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Letting Go

I’ve been busy.

Letting go.

Watercolor Journal Excerpt--Letting Go

2014 November California 3DREAMA TOLLE PERRY

Letting Go—-what does it look like?
I’ve been trying out the practice of letting go. Trying to look at myself and see…”is this what letting go looks like?” And if the answer is no, I am switching up my thoughts, my internal conversation, my actions—-basically choosing something that is different than what I have been doing that has resulted in a non letting go stance.
Letting Go—-how does it feel?
Freedom. I think it feels like freedom.
And rest. It feels so restful.
Letting Go—what is its opposite?
Holding on.
There is perceived pain in letting go because we fear we are forfeiting our ability to change things.
The deal is, it is not things that must change—-it is we who must change.
We must change the stories we have told ourselves about those things we are holding onto.
We must change the stories we have told ourselves of what we think is possible, doable, achievable.
Letting go so that the goodness of life can flow in, through, around, above and below us
And carry us gently and rock our souls so lovingly that we again find firm ground
and know for certainty that

we never really had to hold on for we have always been…

held by Something bigger than us.

Letting Go
We cannot both hang on AND go with the Flow.
The choice rests squarely inside us.

I find that when I’m by the ocean letting go seems to come more easily.

2014 November Californai 4 DREAMA TOLLE PERRY

I love looking for sea glass.
Glass that has tumbled along, going with the flow.
Here are my treasures for the day 🙂

2014 November California 1 DREAMA TOLLE PERRYBeach Escape with my watercolor journal!

You are wished a day filled with a sea of love.
Let go and let love wash over you 🙂

Here’s a little video to set you in the mood for your own letting go…

P.S.  I am headed back home today to Paris and to the Eddies (and Maggie)—filled with California sunshine and times spent with my daughter.  We’ve folded laundry, lingered over coffee, grocery shopped and done the most mundane of things together—the sort of stuff that become so awesome when shared with someone you love—I’m gonna miss her!
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  1. June

    Firstly, welcome back home! I’m sure the Eds and Maggie are very, very happy you’ve returned.
    This is a most meaningful post, filled with beautiful words, thoughts, images, sounds and feelings. Letting go, for me, has usually been associated with the pain of detaching from something (or someone) you love so much, and fear of what might happen if you don’t hold on for dear life…if you/I/we do get brave enough to ‘let it go’.
    But, letting go and ‘letting it go’ is also associated with taking a leap of faith…sometimes into the unknown…and follow where it leads. When we can let it go, we allow and welcome the good ‘stuff’ to be let in.
    What I’ve learned, only recently, from a vivid dream I had, is very much in keeping with what you’ve written at the end of this beautiful post, Dreama: when I let go of the fear, or the pain, I simultaneously allow more love, and more joy to wash over me, through me, around me and inside me.
    My day, directly following that wonderful dream, was indeed filled with and wrapped me inside a sea of love.
    Thank you, Dreama, for helping me to ‘see’ and feel that light, that joy, and the beauty that is always there, all around us and inside us, even during those difficult times when there are seemingly more shadows and darkness than we’d like there to be in our lives.
    ps – what was the piece of music you chose for this video? I love chill-out/ambient music like this, and have a good-sized collection of this genre on Spotify, but I’ve not heard this before. It’s absolutely and gently beautiful.
    pps – please forgive me for the epic-length of this comment!

  2. Georgia Jensen

    Thank you for the gift of the letting go video… I was so moved, especially with your one legged friend, tears flowed, pent up feelings washed away, the sun and sand nurtured me, as does your inspiring blog. Namaste

  3. Connie Foster

    So beautiful and peaceful. The sea glass that is always a special find, and spending the time on the beach makes for the feeling of letting go.

  4. Rachel Holland

    Let go and let God, that’s my philosophy. Thanks for reminding us that holding onto things only drains us of energy and life.

  5. June Cousins Wright

    enjoy your thoughts and uplifting paintings

  6. Lisa Bell Couper

    Thank you.

  7. Pat Fiorello

    Insightful and inspiring as always. I like the notion that we can not hold on and let go at the same time.

  8. Cheryl Herbert

    letting go allows me to look forward, to focus on the truly important parts.

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