8 Mar



Indulge the yearning.
Fresh flowers?
Spring cleaning/ purging/ giving away?
New stirrings for painting in a new way?
Being quiet until you have something to say?
As adults, MATURE ADULTS, responsible people–we are trained to override the impulse, the pulsating throb of life. ¬†Taught to override…
the beckoning spring day that says

Life passes in moments.¬†Lists, should do’s, and responsibilities will always be calling our name and the problem is this:

“They” will never be satisfied¬†unlike a debt that when paid is considered satisfied.

Those things replicate by the second and there will never be a time that it will be said EVERY thing is done NOW.

You can listen to your yearnings.

Like children who engage the day with hearty play

before making their bed

coiffing their hair

or doing anything other than what their heart desires

we too might desire, even if only for a few hours or a day to

Give into the yearning and see

How easy delight rests within the folds of yearnings tended.

On a personal note: ¬†This is a writing to me that I’m sharing with you. ¬†I decided this morning in my quiet time, to give room–allow for–some yearning space. ¬†I invite you to join me. ¬† ¬†This post may be here for a bit. ¬†It’s time for some yearnings to be tended.

Yearnings and spring days and JOY are saying “come spend me”.
How will you answer?

"Love Grown Here" ©Dreama Tolle Perry/ Authentic Writing and Joyous Art STUDY WITH DREAMA ONLINE/ VISIT WEBSITE DREAMATOLLEPERRY.COM

“Love Grown Here”

Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. janet

    Oh my Dreama, I’ve joined you in giving way to the yearnings and walked away as a new being. Thank you for being part of my new world of dreams. You are remarkable! I am forever grateful.

  2. Marlene Karpa

    The joy is welling up from inside when I’m painting and when I look and understand there are new thoughts from you . Then seeing your work catches my breath when I catch all the color, brush strokes that form spontaneity I believe I’m caught up in. He truly has built this into your being. Thank you .

  3. Nancy Oswald

    I love the way you think!‚ô°‚ô°‚ô°

  4. Libby Manchester Gilpatric

    Here’s to your rapid and complete restoration, Dreama! Think you have most certainly earned it. Here’ to joy for you! Tend those yearnings!

  5. Josi Callan

    My grandchildren and children begin arriving tonight for a busy 10 days – I will ejoy every moment – even tripping over blowup beds and and indulgenge them as Grandmas do!

  6. maggie beckjord

    I spent a little time in the garden with a cup of coffee, then some time in The Word listening to the heartfelt message to my soul; then some time with a meditation of simply being present to the moment – enjoy the awareness of life flowing through me. I saw your email and opened it….. the fun thing is that your thoughts and meanderings are so in sync! The really fun thing is that the awareness of life flowing through my being became amplified. Such joy fills my heart. I am off to spend some time giving my body time, being strengthened and stretched so that I can live fully in all the moments that life affords. Blessings

  7. Rita Mamayek

    I have thoroughly enjoy these lessons of yours Dreams. And I can’t wait to get into my new art room to paint. It will be a little bigger than what I have now. And i cant make it into a place of Joy, Peace, And reflections. And I’m so excited about it. I love this new painting of yours. I also want to go over what we did after I’m done with lesson #6 so I can renew andxget itcset in my mind about the transparent and how they work. You are and awesome instructor and suchva beautiful lady.

  8. Pat Beaver

    Meeting you, Dreama, & all the other talented artists in the Dream.Love.Paint course has helped me re-prioritize my life! Listening to & acting on my yearnings allows me to approach each day with a new-found enthusiasm, summed up nicely by a Dr. Seuss quote, ‚ÄúYou’re off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so… get on your way!‚ÄĚ Thank you for your insights & inspiration!

  9. Rose Marie Herczeg

    Oh, dear friend (and yes, I feel like you’ve become a close friend because of all the intimate communications on your videos and your blog). I wish you many hours of quiet time, time to rejuvenate the spirit and to come back refreshed and filled with even more joy (if that’s possible!) :). God bless your days ahead. Thank you from the bottom of my heart (and that’s a VERY long reach down), the bottom where the most appreciative thank you’s live ūüôā XOXO

  10. Sharon Wilkinson

    Dreama you really have alot to offer and thank you for all you’ve given from your heart you touched so many ..and yes I’m realizing the Martha Mary thing I’ve always been a marha but in my heart I’m a Mary enjoy your yearnings hope to be with you painting again next year

  11. Nancy Sewell Makar

    Dreama, you have earned it! You are a great role model and especially by doing what you teach. Take care of you and enjoy the quiet.

