30 Dec


Sisters, Holidays and a Giveaway!

Memories are often made on holidays.
This year I made a new one with my sister Rhonda.
Many years ago we used to sing together and have dresses alike.
Funny how the more things change, the more they stay the same 😉
For your smiling pleasure here we are singing a song from the movie “White Christmas”…

Do you hear the quiet that is asking what you will do with this new year coming your way?  These endings and beginnings are vitally important. We feel the weightiness like no other time of the year.
Words help guide us and our thoughts to where we envision ourselves.  I found a bracelet while in California that had some really good words on it.  I bought two.
One I am wearing and the other is to give away 😉
What words are you looking to guide you in 2015?

 “Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.”
Brad Paisley

Colorful Paintings of France and Italy by Artist Dreama Tolle Perry

“French Holiday”
12 x 12 original oil on panel
Image Available in Dreama’s Print Gallery

Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. Karen F Rose

    Dreama oh what joy to see you and your sister singing. Made my heart smile hugs to you both and Happy New Year.

  2. Carolyn Marsh


  3. Sheila Grace Tansey

    Peace, love, bravery, strength and abundance

  4. Regna Worthington Harper

    Determination (living a healthier life), passion (for my art), creativity (for my garden), gratitude (for my magnificent husband and family) and love.
    Happy New Year, Dreama! Thank you so sincerely for your inspiration! — Reggie

  5. Dodi Groesser

    Dreama…….looking so forward to seeing you in February at Indian Rocks Beach! You have influenced my art and my thinking and I am forever thankful! See you soon! Yes, I would love a
    ‘words’ bracelet. What we speak to ourselves is so important! Happy New Year!

  6. Shelley Dixon

    Dreama you connect with souls through your art and positive thinking! Thank you!

  7. Kay Kalar

    Dreama! Ordered your toolbox for artists last night and am thrilled with all the practical information to get me started with art marketing…and written in such a fun way too! Thank you thank you! And, thank you for all the inspiration you give along the way with your writings and your paintings too. I hope to meet and paint with you one day. California workshops or trips?

  8. Karen Oliver

    Passion, fun, play, productivity, many sales therefore many art supplies!

  9. Lisa Stantz

    “Don’t live your life in the rear view mirror.”

  10. Connie Hargitt Nobbe

    You sing too? You are amazing!! So many talents!

  11. Jane Casnellie

    Meant to say one MORE talent to add to your list!!

  12. Jane Casnellie

    Happy New Year Dreama, love your video with your sister, just one talent to add to your list!

  13. Yvonne Ray Snead

    Saw you singing with your Sister Dreama!! Loved it! Thanks for sharing Sister, sister!

  14. Mary Frances

    Enjoyed the “singing sisters”. Very professional. My words for the new year, “Just Do it”. I’m pretty sure I stole that from somewhere. Happy New Year y’all.

  15. Karen Gifford

    I love the idea of a blank journal waiting to be written or painted in — Every day is a new beginning, a new adventure
    Have a Happy New Year –

  16. Patricia Kister

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

  17. Judy Giannettino

    Loved it. Artist, singer, inspirational writer….and…. Love reading your inspirational words. Really need to “listen to my heart!” Have a wonderful and ver happy New Year!

  18. Pat

    5 words for 2015
    Uncondotional love

  19. Donna Blevins Cristy

    That was excellent! I watch Holiday Inn every year and love that song!! Words i hope to guide me this new year….faith, hope, dedication, persistence, enjoyment! I’m looking forward to the worksop in April 2015!!

  20. Linda Bartl Phillips

    Oh!! You guys are just darling!! Happy New Year to you both!!

  21. Carol Hopper

    Today I am in a wait and quiet mode waiting for my 2015 “guidance” words. I also watched and enjoyed your video….for the second time. Have a wonderful New Year.

  22. Judy

    Dream big, dance a lot and share with others. Those are my words for 2015.

  23. Linda Chapman

    Lovely! Makes me wish for a sister-I have four brothers and it is NOT the same!

  24. Anonymous

    Clean , straighten and organize!

  25. Cindy Stierhoff

    All that is precious to me now will remain that way in 2015, family, friends and the love of art. Meeting you Dreama, finally, was a highlight of 2014, I hope to get that lucky one day again on 2015.
    Happy New Year to you and Ron.

  26. Valerie M

    To believe and have faith that all things will work out!

  27. Nan Vose Burger

    So cute!!! Is there nothing you cannot do, Dreama Tolle Perry!?!?

  28. Linda Will

    My words to guide me this year concerning my art are actually from you, I will “Listen to my heart”!

  29. Love love love it! Rhonda has a lovely voice. Your family has been blessed by talent. My words for 2015 are: Look for the sign of beauty in God’s world every day. Have a Happy New Year dear Dreama!

  30. Caroline Brackley

    Love your colors!

  31. Becky deVries-Wong


  32. Carol C

    Whatever you can do, or think you can do, begin it.

  33. Barb Krell

    Love your video. My words are: try, join, smile, give, enjoy

  34. How precious Dreama. I lost my dear sister last year, and miss her very much. This was a lovely moment you will both have forever. Rae

  35. Holly Rose

    Ahh, the New Year approaches… and a great bracelet to remind us of what we can create!

  36. Maureen Walsh

    Thank you for sharing your sisters video … It’s inspiring to see you step out of your comfort zone! You did a fabulous job! May 2015 hold the key to the fulfillment of all your dreams!

  37. Beth

    Hi Dreama! what a wonderful blog post of stories, pictures, and inspiration! LOVE IT! Happy New Year. Some words I try to remember to live — happy, breathe, laugh, relax, smile, forgive, and now. Have a great beginning to 2015. XXOO

  38. Tricia Browne-Ferrigno

    Dreama, you continue to amaze and surprise . . . Happy New Year!

  39. Valee Sewell Penn

    Thank you Dreama for sharing this! It beyond delightful! I hope you and your family had a Merry Christmas, and have a very Happy New Year! Hugs to you and yours!

  40. Nancy Laliberte

    Loved it! Happy New Year, Dreama, to you and your family!

  41. Sherry-Mark Speakman

    Faith, Family, Friends, and FAITHFULNESS to all FOUR!

  42. Sherry-Mark Speakman

    Check this out!

  43. Nancy Martin Piros

    Wow Dreama, you can sing too! Is there anything you can’t do! How nice to have such s close bond with your Sister! Happy Healthy New Year to you and yours,♥ HUGS , Me

  44. Kathy Cousart

    Loved such a special time seeing you and your sister singing and bringing smiles together….The affection just shines through. I have so much to learn still and am inspired every day…every single day to keep on this journey! Looking forward to seeing and believing what 2015 will bring! Hugs friend!

  45. Charlotte Evans

    that was adorable! such fun

  46. Cherry Loney Fisher

    “Whatever is Noble, Right, Pure, Lovely…think on these things.” – Philippians 4:8

  47. June

    Another gift giveaway! And another beautiful one, as well.
    I’ve got not one, but three affirmations to guide me this year:
    Follow Your Bliss (thank you, Joseph Campbell)
    Bloom Where You’re Planted
    Plant Dreaming Deep (thank you, May Sarton)
    The video of you and your sister singing together is wonderful, and very touching. Thank you for sharing it with us.
    Wishing you and all your thousands (if not millions!) of your readers/followers a very happy, peaceful and joy-filled new year.
    May it be a good one – for everyone. 🙂

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