8 Feb

After the Creative Process

Surrounded in Peace/ Courage

I like the paintings that I get to do. They most often make me smile when I look at them, a little bit of wonder that somehow me, some color, a brush and a board came together in life and that was what resulted.


My paintings have “mistakes” in them. Some I notice within moments, other days, and others months later. Perfect they are not and yet they are.  They repeat life in all its beauty and non-perfection that is in reality, perfectly imperfect.


Painting comes naturally to me.  Not a struggle but a pleasure in being part of what happens. Often times when I look at a finished piece, I see it as a third party would—a wonder at the strokes and color.  I too get to enjoy it as though I had no part in the actual making of it– I can delight in it.


Writing feels that way for me too. Waiting with others to see what will appear on the page. Often delighted, sometimes surprised! Who wrote that??  Who painted that??


I’m not sure that it takes courage to allow divine creativity to flow through us.  I do know that it takes courage to talk about it and to own it. Maybe someone will think I have a big ego, take it as bragging on myself, thinking that I think I am all that and a bag of chips 🙂
What feels less courageous is letting someone assume I did it by myself because, ultimately, we each have to pause in those moments that we see/feel/hear inspiration in our work and consider….where DID that come from?? We know ourselves pretty well and we KNOW that oftentimes what someone else may perceive as a flash of brilliance in our work, well, we are as mystified where that came from as they are impressed by it. We just had the courage to “show up” and the rest seemed to take on a life of its own.


The reason I am writing this (and yes, if you must know, this is one of those pieces that seems to have written itself) is so that you take courage in your divine work. And your work is divine. There is a simple beauty in being able to do the work and enjoy the work.  There is no shame in that. When you see inspiration in your work don’t be afraid to own it. You are partnered with the same Intelligence that scattered the planets into space and sprinkled a few billion stars between them.

You are creative.

“Surrounded in Peace”


Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. Reveille Kennedy

    You are the most courageous of all, Dreama and we are benefitting from it!

  2. Lynn

    Dreama–I feel so enriched because of all the joy and wisdom that continues to pour into my heart–thru these posts you share–that does take courage–thank you!! 🙂 This painting is gorgeous–

  3. Mary Jo Ellis

    If you want to take this painting “off” hold, please let me know!!!!!!!! Hugs to you and Ron!

  4. Valarie Root

    Beautiful expression of the combination of spirit and being an artist!, thanks Dreama!,I needed this today:), it’s okay to own it!, move forward and have courage… Yay!

  5. Rebecca Martin

    I love what you have to say! Your words are not only helping to give me courage to paint, but helping me to have more courage in my piano teaching and performing. I have your voice (the words that you write) in my head a lot these days. Thanks so much!

  6. Teri Jordan Towse

    Thank you for continuing to share your art, your thoughts, and your Dreams…

  7. June

    Monica expressed exactly what I too felt as I was reading it. Tears welled up and streamed down my face.
    Thank you for this, Dreama, and for all that you offer and all the joy you bring.

  8. Janna Joy Ayers

    Courage, Mon Ami, as the French say. I take joy in what I create! Good to hear it put into words. Thanks.

  9. Ada

    Hi Dreama. Good thoughts to insipre ay this moment. Thinking of current difficulties as opportunity for better things to come.

  10. Rhema Shepardson

    Your Courage Dreama, makes my Spirit soar!! Thank you!!!

  11. Chris Claussen Brandley

    Dreama, I am extremely thankful to Jesus for putting you in my life. You are such an inspiration to so many people in so many ways. I’m learning from you that it’s soooo much more than “just painting”….Thank you!

  12. Cheri Waltz

    Thank you Dreama for the encouraging words. Some days I feel I am in the “zone” other days not so much. Your painting is beautiful as always.

  13. Barby Cahill

    Yes, I needed to hear those exact words right now. Thank you too.

  14. Linda Kaskel Levine

    The picture is exceptional, and somehow unlike others you have done in the past. How wonderful that something new can come out of us! But you are right…it is through the Divine flow that we are creative and blessed. Thank you for the lovely words today. Linda

  15. Sandra Dial Letson

    Beautiful painting beautiful words. .

  16. Adele Bower

    Dreama, You are definitely more than a bag of chips. And that’s really saying something.

  17. Jobi Kocher

    Thank you for having the courage to be authentic about your work! And I love that your beautiful painting is “On hold by me”. That’s awesome! It’s a lovely painting BTW and the setting makes me wish I were there having coffee with you and telling you how much I’m enjoying your course! Tomorrow is my day to joyfully embrace the sunflower painting of week 3. I simply cannot wait! I have the courage! Wonderful words today!

  18. Stephanie Maynard

    Love the painting! Would please clarify what a museum quality panel is?

  19. Marion Russell Marcian

    So appreciate your courage to show up and BE! Love it, thank you!

  20. Susan

    I’m new to your art work, writings and emails. Thank you for sharing your love of life!
    I too am a painter and delight in your use of colour and loose, ‘painterly’ brushstrokes. Your words inspire me and your colourful paintings fill me with joy. I look forward to enjoying having you in my life 🙂
    Thank you Dreama.

  21. Fabulous Joyful painting and inSpired and inSpiring words. Thank you for your courage. How lovely to realise that you also get to enjoy your paintings too. I sometimes feel exactly the same way with my paintings but now I feel able to say so because your bravery has given me permission to do likewise. I love your updates.

  22. Deb Price Kennedy

    Thanks for these thoughts. I have hit a slump in the past couple of weeks wondering why in the world one would paint. It has to be just for the joy and the journey. It does take courage.

  23. Mary Claire Coster

    Dreama, courageous words to inspire and bring the joy of attempting to create. Thank you. I still would love that painting. Thank you again for a wonderful workshop.

  24. Heather Slabosz

    Your words and paintings are an inspiration and a gift. Thank you for sharing both 🙂

  25. Patricia Stoelting Langley

    I love that you share your beautiful thoughts. Made me stop and grab a little courage.

  26. Melissa Gray


  27. Janet Greer

    This is awesome Dreama, and just what I needed to hear right now. Thank you!

  28. Stephanie Pappas

    Dreama, Your words are soul-centered (not self-centered) and it’s contagious! Thank you for the inspired reminder. Your beautifully painted art is the visual of your inspired heart. With gratitude, xxx

  29. Courtnet

    Wonderful writing, dear. It speaks for a therapist, as well….

  30. Judy Giannettino

    I love your words of inspiration and encouragement as much as your paintings! They come from your heart and always seem to be written for each of us. Thank you!

  31. Monica

    Hi Dreama. Thank you for this. As I was reading it brought tears to my eyes.

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