6 Apr

Before the Creative Process

One Thing at a Time

I love to paint (you can see some of my work by clicking here).

I love to write (over 900 posts and counting).

(Had them printed out for myself…had no idea just how much I had written.)

I love to travel and teach (trips to Italy and France and gathering all the deliciousness to share with thousands of students online have become the norm).

When I think about all of this, no one is more surprised than me 🙂
I mean, I know me better than anyone.
I’m not a work-a-holic or a genius.
(Note:  I have to look up how to spell the word genius every time I use it–that should tell you all you need to know…)

I am, however, a person who listens to my heart and then does

one thing at a time

One painting.
One post.
One workshop.
One student.
One place.

You and me, we need reminding–which is why I’m writing this journal entry (number 911 to be exact) to us.

We don’t need to figure everything out at once.
Our heart already knows the one thing that we need to be doing in this one singular sensational day. Listening to that and taking action IS the master plan 😉

Whatever you are doing, wherever you are at this moment, take heart.

The one thing done from the leading of your heart is an all important piece of the tapestry of your life.

Our lives are designed one choice, one decision, one ‘doing’ at a time.
And out of that– our dreams and desires spring to life.

The simplicity of one is a powerful thing.
Take a moment now to pause and listen to the one thing your heart is saying to you.
Do that.
Perhaps life isn’t so complicated after all 🙂


“Italian Purrfection”
12 x 12in Oil on Museum Quality Panel


Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. I so love the books you had printed out, what a marvelous idea! And you have stated it perfectly with your “one thing” suggestion. It is so easy to get caught up in a to do list with hundreds of things on it. Who doesn’t have a huge to do list? But to pair it down to one thing is such a wonderful idea. When I let my mind wander, I subconsciously start focusing on what’s most important to me and “things” start dropping off that list like shooting stars on a clear night. In fact, I think my one thing for tonight will be… to go find a shooting star!

  2. Connie J Brotzman

    You always calm my heart. Thank you so much. Love you.

  3. My heart is saying, “Sit back and enjoy the lovely large commission you just finished. Don’t feel like you need to rush into the next thing, even though you finished it in 3 hours less time than you had planned. Enjoy….then go take a walk around the pond and enjoy the river otters and the Hooded Merganser dive and….breathe….”

  4. Valee Sewell Penn

    I want to learn to paint cats and flowers together like you do! I love the way they go together!

  5. Such a good reminder, Dreama…..I think taking one thing at a time allows us to put focus on that and off of ourselves…..I often nervously fret over things in the future (how dumb is that!) So my best days are when I take those first minutes to acknowledge that God is my partner, my everything, and then whatever comes is already taken care of. So thankful for you, and your wonderful team!

  6. Carol

    Thank you! For your inspiration! My hear is filled with gratitude for my courage and strength.

  7. Gail Morris

    My heart is saying: how extremely grateful I am for the gift and grace of art. It truly is my heart-passion!

  8. gail

    I must plant a seed everyday and sometimes I even plant them in dirt.

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