3 Dec

During the Creative Process

Heading Into the Light

I just realized I’ve been doing some things that are not my job.
Maybe you can relate.
Things like….
Worrying over outcomes that I have no control over.
If I trust,
If I believe that all things are working together for our good
Then the things that are out of my control
belong squarely in the hands of the universe/god/higher power
They are not my job.

So I am diligently practicing my response.
When worry raises it’s never-ending stream of questions
(have you noticed this too?  The minute one thing is solved, worry digs something else out of the basket of life to draw your attention too as if to say—-here’s something else that needs your obsessing, hand wringing ,anxious self…)
When it raises yet another question
I am ready with my answer
Take it to the one in charge.
Who has it covered
Who has the answers
This thing you are bringing me
Simply is
Not my job.
Just think…
so much more time to for us to do our real work when we leave the other to the one who’s got our back 🙂
So…what’s your job?

"Heading Into the Light" Colorful Paintings of Italy and France by Artist Dreama Tolle Perry

“Heading Into the Light”
9 x 12in oil on museum quality panel

P.S.  Special Reminder for Area Peeps—“Christmas in the 40’s”

Rhonda Tolle/ Jazz Vocalist

If you are close enough to hear my sis doing her art of singing–you will be in for a treat !!
Rosemary Clooney style with some of the best songs ever penned for the holidays.
She has talked me into doing one fun song with her…”Sister, Sisters”….of course!  Click here for details.

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Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. Mary Tomassetti

    Dreama’s paintings take me to a beautiful peaceful place! So good to see you and Rhonda last Saturday!

  2. June

    What a beautiful thing it is to be so close to your sister as you two so clearly and beautifully are. I’d love to hear Rhonda sing, and I’d love to hear your duet, as well. ‘Sisters, Sisters’…perfect!
    I love this mantra: ‘Not. My. Job.’ It will most definitely free us up to do the work we are truly meant to do in this journey and this life we have been given.
    All I need to do is learn how to put those three simple but so very wise and very deep words into actual practice. No better time than now, then! 🙂

  3. Linda Kaskel Levine

    I know those doors and those flower pots! They are lovely…and painting them is my JOB and my pleasure. No spoil-sport is going to take ME away from doing what I love. Thank you Dreama…once again.

  4. Judy Giannettino

    Your inspirational words are a wonderful way to start the day. Love your paintings! Your France paintings bring so many great memories of those special places! Thank you.

  5. Carol Hopper

    Never would have guessed. You worry? Your Source always had you covered and you knew it well. Your writing and smiles always told me so.

  6. jobi

    Gorgeous painting, Dreama! #hanginginmyentryway ;0) Your words were well timed! I cannot tell you how much they touched my heart. Love your colorful paintings filled with JOY! Love your inspirational words filled with wisdom! Love you, friend! So happy to have you in my life! Enjoy this holiday season. Sure wish I could come hear your sis (and you). Keep us posted! xoxo

  7. Martha Lenox Salz

    Smiling this morning. Thank you!

  8. Alyce A Black

    Is it possible or permitted to quote you, with credit most certainly, on facebook. . Your writing is so inspirational. Is make a book of your letters in our future.

  9. Teri Gammalo

    Wish I could hear her sing!!!
    So true,,about not my job!!
    Let life,,let it be….let in go,,,,and let go!!

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