20 Jun

Before the Creative Process


Sometimes, most times, we must follow the glimmer of creativity. Rarely it seems does a plan, a painting, a song, a dance, plunk itself before us fully completed–dressed for the party.

It first comes as a shadow, a glimmer, a thought so tiny that if we are too busy, to caught up in the rush, to noisy in our thoughts, we will only catch it on our peripheral radar–and too late, when we are ready to turn our head and focus–the blip on the radar will have disappeared.

That is why forming good habits, almost akin to what is taught to us about what to do if we were to catch our clothes on fire,“stop, drop and roll”, is everything when it comes to being a vessel for that creative spark to catch fire.

When we sharpen our awareness, we notice and respond at the moment it comes to us.  That is where the ideas, the creative genius if you will, are born.  In that moment.  Not several minutes, hours, days, years later at our convenience.

 Stop, drop (what you are doing) and listen!

The universe speaks fairly softly.  It wants to see if we are indeed tuning in, listening for our next directive.  It takes time, so they say, to create a new habit.  21 days in a row is supposed to do the trick.  Personally, I think having an epiphany can cut that down to say….0 minutes.

 A knowing that this is how it works, suddenly moves “glimmer” to the head of the line in terms of what gets your attention.  When you recognize that this is how Source, creativity, inspiration, is showing up—that this is how the game is played, you realize you don’t want to wait, to put it on hold, take a message or get back with it later.  Later never comes.  It’s now or never—at least for that particular inspiration.

Living life full out must include this “sighting of the glimmer” reflex.

The interesting thing is the more we notice them, the more of them we will see.  Making time for glimmer sightings is IMPORTANT.
Ever noticed how you never see a falling star until you are looking at the night sky….funny how that works.  It’s not by chance.  By choice you have chosen to be outdoors, on a clear night, looking up….and focusing.  I kind of think the glimmers of inspiration work the same way.  Putting yourself in the position to see  and then paying attention is a great start to finding your inspiration, your glimmer.

Glimmers do exist.
Glimmers of hope, inspiration, creativity.

They are looking to reflect in the eyes and souls of those who are looking for them — those who are ready to spring into action from the ideas birthed in those glimmers.

How do you respond to the glimmers in your life?***

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  1. Kelley MacDonald

    Thanking you for your generosity in sharing. You simply don’t know how your ‘offereings’ come to some people (me) at just the right time.

  2. Georgia Jensen

    Glimmer, just the word evokes possibilities. It’s so you, to reach out & find that word & corral it in & bring it to us. Glimmer, sounds like the off spring of glitter & glamour. Thank you, for once again spreading your pixie dust around. While I am here, thank you for Dream, Love, Paint…..who knew you could take such a powerful course, not in person & feel like I am are right there painting with you..now to finish up before December so I am ready for the new course in January!

  3. Susan E. Roden

    Heartfelt Dreama!

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