7 Aug

During the Creative Process

A Winner, A Quiet Moment and My Story (which I’m sticking to…)

To my credit, February, when the above painting was created, was pretty busy. Six workshops and the opening of Dream.Love.Paint, my online course, to an eager group of creative, amazing souls in the span of 6 weeks dovetailed quite nicely with 4 workshops and my daughter’s  wedding shortly before the FREAKING HOLIDAYS (please insert an appropriate gasp). It didn’t seem all that much when I was planning it back early 2015. Amazing how innocent  things can look on paper when you’re sitting quietly, sipping your coffee and petting your cat. It seemed reasonable….


(Psst!!  BIG NEWS at the bottom, so be sure and read to the end 😉 )

I had also managed to get a nasty sinus infection induced no doubt by the fact that so many folks actually BOUGHT THE COURSE – the buying of which would have seemed like a joyous occasion except for…

I had secretly planned that if Dream.Love.Paint was really a total bomb, like a box office flop, that at least the embarrassment would be kept to the 25 people –best friends and family–that would feel obligated to take it.  It seemed a level of shame that would be manageable.  I know you get this.  When we do something creative, something new, we trust our heart and believe in it and simultaneously have NO IDEA what anyone else will think of it and fear THE WORST so…

When 400 people signed up on the first day, panic commenced.

Actual conversation with my designer gal:

Me: Sorry for the late reply 🙂 It’s been a…a…well—speechless sort of day!About 475 people have registered with over 200 in the FB group who are super excited :-0

LD[7:16 PM]
You are a true inspiration
Just amazing! I so hope you are soaking in this moment! Even though its hard to comprehend what’s happened
Dreama [7:39 PM]
Yes, it is that. Challenging because one immediately feels the weight of the responsibility 🙂 Must enjoy the moment, must enjoy the moment 🙂
LD [7:45 PM]
Hundreds of people have joined because they adore what you do already and can’t wait to glimpse into it more. We’ve created numerous courses so privileged to see behind the curtain a lot and the content you’ve pulled together is exceptional, thorough, joy infused (radiant but gentle) and really high quality so if that’s any reassurance please let it be! This is your moment! All that work!
Dreama [7:49 PM]
What a god wink you are in my life. Your words are healing—thank you so much. It has been a long haul and fear loves to hang out in the corner asking if you are really enough 🙂 Thank you so much for taking the time to share–it will go in my journal!
LD [7:52 PM]
You are absolutely enough and what you’ve created everyone is going to adore. This is all the years of work you’ve been putting in crafting and arting and dreaming. Couldn’t be more happy and proud! That aren’t enough beautiful descriptive words in the English language to convey that! 🙂 🙂
By the 7th day, when registration closed and close to 750 folks had signed up I was ready to leave the country.  Like a fugitive, not a vacationer…you with me?   I had a couple of weeks before the content of the course actually went live.. if I left NOW, the police would not be onto me at the airport….
Okay, so I didn’t cut and run.  I love you peeps too much to do that 🙂  I DID however,  prowl like a alley cat on a hot tin roof on opening day when the course went live.  Held my breath for like a couple of weeks.  Maybe had an extra Mai Tai or two.
And then I started seeing that it was good, that it was really working, and that the work I had created by faith had a life of its own.  That it was meant to be.  That all those months of looking at my handwritten note sitting on the mantle


caused me to take it a day at a time, to not get too far ahead of myself, to not let FEAR make the plan, to opt for listening to the voice of knowing (that each of us possess) so that the work that was bigger than me would somehow come to life and take its rightful place.

Most often, when amazing things happen, we realize that we are just messengers for the thing that desires to be born.  We are all in service, part of a greater good working on all our behalves.

It’s been a crazy ride this year with more to come.  I’ve worked and traveled  and I’ve also taken many days to do nuthin’.