  12. Yvonne Ray Snead

    I am answering!
    Thanks Dreama! Rest and be well. When I take time off I tend to find exciting new ideas and journeys as I am sure you will too. We will only benefit from your time off because you will share! <3

  13. Reveille Kennedy

    You know, I have only once woken up at 3 in the morning to see a “sky happening”, but I know that some have….and they can tell of the wonder of standing outside in the cold wrapped in a blanket and the miracle that occrred. I hope I can be alive and see Him when He returns. Some have. Your way of seeing the wonder in every moment awakens these thoughts, and make us see “newly”. Is that a word?

  14. Lynn Hall

    Dreama–I’ve heard this said, or written, too–
    “We will die with things left to do…”
    I am learning that lesson too…that reflective time is well “spent” time–well invested…though this feels very counter-intuitive, yes? We are so production oriented–busy!? It just needs to be balanced…
    Anyhow…love your deep thoughts and that you share them…very wise, good and beautiful…healing thoughts!!
    I’ve been writing poetry-sometimes- when journaling–reflecting on the meditation videos. This has been a wonderful side benefit of investing time in being still–soaking in the meditation videos. Ive got 3×5 index cards piled around me now, and am immersed in joy…during my morning quiet times…both leading into writing and painting.
    I recently bought a book on writing poetry–Rules for the Dance–by Mary Oliver. It is excellent!
    I am finally giving myself permission to pursue a joy that belongs uniquely to “me”.
    Its funny that this is all happening at once but it feels so right. I feel most grateful for it all.
    You continue to inspire!! God Bless You.

  15. Every time I look at your paintings on line I am inspired to get back to painting. Alas, so many other things get in the way and the day goes by. I love to paint flowers and yours are so exquisite. Old age, health, home and church activities come up and painting is put off. Last year and thus far this year I have produced little art. But your suggestion of going directly to your studio or painting site before you turn on the TV or make the bed or worry about makeup and how you look has to be the only way to get back to it. I’m going to start that technique tomorrow.

  16. Tommie

    Your words are always so encouraging to me. I love your prose, I love your beautiful paintings, I love how you share your heart and I love you. Thank you…I am trying to get past the loss of my precious son…thank you for your words

  17. Marcia Waynen Burr

    For the past couple of my retirement years, my plan was do breakfast with quiet time, shower, dress, do hair and makeup, make beds, do dishes, pick up the house, do whatever else was needed and THEN the rest of the day was ME time. Trouble is, by the time I’m finished with all the daily obligations, put out a few fires and done whatever errands that have to be run, I’m just too tuckered out or my back has started hurting or I’ve lost my oomph to want to do much of anything! Funny, just this morning the thought occurred to me as I was making my bed that it was time for a change – time to get right up and get right to my easel – in my PJ’s with a cup of coffee – FIRST THING in the morning while I’m nice and fresh and do the thing I really love best that brings me the most joy- the rest can simply wait awhile. Thank you Dreama for this wonderful confirmation.

  18. Linda Kaskel Levine

    Ahhhh. I am spending my joy every minute of every day. Thank you for reminding me Dreama, to breathe and appreciate the beauty I see around me. xxxxooo

  19. Darlene Laursen

    I’m loving the class. I also love all of your writings and paintings. Thank you for being such a great inspiration!

  20. Kat Corrigan

    Dang I really needed to hear this today! It’s been one of those overwhelming times when there is too much to do, deadlines, bills, expectations of others, and yes, I do just want to go for a walk.
    So I’m going outside now!
    Thanks Dreama!

  21. Joy Sykes

    Thank you. I yearn to visit a place I once lived. I now know I must do it one more time.

  22. Julee Ann Holder

    Sometimes silence is the best time for God to hear our hearts and for us to hear God. Let things go.

  23. Vicki Beyer

    I will close my ears to politics today, leave the tv off & spend a day with a good book, and ponder my toes perched on a pillow.

  24. Karen Walker McAlister Jordan

    well all righty then.

  25. Linda Hock

    I have gotten naked and given in to my true yearnings these last few,weeks and will never regret it!!! Thanks for giving me permission and the tools!!!

  26. You are reading my mind….rather, my yearnings!! This is what’s been on my mind during my quiet time….and now I have affirmation! Well said and well timed!

  27. (Thelma) Jill Randall

    With Spring dawning, your beautiful flower paintings are so inspiring!

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