27 Jun

During the Creative Process

Morning Cruise

Why bake a croissant when you can bike to the patisserie?

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  1. Linda Kriegel

    OMG OMG OMG!!! I’ve signed up for more information and look every single day through my emails to see what’s happening! I’m so excited about taking this course that my heart could just pound out of my chest!! Your work is amazing and your thoughts speak directly to me! Do you know me from somewhere?? I’m a Pastelist and want to paint more impressionistic but always end up going back and “fixing” it to make it more realistic. Something inside me wants to loosen up but I just can’t!! I feel that it’s not just your technique but your thoughts that can help me achieve my goal!! I can hardly wait! 20 more days! You are so talented and blessed! Thank you for this great opportunity!!!

  2. Marguerite Lovell

    Love all your paintings of the French villages and the enchanting scenes you capture. Your palette is gorgeous!

  3. Dee Martella

    I love your joyful paintings and thoughts. Would love to take your online class, but I am fearful. I don’t really know too much about the computer..I’m just a little ole lady that paints!

  4. Sue St.Clair

    What a pleasure to read your reflections! Although I doubt that ai could be so lucky to win it, I certainly do need an outlet especially when life becomes so complicated!

  5. Betty Hester

    What a joy you share with us. Thanks.

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