyce t jones

    One of my new art friends at home introduced me to your website. I am in AWE of your beautiful paintings! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent!

  7. Kim Ritter Gignac

    “High on Lavender” and the “Scent of Lavender” are my favorites, Artist Dreama Tolle Perry! I wasn’t able to vote, so can I vote here? 5 votes for each!

  8. Linda Garner Gullicks

    Tulips….I love these tulips.

  9. Rachel Holland

    Any painting of yours has gusto and life! I would choose “Oh Happy Day” because it reminds me of Romania, where I used to live. Thanks for your inspiring life and example.

  10. Sherra Caruso

    It’s so hard .. I too fell in love with Eddy but have become so drawn in with the rich brush strokes and COLOR .. I can’t decide on one painting-print! I love and want them all! Spring Faces, Romancing the Sun (because reds are not your usual) Timeless Tuscany, French Poetry, All Aglow, (I LOVE sun flowers) and blues!, Momma’s Best, Open to Possibilities, French Holiday, Tuscany in Bloom and Blue Gate French Invitation .. I must stop because I love them all and more .. Hahahaha

  11. Sandra McMillan Cox

    TOO hard to choose just one – I want them all! As much as I adore Eddie, I finally decided on “Spring Delicacy” – I simply love the blues and purples you use!!!

  12. Flynn Gentry-Taylor

    Any of them with Eddie

  13. Peggy Mack Roach

    “Spring Delicacy” Difficult decision, they are all beautiful.

  14. June

    I’m not sure if my first attempt went through, but if it did, just delete this one.
    It’s pretty much impossible to choose one – out of all of the ones that I love – and I love them ALL. They are all special, and all beautiful. ‘Heaven Scent,’ ‘Burano Beauty,’ ‘Blue Gate, French Invitation,’ ‘Southern Girls’…see what I/we mean? It’s a difficult task asking to choose a favourite.
    I hope you and your daughter enjoyed a beautiful and wonderful Thanksgiving together yesterday in sunny and warm California. Safe journey back home next week.

  15. Sally Doerner

    It’s a VERY tough decision, to have to pick just one, but in the end of course I must go with Ed. Always. 🙂

  16. Sharon Lynn

    My favorite is “Blue Gate, French Invitaion”.
    Thanks so much for the opportunity 🙂
    God Bless You 🙂

  17. Sunflower, but they are all so beautiful!

  18. Kathleen M. Cowie

    It’s all about the ribbon….

  19. Lucinda O'Donohoe

    I would love to have ‘your’ favourite one!

  20. Rhonda Rutledge

    It is all about the ribbon is my favorite. That is such a fresh and happy painting – I would love it for my bedroom – since I have to stay in bed as of my back surgery.

  21. it’s all about ribbon . i love this

  22. Mary Crook Moran

    Love “Keep Your Eye on the Ball” and everything Eddie. Especially “Heaven Scent”

  23. Carolyn Tober

    Absolutely, positively has to be that cute little kitty cat!!!!!

  24. tough choice, but I’m thinking right this minute I love the tulips in a jar. I may change my mind in another minute or two though.

  25. Alison Burch

    OOPS! I forgot to post my favorite print, which is “Tuscany in Bloom”. So difficult to choose as all your work makes me smile

  26. Alison Burch

    Your work is beautiful, and I always look forward to your inspirational and amusing emails!

  27. BJ Minor

    Smelling the flowers is my favorite.

  28. I like “keep your eye on the ball”. Kitties are beyond words.

  29. Judy

    Ribbon for me too.

  30. Betty Potter

    Love your painting “It’s all about the ribbon”! It’s all about the colors!!

  31. Rhonda

    Definitely the blue building with the window and flowers – although they are all beautiful!!

  32. Shelly Wright

    LOVE the field of lavender!

  33. Kim Smith

    It’s all about the ribbon – I like that one.

  34. Barb Krell

    I love them all. Any with Eddie would be my choice.

