29 Feb


Afternoon Peace

There is so much beauty and grandeur held in each tender moment.
Today, looking  at the water dancing as I sat at ocean’s edge, I watched as  one wave, one curl of water crashing upon itself, created a shimmering dance in sunlight making it glitter like a cluster of diamonds tossed into the light.

Enough beauty to take the breath away–in one single moment on one single wave on one single beach in all of the universe.
Multiply that if you can— all the waves  on all the beaches in all our world in all the worlds in the universe that are displaying that much beauty in just one moment, repeated thousands of time each day!
WE ARE compassed about, surrounded on every side, with so much unimaginable beauty that when we actually allow our mind to be present for it, it is almost too much to behold.
But we need to give it our best shot! 😉

I’m still at the beach in Florida (heading home this week) and while I was looking for beach glass what I found instead were these miniature shells of awe.  Beauty everywhere we look–we just need be mindful and it will appear!

P.S.  Week Six (the last and final week of Dream.Love.Paint, my online course of painting and inspiration) has just been released.  With over 700 people in the course, it has been even so much more than I had dreamed in terms of response.  Here’s some insight from those in it–just click here and scroll to the comments section 🙂

"Afternoon Peace" Colorful Paintings and Inspired Writings by Dreama PAINT WITH DREAMA ONLINE/ VISIT DREAMATOLLEPERRY.COM

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