23 Mar

During the Creative Process

Music Bath

Take a music bath once or twice a week for a few seasons. You will find it is to the soul what a water bath is to the body.
— Oliver Wendell Holmes

Music can save the day.

Wherever you are, whatever is happening–it IS the refresher of the soul.
It’s here for a reason and boy do we need it, much more than we can ever even imagine.

It’s quite sad AND impossible to imagine the world without music.

The delight it brings,  so easy to add to our moments and so rich in its givingness–to think of never having it is a tragedy of epic proportions.

So my message today is short and sweet.

Your day + music = ?

I dare you–turn up the volume and see what happens.
I’d love to ‘hear’ how it plays out!

Additional thoughts:
I’ve been working offline and out of pocket these past couple of weeks.  A bit of ‘life’ type things pressing in– it’s been challenging to focus.  Found that when I donned my earbuds and let the music flow over me that I could feel the stress flowing out, body relaxing, and a smile tugging at the corners of my mouth.

My only real mission here is to share and hopefully help someone else–might it be you?
Big hugs my friend–play that music!

And my 2 playlists:
I created 2 playlists in Spotify.
(Spotify is a free music app and has become my favorite way of creating custom playlists.)

Below are these two playlists that I hope will inspire you to make your own.  Like a journal that you write which ‘speaks’ back to you, a well-curated song list put together by you/for you…well, you might be surprised at how much good it can add to your moments.

To listen:
Once you click play a green Spotify button will appear that will let you open Spotify in a new window (and it gives the option to download the Spotify app on your device, all free of course)
Get ready to ‘bathe in the music’!

Dreama’s Paint the Day Away Playlist/ 100 Songs

Dreama’s Quiet Time Playlist/ 130 Songs

* The phenomenal photo above was snapped in Provence by the photographer that we have been lucky enough to have travel with us to Provence and Tuscany.  All of my online painting courses are laced with the magic captured by her beautiful heart and eyes–thanks Cilla!!

Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. Christa

    Thank you for these playlists– it was like you custom made them for me! I have had such a wonderful Sunday morning reading, relaxing and listening to your paint all day playlist! I feel like you are a kindred spirit!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this application. I had installed it but didn’t know how it worked… thanks again!

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