2 Nov

During the Creative Process


Sometimes, most times, we must follow the glimmer of creativity.

Rarely it seems does a plan, a painting, a song, a dance, plunk itself before us fully completed–dressed for the party.

It first comes as a shadow, a glimmer, a thought so tiny that if we are too busy, to caught up in the rush, to noisy in our thoughts, we will only catch it on our peripheral radar–and too late, when we are ready to turn our head and focus–the blip on the radar will have disappeared.
That is why forming good habits—almost akin to what is taught to us about what to do if we were to catch our clothes on fire,“stop, drop and roll”—is everything when it comes to being a vessel for that creative spark to catch fire.
When we sharpen our awareness, we notice and respond at the moment it comes to us.  That is where the ideas, the creative genius if you will, are born.  In that moment.  Not several minutes, hours, days, years later at our convenience.
Stop, drop (what you are doing) and listen!


The universe speaks fairly softly.  It wants to see if we are indeed tuning in, listening for our next directive.  It takes time, so they say, to create a new habit.  21 days in a row is supposed to do the trick.  Personally, I think having an epiphany can cut that down to say….0 minutes.

A knowing that this is how it works, suddenly moves “glimmer” to the head of the line in terms of what gets your attention.  When you recognize that this is how Source, creativity, inspiration, is showing up—that this is how the game is played, you realize you don’t want to wait, to put it on hold, take a message or get back with it later.  Later never comes.  It’s now or never—at least for that particular inspiration.

Living life full out must include this “sighting of the glimmer” reflex.

The interesting thing is—the more we notice them, the more of them we will see:))

Making time for glimmer sightings is IMPORTANT.

Ever noticed how you never see a falling star until you are looking at the night sky….funny how that works;)  It’s not by chance.  By choice you have chosen to be outdoors, on a clear night, looking up….and focusing:))  I kind of think the glimmers of inspiration work the same way.  Putting yourself in the position to see  and then paying attention is a great start to finding your inspiration, your glimmer.

Glimmers do exist.
Glimmers of hope, inspiration, creativity.

They are looking to reflect in the eyes and souls of those who are looking for them — those who are ready to spring into action from the ideas birthed in those glimmers.

How do you respond to the glimmers in your life?
“A Walk on the Milky Way”

It is such a gift to read all the comments you have been sharing—and we are only on Day Three!!  Lots more goodness to come:)


Karla Uphoff
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What are you grateful for today??

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  1. Anonymous

    I am grateful to have spent a beautiful fall day here in East Central Ontario painting with my art group – a wonderful, caring group of a dozen fellow artists who inspire and challenge me each time we meet!
    Catherine Selinger

  2. lois MADELINE nicholls

    I am grateful for Paddiwack, my cat. He has been my constant” Nana Nurse” as I have been recovering from 2 broken patellas. He sits on my lap, samples my food, sleeps with me and puts his head in the crook of my neck and purrs to tell me that I am loved.

  3. Anonymous

    I am grafeful that we have beautiful art all around us.

    Karen Chamblin

  4. Anonymous

    Today I am grateful for my job …. I enjoy coming to & a boss that appreciates m e.
    Sandy Turner Slade

  5. Anonymous

    Sunshine, Smiles & Vibrant Colors.
    Karen Jean

  6. Gretchen Stoudt

    Having lost the vision in one eye, I am grateful for still having vision in the other eye, which allows me to work, drive, and appreciate the beautiful things created by God and all of his artists here on earth.

  7. Of the many, many things that I am grateful for, today I am thinking about my daughter. She has always been and still is what her teacher’s always described her as, “a pure delight”. She is all grown up, and still a delight, to us, to her husband, and now, her students.

  8. Nancy Toth

    I am grateful to you Dreama, for giving me the opportunity to think about this daily and then let you and your audience know what I am grateful for…… thank you!
    Nancy Toth

  9. I am grateful the elections are over today and hopefully whoever becomes our president will finally get on with running this wonderful country again!

  10. I am grateful for my husband and all of his fun- loving ways. He is always a positive influence in my life and keeps me on track.

  11. I am so grateful that I always seems to have the funds to do the things that are really necessary. I might not know how they will arrive or even when, but they seem to always appear in my wallet when the time come to pay.

  12. Anonymous

    I am spool grateful for the glimmer….it starts so quietly, almost sneaking up on you, but the impression of something unique and wonderful starts growing inside me and the excitement of creating something wonderful is the best feeling since sliced bread……thanks for the glimmer!!!!!!
    Jo Ann Simon

  13. Anonymous

    I am grateful to be able to use my God given artistic talents when I wake up, for no good reason, at 2AM. I am not saying great works comes from this but it brings me calm and peace.

  14. I am sooo thankful for my health. I am able to travel and paint to my heart’s content, such a blessed life!

  15. DLPBR

    So much to be grateful for ! My children top the list today.

  16. Today, I am grateful for the friends who came to dinner. We had a lovely time.

  17. I’m grateful for my soft and furry friends, Harry the Orange cat, Isabelle the Tortie cat and Paco the Pug. They are unfailingly thrilled to hang out with me, listen to my worries, snuggle at night, sit when I sit, share my pizza, purr, grunt and worm their way into my heart daily…

  18. I’m grateful for the opportunity to think deeply about what I’m grateful for. Throughout the last day or two I find myself considering what I’m grateful for. I have so many blessings in my life, I’m truly grateful to be able to look at them and consider each.

