26 Jan


Happy Hearts

Things are not decided by what appears in a moment in time.
From the outside it would seem that way, but those who know understand that things are seldom as they appear.

Life tenderizes us. ¬†Happy folks are not those who have never had tough things happen to them. Quite the contrary. They are those who have wandered, attempted, fell down, fought fear, and like Jesus on the third day…rose again.
Whatever appears, ¬†know that “happy”¬†is¬†yours.
We arrive at happy not from never having had tough times but by believing there is more there than meets the eye.
May all your “tenderizing” moments lead to amazing open doors of JOY and happiness.
You are loved.

“Happy Hearts”

Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. Kathy Phillips

    I really want a print of this one!! It’s a must-have!

  2. Mona Kuhaneck Pendleton

    Gorgeous Dreama! I’m looking forward to learning more!

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