18 Oct

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The Waiting List

Don’t wait. Do it now.

I’m talking about making a list.

A list of the things you are waiting ‘until the right time’ to do.

You know, the ‘someday, one of these days, when the time is right, when it all works out, when I have the money, or when it’s okay with my family or my peers’  waiting list.

Go for listing at least 10 things.

20 if you’re as old as me 😉

I’ll wait.

Now that you have the list in hand (you did do this, right??), I want you to go down it, item by item writing down approximately how long you’ve been waiting to do each thing.

Get specific.

Was it since you graduated from high school?
Was it since you hit the big 50?
Was it since your father passed or your husband left you?
Was it as soon as you could quit your job or retire?
Feel free to fill in the wait time and reason for each one.

I’ll wait.

I have a feeling you will be as surprised (and potentially dismayed!) by some of the things on your list as I was on mine. Here are a few from my list.

1. Spending more quality time with my sisters.
I’m waiting because…we can always do it later? (I’m 62, and I’m the baby of the family…)

2. Writing a book.
I’m waiting because I need a big block of time dedicated to doing it. (and we all know how often big chunks of free time appear in our lives…)

3. Living out loud.
I wanna know what it’s like to truly live out loud before I die. (Been waiting most of my adult life on this one—waiting until it felt totally safe to be me with no fear of rejection or judgment).

Making a list matters—we need to know precisely what it is that we’ve been waiting on. To come clean with ourselves.

It’s too darn easy for heart stuff to end up on the waiting list.

The things that REALLY matter to us.

The very things that we will look back on with regret if left to languish on a waiting list.
Those things that were way more meaningful than all that OTHER stuff that seemed so important.
It’s vital that we bring these lists out of hiding.
Post them if we will on our collective refrigerators with a magnet that bears the question, ‘How long am I willing to wait?

Right there in the open.
Staring us down.
Asking us if not now, when?

What have we been waiting for?
Will we be satisfied with why we waited when it’s all said and done?

The someday waiting game doesn’t make sense amongst all magic afoot on this planet.
From fireflies to fiery sunsets to shooting stars and shimmering waves, the universe seems to ask each of us to live boldly and fully.
She leads the way by rolling forth her unrivaled self in every moment.
She’s not one to wait.

With her cue, let us cease the waiting.
Let us make a new list.
Name the things we’ve been waiting on because as you probably can feel in your bones…those things contain magic.
What will it do in our lives if we wake up?
What magic awaits those of us who decide to stop waiting?

What’s on your list? I’d love to hear about it—leave a comment below!

Special Note: I met a girl, I read her book. I loved her courage, her story, her success at being.
Jen Pastiloff’s book, ON BEING HUMAN, continues to unfold its story in me.
It’s raw, truth revealing, and inspiring. It’s a must-read!
A beautiful woman who is living out loud and adding so much value to the lives of others.

May I have the courage to be who I say I am. Buy your fear a cup of coffee and show it how it’s done.  ~ Jen Pastiloff

Her book is available for purchase in my Amazon Store—Click to Go!

My Friend Eddie — Watercolor

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  1. You seem to always hit the nail on the head! How many times have I said, “This is a new day going forward?” It takes s lot of self discipline.

  2. Ev

    Hi Dreama, Love your uplifting art and take on life! My list — I’m realizing that every piece of artwork does not have to be a masterpiece, nor one worthy of being juried into some show — nor one of some dreary, depressing subject matter. My main list entry is to make time, daily, to create art that truly makes my heart happy — and hopefully, the hearts of others too. It may simply be an illustration in my art journal. It’s the process of creating that’s important.

  3. Elizabeth

    You absolutely right. I’ve been waiting for SO many years for SO many things… I was dreaming to loose weight since our first daughter was born, now I am grandma and still struggling with weight (I hate exercising & love cooking and baking)…
    Things on my list:
    1. To visit Israel
    2. To learn how to make jewelry boxes from seed beads
    3. To put in order all the photographs that amassed in the box from the beginning of the last century (yes, I have pictures of my and my husbands great grand parents

  4. Marleen hoffman

    Waiting. A lifetime of waiting. You sure did hit that nail squarely on it’s head. Thank you so much for this Morning Pick Me Up. Wait until you grow up, wait until you graduate. Marriage, broken promises, earn a living. Wait wait waiting. Do it this evening. Phone rings. Can’t. Do it tomorrow. Wake up with great intentions. The phone rings. Wait wait waiting. Still waiting. This would make a good poem for my writing club newsletter. I’ll write it up later. Got to go do Display at the Gallery. Will later ever come? After all it’s been on its way for seventy nine years now. Wait wait still waiting.

  5. Noreen Rogers

    I would love to travel-to see more of this amazing world. My husband ad I raised 7 children and I taught into my late 70’s, so I tell my children and grandchildren to try to travel while they’re young. I’m retired and have all the time in the world, but am no longer able to travel. Even to see my family.
    I would love to write a picture book. Why don’t I?

  6. Sheree

    Thank you, Dreama, for all your encouragement!! Everything you write is something my soul needs to hear. I still haven’t started your class Or made my list, but I’m much closer as I cling to your wonderful words that speak to my heart!!! You are Awesone!!!

  7. Arlene

    Love your art, love your words and love that pretty face. I am 76 so have lots of things on my list. I have a GREAT appreciation for creation and marvel at it all the time.
    Things on my list
    Visit an Island off FL GA coast
    Make a gratitude list in my art journal
    Paint a Chinese brush painting of peonies
    Finish a portrait of a friend at there piano, had started years ago
    Practice Calligraphy
    Work on some large abstracts
    Paint the big tree in my back yard
    Go through old art magazines, some REALY old!
    I could go on and on, THANK YOU FOR INSPIRING ME, you have many times!

  8. Barb

    I decided last year at 71 that the time to fulfill the wishlist was now. I am a poet and an illustrator (not my paying job) and I am expecting next week to receive the copies of my published book of poems and illustrations called The Wildness of God.

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