17 Aug

During the Creative Process

The Heart of Romance and One Thing at a Time

I love to paint¬†and¬†I love to write¬†and¬†I love to create.¬†What feels tricky at times is the feeling that nothing can be left “undone”. ¬†That full immersion on one thing while letting other things lie dormant is just wrong.¬†I do this ALL of the time.

Case in point.¬†I’m digging in and working on all the fun stuff for the online workshop that will be coming out in January…(the new one in France— I actually wake up thinking about and go to sleep with it on my mind–in the most wonderful of ways).¬†And then I remember I haven’t painted in weeks.¬† What must you think of me? Flagrant flake that I am..)
And I’m doing this post at the last minute and feel guilty. (I should have started days ago…the pros don’t do this last minute stuff!)¬†And THEN I have to have a talk with myself and remind me that I did paint in July (30 paintings to be exact one of which I am sharing here ūüėČ
And that I didn’t write or paint much in the months before¬†that but¬†I was traveling and filming in those months).
I’m saying it here because I know how we are.
We do this crazy thinking.
We do so much (and many times it is not art related which HELLO we are human and people around us need us to actually LOOK¬†at them from time to time ūüėČ ) that we are unkind to ourselves in our thinking.
We compare ourselves to others (and for the LOVE OF PETE, how do we know what anyone else is REALLY doing? ¬†My “fantasy” other person never sleeps, is organized and always together, has her posts done months in advance and lives a very ORDERLY life. ¬†Her litter box is never full and her nails never look like Howard Hughes’ in his last days. ¬†She’s polished and does things effortlessly. ¬†She paints everyday, reads deep books for hours on end and manages to have a gourmet dinner prepared for her guy with a special wine she stopped and got on her way back from her WORKOUT…!!!)
Then I look at me. ¬†Me who has spent the last 24 hours moving files from my storage depleted computer (500 GB give or take a few) to a hard drive and then copying off of that hard drive to make sure it was backed up only to discover that now her TRASH WILL NOT EMPTY on said computer so she is still low on space which will necessitate a call to the Apple people later. ¬†Sometimes one feels certain they are slogging through a peanut butter marshland on their way to getting ANYTHING done for the day. ¬†Yes, I know. ¬†It is a glamorous life we lead ūüėČ
I am still learning it’s okay to focus and totally immerse yourself in one thing. ¬†Multi-tasking is way over rated and that is TRUTH. ¬†We (I) rob ourselves of the JOY of being fully awake, aware and present in exactly what it is that we are doing at the moment.

These moments are how life happens.
It’s all we got.
Doing one thing while thinking we should be doing another is probably some form of insanity.

When Eddie is grooming I never get the feeling that he’s¬†thinking he should be chasing a bug.
I have a sneaking suspicion that Walt Disney, if here today and ¬†visioning “the happiest place on earth”, ¬†would not be¬†mentally chastising himself for not having gotten more mouse outfits made today or a blog post out.
Just thinking out loud here.

We humans are funny little creatures.  Always mentally rushing to the next thing without fulling squeezing the juice out of where we stand.  Certain that while we are squeezing that juice that we should also be writing a best selling novel and finishing a mural.
What do you really desire to immerse yourself in?  In this moment?  Why are you not allowing yourself to do so?
The bigger unanswered question here is this.

What might happen if you did allow yourself to FOCUS ON ONE THING?

P.S. ¬†What else were you doing while reading this post? ¬†I KNEW IT!!! ¬†I am not alone ūüėČ ¬†Take it easy today and do one thing at a time. ¬†Nice and easy. ¬†Remember you are loved!
P.S.S. ¬†We are just a few¬†days away from Dream.Love.Paint Online Course of Painting and Inspiration opening up once again to a beautiful group of artists–you can learn more, just click here!

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  1. Debbie Shrader

    Absolutely stunning Dreams! It touched my heart!!

  2. June

    While reading this – next to a pile of laundry needing ironing and/or folding, very near to a piled-up-with-dishes-from-last-night sink, and occasionally glancing over at the seemingly sky-high plaques I’m meant to have ready by this weekend for the market – I found myself alternately nodding my head, vocalizing my agreement with either an ‘Mmm-hmm’ or ‘uh huh’ or a ‘oh yes’ or ‘I hear ya, Dreama!’.
    Every word you’ve written, above, rings true – a day in the life for many of us. So many things to do or need doing, and only 24 hours per day to try and get them all done. Yep…you’re speaking my language.
    You asked, at the bottom of your musings, what do I/we really and truly desire to immerse myself in…right this moment? What I want, desire and yearn to and daydream about doing is getting back to my easel and painting. While I’m doing the dishes, while I’m texting friends, while I’m working, while I’m making the beds, while I’m preparing breakfast, lunch or dinner, while I’m doing the shopping, while I’m cleaning the litter box (oh…the joys), I am thinking…daydreaming..yearning…to get back to my easel and paint. Paint the entire day. Paint til my heart’s content. And just feel the joy and delight in doing that one very wonderful and very special thing.
    I have made a commitment to myself – to take *at the very least* every Friday off, and devote myself and immerse myself, into that one thing I’ve been loving while doing, and have been yearning to make time to get back to – painting.
    Thank you for this very important as well as gentle and loving reminder and supportive ‘nudge’ – it was exactly what I needed to read and fully take in. You always inspire, you always motivate, you always encourage and you always are so supportive. And you are so very loved by so many.

  3. Barbara Menzinger Scheihing

    I am reading this as the first thing I opened from my inbox at 6:30am after just thinking how much I can fit in my day today….a day which I actually have to myself! Why was I then thinking about all the other things I should be doing as if painting weren’t important to me! Thank you Dreams for readjusting my thinking/focus! Paint I will and the other things will just have to wait until tomorrow or maybe the.next day! This was truly inspiring and I appreciate your honesty……yes you are In good company and I can’t wait to read the other posts…..tomorrow! ÔŅĹ

  4. Patty Pastor

    Howard Hughes’ nails! Dreama, you are killing me! ????

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