It was needed.
As of this week I feel restored.
The crops have been rotated, the soy beans plowed under, and my “soil” is feeling enriched once again.
I’m grateful.
I am ready to once again put my shoulder to the wheel in service of you.
It is what we all do.
I appreciate you in so many ways it’s hard to count.
May we all grow in wisdom and peace together.
NOTE:  I am now, after so much holding of the breath, so very proud of Dream.Love.Paint. It’s doing what it was intended to do…and so much more!  It will be opening again, first time since January, for a new group of brave creative hearts.  The date for my Signature Dream.Love.Paint course is September 6.  Emails will be going out ahead of the opening of the course with all the details. For that info,  Click here!

IN the works for a year and a half…
“Once Upon a Time in Provence”
my latest brand-spankin’ new online workshop
will debut in January…teaser photos to be found by clicking here.

P.S.  Thanks to each of you who put your name in the hat to win the handmade journal filled with Fabriano watercolor paper.  It honest to goodness is some of the best fun to tempt you with tiny treasures!!  Eddie pulled out a winner with his eyes closed and whiskers held in just the right way….and we have a winner!!!  Congrats to Kristina J. of Arkansas…your journal is in the mail 🙂

“In Quiet Moments” (This is its alternative name…truth is, I forgot to write the real name down when I painted it at a workshop.  Forgot I had painted it until I came across this photo.  Ginkgo Biloba anyone??  It is sold and living under it’s correct name with it’s happy owner….)


Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. Yvonne Snead

    Dreama, there was never any doubt from me that your dream would be our dream come true. We all love you so much and adore and appreciate your work. I have pinned every painting I have ever found online of yours since the first day I ran across your beautiful work. It is all pinned under, “I dream to paint like Dreama”. I am always looking at others work, but always land back at your door! I have never as awestruck as I have been by your paintings and trust me I have seen alot! You are a blessing to so many artist and when blessings flow-nothing can stop success! God Bless you Dreama Tolle Perry for blessing all of us! <3 Hugs! Yvonne

  2. Lynn Rattray

    Ah…she’s luring me back in! I’ve missed Dreama and the Dreamettes! So good to hear from you and so excited to see all the French treasures you’ll unfurl for us! Love you all!

  3. Rita Mamayek

    Dreama..thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. .it makes you seem so much more understanding to me . I’m sure you were totally overwhelmed. And I think I would have cut and run. But so. So very glad you did not. You have created a wonderful group of people that truly care about others and are do very kind. Because of you and your gentle. Loving and caring ways.
    This next online session should be a little easier for you. And I can look forward to a wonderful instructor and the most amazing group of artists. Thank you so very much and God bless you, Ron and all your staff.

  4. Linda

    Dreama, you are a true inspiration for all of us, including artists!!!! :)) We all appreciate what you have invoked in us this year—inner beauty and trust! Thanx, my friend!

  5. Lynn Hall

    Dreama-This has been and continues to be a most positive and delightful artistic journey. My life is better for it. Thank you for dreaming so big and sharing your beautiful vision. I feel so privileged to have been one of the first fledglings to have signed up for flying lessons. Still soaring.

  6. Mark Roy

    This is impossible to read, with the black and white cat making it totally illegible!
    DReama, you are always so clear. What has happened?

  7. Carla Rogness Nemitz

    Thank You for sharing what this years journey was like for you. “Fear hangs out in a corner asking if you are really enough” speaks volumes to me with the transition I am going through. Finding you is one of those amazing things that was meant to happen for me!

  8. Jobi Kocher

    You have blessed my life so richly Dreama with your talents! I cannot thank you enough. I hit the ground running after finishing your course and am truly enJOYing painting for the first time in my life! I have developed confidence in color mixing and placing brush strokes, and I love to look at each fresh new white board saying what will you become? You are a treasure in my life and thank you for sharing your journey in this post. You make it look so easy! But humbling yourself by sharing your story connects us even more. Have a wonderful day friend!

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