27 Jul


One Slow Minute

A minute is a long period of time.
Don’t believe me?
Think of a microwave minute when heating your coffee.
Longest. minute. ever.
Or how long it feels when waiting on the toaster to pop up. (Anyone else guilty of forcing the pop up sooner to see if the toast is brown yet?)

Geesh!  Those dang minutes. So long in length 😉

Then why do we all share the persistent feeling that time is whizzing by at lightning fast speed?

Truth– I walked into my front yard the other day and saw how big two of our trees had become. I felt like it happened overnight–a Jack and the Beanstalk type of occurrence. These two trees have been small for years. Now they are so big they are touching each other—the maple and the dogwood. So strange. When did this happen? And more importantly, where was I?

I do travel a lot (hello Paris!) but also—I’ve been home a great deal.  I have somehow managed to look but not see.
I have not been present.
Trapped in my mind—looking over my shoulder, looking ahead, but not taking in what was right in front of me.

I’m concluding this. When I notice that time is doing that ‘fly by’ thing it’s my cue to get out of my head and get into the present. It’s the Universe serving notice on me. Telling me it’s time to pause, get quiet and be here now. 

Sneakily simple this time thing. The more present we are, the more expansive time feels.
The slowing down of time made possible by our attention. 

at a time.

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