26 Oct


A Higher Good

We often think we get what it’s all about, what matters, why we are doing it and maybe sometimes we are in a position to take in the whole picture—but more often than not …we are looking for immediate results and overlooking everything else.

We have no idea, really, how our work will impact someone else either now or in the future.

What about the shelf life of our latest efforts?
What impact will it have beyond it’s “toddler” years?

When my Dad was nearing the end of his sojourn here, we often passed the time watching Andy Griffith reruns. Films some 50 years old. And the things  woven into those moments by the writers, cameramen, make-up artists, directors and the actors became a gift to us in the present moment. Our family laughed together and for a time, we were able to forget our troubles.

I often wonder—did they know? Did those artists have a clue that what they were doing in the 60’s could reach out and bring some comfort to a family decades later? For my own self, I can’t begin to say how many books, how many music CD’s have fallen into my hands at just the right time and brought me joy, made me not feel alone, or made a good day simply a thousand times better. In Tune With the Infinite, a book by Ralph Waldo Trine that I read back in ’97 which was so relevant to me at the time was penned in 1899!

Artwork painted weeks, months, years ago turns up in places like museums, hospitals and hotels with the artist never knowing what emotions, what comfort, what memories may be stirred by those that see them.

We are often so focused on getting/seeing an immediate result from our efforts that we forget… there is a bigger picture, a bigger plan.

It is our job to show up and let what’s intended to Be flow through us.

When we allow what is real, what is truth, what is beauty, to shine out through our hands, our hearts, our vision.

It will accomplish more than we can ever imagine or ever know—both in the present and in times to come. Knowing that in the end that what will count is this: that our life mattered had meaning, made a difference in the lives of others ….it contained within it A Higher Good.

Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. I LOVE your softness of color and soothing scenes of places I can only visit through other’s eyes. Nice!!

  2. Laury

    Love it—-a perfect way to begin an Autumn Sunday—stepping into “JOY” of your words, paintings and COLORFUL apron giveaway. Happy Sunday. Big hugs and smiles, hoping to be LUCKY Laury

  3. Marguerite

    Your paintings are pure Joy. Such happy colors. Would love to win one of the aprons to use at my weekly art class. Keeping my fingers crossed and thinking positive thoughts.

  4. Trish Trovato

    I’ve had my eye on your other aprons (and this one now too!) because it is so you, Dreama!!! I love those aprons and would love love love to be a recipiant of one of them!!

  5. Lynn Sholer

    Apron is so beautiful! Looking forward to lass in 2017.

  6. Trish Marie

    Thank you for sharing your talent and for your words of inspiration.

  7. Donna Abbott

    If I win this apron I know I will want to paint more often! It is beautiful!

  8. Yolande changuion

    I just love you beautiful apron. I would love one so that Dreama can stay with me and my paintings forever.

  9. I thought about you so many times biking through Provence Dreama. Thanks for all the joy and insight you bring!
    Xo Tracey

  10. Barb

    I love everything about these aprons. Today’s comment rang out loud and clear for me today!!!’

  11. Carla Bradford

    That’s the first ‘artistic’ painting apron I have ever seen! It’s an inspiration in itself!

  12. Judy D

    Consider me. I would be delighted to be seen in THIS apron!

  13. Beth Freeby

    I love the bright freshness of your work! Happy Painting!

  14. Randi Swindler

    I’m never sure if I’m entering a giveaway correctly or not. I usually just give up. I do aore your work and would love to have an apron! I’m looking forward to the France adventure.

  15. Terri Evans

    I love your posts – I bought your 1st course and collected all the supplies and have yet to be able to do one painting. My mother was ill and as we know we can’t predict day to day in those seasons – she passed away in June and now it’s a matter of catching up in my own affairs as well as dealing with her property. I can’t tell you how much your posts keep me uplifted as well as my own church family and singing in the choir – all together is it truly a blessing. I still plan to complete the course before the year ends – somehow, someway – and I’m on the waiting list for Provence!

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