9 May

During the Creative Process

What I Did on My Summer Vacation: A Big Girl’s Report on Taking a Break

So it’s not summer (yet) and I’m a long ways away from the hot summer days of my youth when “school’s out” meant that the fun was about to begin, however it seemed appropriate to tell you that I have taken a break.

There have been some long car trips involved – probably 7,000 miles all told.
Some silly road moments of big chickens and horn rimmed glass wearing elephants.
Things that made me laugh out loud and expand, moments that helped loosen my grip on life a bit but perhaps best of all there was time to let my mind wander and wonder.
To ask questions and sit quietly with the question instead of casting about madly for the answer.
It wasn’t easy getting to that space to do it.
To make a new habit of doing nothing.
No thing.
So that old paths could give way to new.
Old assumptions could be set free to allow for new possibilities.
I share it here to tell you that it is worth it.
Stop the running and catch your breath.
the Soul awaits.

Warning:  My upcoming posts may cause you to stop and wonder/wander.

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  1. june

    Have a wonderful, beautiful and beauty-filled holiday, Dreama, wandering and wondering and doing no thing..and savour and enjoy every single moment. Bon voyage and slan abhaile. 🙂

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