  35. Merrie P Wycoff

    Fields of Lavender is my Favorite! I look at it all the time.

  36. Cynthia Dittrich Eisenhauer

    “Heaven S(cent)” is my favorite! I have five cats and have seen them many times “smelling” the flowers!
    Love it!

  37. Caroline Montgomery Clark

    It’s All About the Ribbon. Though I love the bright colors, feel, and technique of all your paintings, the sunflowers are my favorites!

  38. I love all your work. I look at them so closely as models for my watercolors and acrylics. I love the way you use shade and light with color. So healing to look at. Thank you. Thank you for your posts each day.

  39. Cherrie Hill

    One with the “Ed-ster of course! Chillaxin…

  40. Kimberly Hoyt

    “Sunny Side of the Street” please 🙂

  41. Kay White

    I’m a cat lover. Lie Eddie in the basket.

  42. Sue Starcher

    Love them all..so hard to choose..Love all with Ed especially ,since I have a cat..So maybe between “Waitin on the Big Yellow Bus” or “Ed’s looked at life from both sides now”..Would be extremely happy with any of them..So glad I found your work thru Elizabeth St.Hilare Nelson ♥

  43. Lucinda Gaven

    I love “Southern Girls”…Just planted 50 tulips in my new entrance garden. Hope they are as lovely as yours.

  44. Cinda Basira O'Donohoe

    A cup of Goodness for me please!

  45. Dreama

    Happy Thanksgiving dear sweet friends!! Eddie is purring over all the choices that mention him (of course) while I’m getting ready to do some cooking 🙂 Spending Thanksgiving with my daughter this year—such a treat!!
    Hugs, Hugs, Hugs to each of you❤️

  46. Rhonda Tolle Beaman

    I love the one of Eddie peeping through the flowers!

  47. Kate

    I love “A Walk On The Milky Way”! Beautiful work Dreama.

  48. Gayle Nunn

    Spring Faces or the Scent of Lavender. So unfair to ask us to choose…… Gayle

  49. Dorothy Whelchel

    Oh Happy Day is beautiful. I love it.

  50. I Iove them all, but I pick “Color Song”:)

  51. Roberta Schwandner

    Anything with an umbrella, they are all gorgeous.

  52. Monica

    Oh an Eddie print would be so fun!!
    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  53. Kim Smith

    It’s all about the ribbon…. I like that one.
    I like flowers.
    I hope I have done this correctly, to get entered for the Giveaway print.
    Love your work, Dreama!

  54. Deb Houts

    “You Must Come to My Garden” is lovely!

  55. Andrée C

    Oups! I forgot to choose my favorite print image…The lavender field is my favorite! But they are all beautiful!

  56. Vicki

    Eddie, please.

  57. Carol Searight

    It’s just too juicy of a question … It’s All About the Ribbon, Color Song, Love You to the Moon and Back, blah blah… it’s like asking, which leg do you like best? But I COULD do it if I were forced to 🙂 Thank you for coloring our lives in such delicious ways … CS

  58. Andrée C.


  59. jobi

    All Aglow!!! Just gorgeous! They are all colorful little bursts of joy!

  60. Marion

    Love “A Walk on the Milky Way”!

  61. I love so many it is hard to choose… but I found “Spring Delicacy” especially delicious! The night sky in the background… the ball jar… tulips. Yum

  62. Susan Ploughe

    “Color Song” or “Sunshine Dreams.” Don’t know how I would choose. (I hope I get to find out!)

  63. Lucinda

    A cup of Goodness for me please! (But I love them all really)

  64. Leanna Cymbala

    It’s All About the Ribbon. I really like that painting!

  65. Mary Beth Attix Harrison

    “Stunning” – or throw a dart and see what it hits; I love them all!

  66. Janet

    “Irresistible Invitation”

    • Cathy Joerger

      The Blue Gate is my favorite . . .

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