1 Feb


Joyful Dance

There is a dance that is happening all the time.
Be it ocean edge that curls at our feet
or bird overhead that rides aloft a mighty breeze
Life is alive from the tiniest organism
to twinkling night skies that rain on us with shooting stars
WE are part of that dance, so much so that we are scarcely aware of it.

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  1. Lynn Hall

    I opened this up and let out a little gasp…sooooo beautiful!!
    Adele…thats my middle name! 🙂
    Me too…so thrilled…like a new baby dancer…
    to be in this amazing e-course with Dreama…and all of this joyful focus lifting us up!! Wow!!
    Dreama–Love this dance we are in…I get pulled into at every turn…how blessed…to feel it…

  2. Adele Bower

    Greetings from one of those “happy artist painting away inside the Dream.Love.Paint online course. I’m dancing like a happy kid at her first ballet recital…overwhelmed, excited, and loving the whole experience.

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