27 Jan

During the Creative Process

Why Make Beauty? (And Red Hot Mamas)

What we create becomes a mirror, reflecting our divinity.


  • a conversation
  • a meal
  • a painting
  • a garden

is the way we begin to see ourselves.

Create beauty so that you may see your true self

For we cannot literally see our inner selves
only our self reflected in what we have created and placed ’round us.

P.S.  When Source looks upon the sun rising over the ocean and the wing span of giant pelicans flying high on the breeze, It must be SO pleased with Its reflection!
P.S.S.  When Source looks at you It must grin from ear to ear with yet another piece of marvelous beauty It has created 🙂

“Red Hot Mamas”
12 x 12in oil on museum panel

Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. June

    Smiling on the inside and on the outside as I read this, Dreama.
    Such beauty and such joy emanating from your thoughts and these words and this very lush and very luscious painting.
    ‘Create beauty so that you may see your inner self’ – so beautifully expressed, and so inspiring.

  2. Dreama

    Thanks Mandy—love that new word 🙂

  3. Linda Macgregor

    You spread such sunshine and love with your words. What a gift for all of us!

  4. Fran Chuba

    Dreama I hope you’ll compile a new book of your writings and musings written since your last book.

  5. Beth Badger

    Ah, Beauty. Thats a great, big question. I love the answer. We create beauty to mirror the divine within and without us. THANK YOU, Dreama! You bring life, color, laughter and inspiration wherever you go, and through the miracle of internet wifi you “go” to me here in Maine in the midst of a 30″ shovel-out, and I smile instead of frown! Have a wonderful Wednesday, and I will too! 🙂

  6. Regna Worthington Harper

    Happy Wednesday morning, Dreama! You know I love your blog AND your paintings but I particularly love “Red Hot Mama”! The colors are luscious, vibrant and, oh, so happy!! Since someone has already swooped it up, when will it be available in a print? (Still trying to get to another workshop with you!) — Reggie Harper

  7. Carol Hopper

    I LOVE this blog. Each one of us is beautiful and it is that on which we must focus. So often we forget who our TRUE selves are. I had just completed my February newsletter on beauty (a different take) only to find what a wonderful addition your blog makes to my newsletter. I added a link on it to this page.

  8. Nancy Darling

    Love love love this sentiment about creating beauty. Im going to pin it up on my wall! Love the painting too!

  9. Andrea Pottyondy Fine Art


  10. I don’t usually go for red, but THIS, Dreama, is an absolute stunner! Definitely a Source-ey painting!! 😉

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