20 Jan

Before the Creative Process

Burano Blue….and Beginning

A little taste of the blues
in Italy
on the island of Burano.

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  1. Mary Reilly

    Dreama, You are so Source related. Love the language you speak.

  2. Sherry Defazio

    Will be meeting you soon Dreama, long awaited event. Sunny Florida here I come. Can’t wait.

  3. Nancy Mongato

    I’m beginning to find my way to my true style….that which comes from my soul and needs to get out!

  4. Linda Kaskel Levine

    Yes, yes…. today is a new beginning for me. I say this every day…and it makes my world full of joy and expectations.

  5. Linda Bartl Phillips

    What a lovely post for the beginning of my day!!

  6. Vikki Bouffard

    I’m beginning a new painting!

  7. June

    So very, very true. Beginning is at the heart of everything.
    To begin, I try to begin where I am. At this moment.
    I try to bloom and blossom where I am planted.
    What am I beginning today? A new watercolour still life study, as well as a new day…the first day of the rest of my life.

    • June

      ps – Burano Blue! What a perfect name for such an amazing and magical place. Ohhhh….how I would love to return to Burano (and Venice) one day.
      Can you just picture how incredible a Dreama workshop would be in either the ‘mainland’ that is Venezia, or either bellisimo Burano or marvelloso Murano? 🙂
      More Italian inspiration, please. I’m loving this one. Especially on a wet, cold, grey and dreary Irish winter’s day.

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