20 Apr

During the Creative Process

Cottage Tulips and A Perfectly Beautiful NOW

I decided to not allow tomorrow’s anxiety sit in my lap today.

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  1. Hello,I am from the Netherlands. Tulip country!!
    What a beautiful painting is this!! My compliments.
    I wish I had that one on my wall!!

  2. Alla Dickson

    I am so glad I have discovered you, Dreama, not long ago through our local artists here in Holland, Michigan…you bring us to a different world, the world you masterfully created and remind us that we can also do such miracles…on daily basis…My best wishes to everything you are trying to accomplish to honestly sharing your life with us…

  3. Pamela Trunecek

    I Love the Cottage Tulips!!!! Great job!!!

  4. Arlene Mork

    LOVE those blues! This is gorgeous.

  5. jobi

    hi there friend! loving your words of inspiration these days and also your beautiful paintings! hugs from new mexico! ken is retiring this summer so that means i am too! i’m gonna be a grandma (Jamma) in july and i’m so excited to have more time to paint (when i’m not snuggling that little baby!) miss you and appreciate all that you do! xoxox Jobi Hi to ron!!! PS Can’t wait to see what you’re up to! are you gonna be on dancing with the stars?! haha don’t even watch it but i’m intrigued by what you have up your beautiful, inspirational, periwinkle sleeve

  6. June

    Ohhhhhh….be still my heart….all those beautiful shades and hues of blues and purples in this gorgeous painting. This needs to be considered for your 2016 calendar, most definitely.
    The line of thought in this blog post resonates with me – a lot.
    We need only be here now. In this moment.
    Beautifully expressed, as always. And a very timely reminder for me.

  7. Jill Rae Finally Art

    Beautiful Dreama.

  8. Pearl Watson

    So lovely!!!

  9. Stephanie Cordes Anderson

    These deeper colors are gorgeous!

  10. Mary Ann Kiesler

    I love the tulip colors. Of course my favorite combination of green, purple and blue.

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