30 Mar

Before the Creative Process

Feed Your Life

Your life feeds your art
your creativity
all that you are
all that you are yet to be

In my life, I have found myself drawn to particular people, inexplicably so, and often times for no obvious reason.
I most always follow that pull.
It’s like the higher part of me knows what I need, even when I don’t recognize it myself.

In these meetings, I find connections. I see parts of me that have been in hiding. I get breathed upon by inspiration.

Last month, I made it a point to meet artist Jerry Fresia.
Before that it was Nic Askew of Soul Biographies.
Before that it was Wayne Dyer.
These meetings span the past few years.

Each experience was rich.
Each was unique.
Each will stay with me always.
Most importantly, each encounter fed my life.

Painting is not an activity of production. It’s an activity of expression. ~ Jerry Fresia

Nic Askew–doesn’t so much talk as he listens…intently. And in that listening, you find yourself.  (My thoughts on Nic)

Everything that excites you is god speaking to you. ~ Wayne Dyer

Jerry lives in Italy.
Nic is doing his thing around the world.
Wayne ‘shuffled off the mortal coil’ a few years ago.

I am glad I didn’t wait, talk myself out of it or try to look too closely for an answer, ‘why this person, why now?’.

I wouldn’t have come to realize the real soul connection I had with one.  Wouldn’t have known how much JOY was held inside of me even when I was stressed and feeling so disconnected from everything with another.  Wouldn’t have felt the confirmation in what I was thinking–hearing it spoken to me by the lips of yet another.
All of that would have never come to light, fed my spirit, had I ignored the pull.

I know it’s not always easy to follow these things.  It may be hard to justify that pull.  Challenging to find time, money, courage… to simply do it.  However…
there’s magic in these life moments that help sustain us.

Feed your life for it is the place
where your art
your creativity
all that you are
all that you are yet to be
comes from

Additional thoughts: These connections must be approached openly, with a lack of expectation. That’s where the treasure lies. Those you meet, on the way to meeting someone, maybe the real reason you are there.  The good stuff resides in simply following that unspoken bidding of the soul.

Feed your life.
It’s waiting 🙂

Note:  The above photo was snapped in Tuscany.  That’s local honey being drizzled over fresh ricotta spread on a crusty Italian bread with fresh berries and espresso.  So simple, so delicious!

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  1. Cynthia

    My soul sings when I have quiet time, andwhen I express myself creating beauty in art, culinary creations, my garden. My family, my faith and nature feed my soul. Jerry Fresia has been a constant inspiration since”discovering” him in Italy a few years ago. Dreama, your joyful influence feeds my soul!

  2. Kathy Kilen

    I am passionate about touching God…having relationship with Him, the love of my husband, my family…I am passionate about the feel of fabric beneath my fingers, the designs that appear pulling color and texture together…I ‘m passionate about making something out of nothing in the kitchen, some meals are planned, most are created…the colors in my garden and how they complement each other whether planted or simply scattered they produce joy. Painting joy…light…emotion… still a work in progress…however I smile even contemplating it. I love giving people things I make…food, earrings, purses, quilts, cards and yes, even painting. 🙂

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