14 Nov

During the Creative Process


Joy..does it exist inside or outside ourselves? Can we choose it or does it simply overtake us?  Is it in things, experiences, or relationships? Like a good mystery, the answers are there for each of us. It is the clues we must uncover.

When do we experience joy?

In real laughter?
In breathtaking moments of nature revealed?
The beauty of birth or the experience of true love?
It is, no doubt, unique to each of us.

Who experiences joy?

The youngster or the oldster?
The academically educated or the one educated by life?
The rich and powerful or the poor and powerless?
Or all of the stages between the aforesaid?

It would appear that anyone can experience joy
under almost any circumstance

Victor Frankl, survivor of the Nazi death camps, spoke of finding joy in the oddest of things—as in hearing the news that the particular camp he had come to was small and therefore had no gas ovens.

How do we experience joy?

Can we arrange for it to happen?
Can it be timed or measured?
Is there a little joy as compared to a big joy or is there simply JOY?
It would appear that weighing joy is right up there with weighing thoughts—no scale has been created for it—It’s small enough to fit inside us and yet too big to measure.

What is joy?

An open ended eternity as opposed to a limited life. It is
the expression of life. It is the veil removed. It is LIFE seen through brand new vision. Beholding all the enormity, all the possibilities, all the word defying amazingness that this thing we refer to as life is.

Dig deep into your soul
Harvest the seed planted there
For each of us were given a measure
To be that one
Whose living
Brings JOY
without measure

To light
The JOY of love
The JOY of hope
The JOY of peace
The JOY of beauty
The JOY of giving
The JOY of receiving
The JOY of laughter
The JOY of JOY

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” ~ Rumi

“Scatter joy!” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Let us live this life in joy!

Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. Mary Fosson

    Love Dreama

  2. Kandy Hague

    This is a beautiful journal to keep focused and record beautiful moments of our lives, hope to win one =)

  3. Kolleen

    I don’t journal, but love yours enough to try. : )

  4. Amy Johnson

    What a terrific idea! Makes daily art journaling feel less intimidating and much more doable! Brilliant.???

  5. Nan Katzenberger

    Your work is just beautiful and your colors are so fresh and joyful!!! I just love your paintings!

  6. Judy Giannettino

    This journal is beautiful, but all of your work is. Would love to take a workshop with you! ?

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