19 Jun

During the Creative Process

Status Quo

 Status quo anyone? I confess, I have lots of questions. I even surprise myself sometimes by my questioning of the status quo. There lies within a higher self that challenges me (the me who wants to belong and fit in).

You know that higher voice‚ÄĒthe ‚Äúmother hen‚ÄĚ in your head that asks you if everyone is diving off the cliff does that mean you‚Äôre going to do it too?!

Not wishing¬†to stand out (being different can be both wonderful and horrifying at the same time!) one tries to do the status quo thing. ¬†And yet there lies within a true North that pulls so strong it will not allow for doing what has been done before! ¬†To take the safer, known route. Creative folks get this. ¬†And let’s face it—we are all, to a person, creative. ¬†
This higher self is what creates the unrest. It’s like having an internal compass that won’t allow for getting too comfortable.¬†On some level we know¬†dissatisfaction is a beautiful thing. We stretch and reach, toss and turn. In our search from this unnameable thing within that simply will not let us rest, not let us call it a day and go home.
I’m guessing¬†a good portion of this stems from our awareness. An innate knowledge of the incredulous gift¬†arriving on the breath of each new¬†day. That awareness carries within it responsibility. If we have this gift, how can we become complacent, settle for this will do, a folding of the hands and withdrawal from doing?¬†And by this ‘gift’, I’m not only referring to your creative gifts, but the the larger gift from which it arises. ¬†Your very life. ¬†The knowing that the days matter, even when they don’t appear to.
That chance encounters, words penned, inspirations dropping down are all significant.¬†Even when we can’t see it from where we are standing.¬†It’s a tremendous gift this life we have.
What will we do with it?
Sort of pulls the plug on status quo.
Yeah, I knew you would get this.
If you are here, if you’re eyes are falling upon these words, incline your ear to the whispers in your heart. Uncomfortable? Dissatisfied? Sure signs your inner fires are burning bright.  Your path is opening upward to something beautiful and amazing…just like you!  

Realize that the dissatisfaction is there for a great reason. Without it nothing magical would ever be accomplished.

P.S.  I once knew a lady who was closing her art gallery because she had become dissatisfied with the retail side of it. She was wanting to spend more time traveling to places like Europe.  The gallery was one she had owned for 6 years and I had stopped by to see about getting my work shown there.  She apologized but said she was ready to move on and do something else.

P.S.S. ¬†I should let you know she was 94. ¬†Georgianna had opened the gallery at the young age of 86 ūüôā ¬†Pretty sure she wasn’t into status quo thinking.

Note: ¬†We’ve been having fun reading all the great responses to our ‘getting to know you’ campaign–if you missed it, you have until June 25 to get in on¬†the fun (and get your name in the hat for the $200 Gift Certificate for Blick Art Supplies..I know you need more art stuff!)

I’d love to know more about you—your tastes, loves, your interests!


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  1. I’m reading “Dark Nights of the Soul: A Guide to Finding Your Way Through Life’s Ordeals” by Thomas Moore and wanted to share this quote with you.
    “Start with some ordinary creative work and then discover what it feels like to be a creative person. The idea is not to make you a star, but to give your work the shine and sparkle that are the signs of divinity.”

  2. Virginia

    I’ve thought and thought about learning to paint but that’s as far as I’ve ever gotten. And then Dreama tells the story of Georgianna who at 86 opened her art gallery and now at the ripe old age of 94 wants to sell it and move on and do other things. This is so inspiring to me because at age 66 and a run of bad health, I was beginning to think I was too old to venture into anything new at my age. Well, guess what???? I’m rethinking that mindset beginning today. If Georgianna can do it at 86 and again at 94, why not me at 66? Thank you for this great message of inspiration.

  3. Judith madsen

    I love reading your spirit words for life Dreama. I have been feeling very very flat. So reading others responses has helped me know I’m not alone in “is this all there is?”
    Isn’t that gallery owner inspirational. Thank you for sharing. With joy. Cheers.

  4. Beth Nelson

    Dreama, I have newly learned of you and the beautiful art you share. I absolutely love your style. The words you pen are wonderfully inspiring, thank you.
    With this writing I am not only inspired, but relish in the joy of hearing someone say dissatisfaction has a plus side. I’ve been questioned many times about not being satisfied. It seems folks relate it to unhappiness; not so at various parts of life in my opinion. Thank you for sharing your insights.

    • Donna Foste

      Wow, Beth! I totally relate to what you said here. I have a very melancholic temperament and that is often mistaken for unhappiness. It’s not a BAD thing to hope for, or strive for something more or better, is it? I expect a lot out of the world and a lot out of myself, so that means plenty of restless periods.

  5. Robin

    Gosh, these words really moved me today. I smiled as I read them. Your words affirm that I am not alone on my journey and how we are more alike than we are different. Love the story of the 95 year old gal and her gallery adventure‚Ķ Giving me hope and certainty that more magic awaits, and it’s not about age. Love reading your offerings. Mahalo, Dreama, you made my day.

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