24 Jan

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Make Your Joy a Priority

Funny how bogged down we can get, losing the plot.
A lost ball in tall weeds.

This simple mantra can answer a plethora of ‘should I?, which one should I pick? why nows?’

Make your joy a priority.

Roses, bold and red, standing straight by the French flower shop sink.
Eddie, eyes so green, my precious friend for 19 years.
Wisteria covered, soft blues and yellows, village storefront in Provence.
Joy, joy and joy.
I painted them all.

Make your joy a priority, dear one.
Write the mantra and scatter it about your dwelling place.

As Emerson said, scatter joy—but first, we must make it a priority. 
This one habit ensures that we will have much to scatter!

NOTE: I’m making JOY the #1 priority as I create Flow: A Creative Membership.
Opening in April.
Interested? Get your name on the Flow Interest List here.
Get ready for year ‘round inspiration!

Reminder: Today, make YOUR JOY a priority.

Paris Reds - Dreama Tolle Perry - https://dreamatolleperry.com/

Paris Reds
12 x 12 oil on museum quality panel

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