  19. I am so thankful that God’S gift of my art is His way of letting me share! Love it! And I try to have an attitude of gratitude every day! Thanks Dreama for letting me share here!

  20. I am grateful for a silly collegiate football game that gave me and my husband a reason to get to be with our daughters all day. Family and friends are the best. The fact that our Georgia Bulldogs won again was just icing on the cake:)

  21. I am grateful for the opportunity to sleep in this morning.

  22. I am grateful that in my painting today, I see a glimmer of the artist I hope to be someday.

  23. I’m thankful that our daughter is visiting for the weekend.

  24. Anonymous

    I’m thankful I found painting – a passion and many great friends.

    Judith Bittorf

  25. I am thankful for my daughter who came to visit today so she could help me shower and wash my hair. She really helped me to get out of the doldrums. xoxo

  26. Anonymous

    I’m thankful to God for color. It brings so much pleasure. I enjoy “playing” with color on paper or canvas. I’m always amazed at how a change in value can make such a difference to a work. Cheryl Rene’ Pennington

  27. ‘It’s not by chance’ is exactly why I love your gratitude month. I love that it’s all about intention, about being an active participant in our own happiness and attitude. About choosing to see the good, and not waiting for it to fall in your lap. 🙂 Wonderful post Dreama.

    Today I am grateful for libraries, where I went this afternoon. And the smell of old, new, or some unidentified odor of borrowed-ness, that makes me happy. Anytime I’m feeling stressed, going to a library or bookstore heals me every time.

  28. I am grateful to have found my center. Was a corporate drone, slugging through long commutes, long days, and overall feeling of being unappreciated. The best thing that happened to me was to lose my job. Now I work for myself as an artist. Life is sweet!!!


  29. Today..Dreama I am grateful for you, Leslie Saeta, Carol Marine and Michael Naples…without you all I would never have started on this wonderful journey!

  30. I am grateful for the absolutely spectacular fall colors we are seeing this year. They seem more vibrant than ever!

  31. I am grateful for my fabulous sons, the youngest of whom entered my life 26 years ago today! And I am grateful for the new friends who entered my life today

  32. Anonymous

    Hi Dreama, wonderful post…..
    I am very grateful for my wonderful friend who I love unconditionally as she does me. I believe it is a rare thing to find. Therefore I am doubly grateful for her. Our children will hopefully learn from example 🙂
    Thank you, Monica Avila

  33. I am grateful for my husband who drove 45 minutes away to pick up paintings at a finished show while I was teaching an art class today.

  34. Anonymous

    I am greatful for my yoga class. It keeps
    me strong and flexible.
    Lori Anderson
    Folsom, CA

  35. Anonymous

    i’m very grateful for my handsome, funny, hard-working, patient, generous, smart, and kind husband of 13 years. i love him so much!

    Laura Baughman

  36. Cindy

    I just had lunch with 7 friends from my first career days, and realized how thankful I am for them. We don’t see each other often, but it’s lovely to catch up and stay involved in each other’s lives. I’m also thankful that I have other friends in my life; I’m so blessed.

  37. Anonymous

    I stopped by my gallery today to see a current show. I am especially grateful today for my gallery which is Frameworks Gallery of Marietta, Georgia.They are so welcoming and encouraging.They always make me feel that they are proud to represent me. I think they are a rare jewel and I appreciate their support!
    Dianne Harrison

  38. Kay

    Hi Dreama! I am so thankful for my health! Got up this morning and went for a run, while running I thanked God for my good health!

  39. Today I am grateful for good friends that I can confide in and have a good laugh, also a good cry with.

  40. I am so grateful for my nephew William who has a real heart for animals. He found a stray kitten and used his “emergency fund” to take it to the vet. It now follows him everywhere. He is so kind to animals.

  41. B Heschong

    I am grateful for our beautiful weather in Northern California.

  42. Sharon

    I am grateful for my son who is so in-tune with life and the people around him.

  43. Marcia Fox

    I know our two goldendoodles are grateful because we just took them to the Peoria doodle romp, and now I’m grateful that they’re letting me take a much needed nap on the couch.

  44. I’m grateful this morning for a husband who makes a great breakfast!

  45. I am grateful for eye masks and ear plugs. Is that two? They help me sleep during the day so I can work all night.

  46. Today what I am mostly grateful for is that our son, who is stationed in Korea, is finally going to be able to come home.

  47. Terri Godfrey

    Last night I made a big Friday night dinner and invited the kids, grandkids and significant others to join my husband and I when everyone got done with work for the week. I am grateful for the wonderful meal and all the conversation it sparks, the sharing and the laughter.

  48. I am as inspired by your words as I am by reading these wonderful comments!

  49. Anonymous

    Dreama, I am grateful that you have provided the tools that computer-challenged folks like moi can use to navigate to your blog and comments section….
    JJ Hoffman

  50. Ah . . . a good nights sleep. What wonders can be accomplished when I’m fully rested. With plenty of energy I have the enthusiasm I need to get started on that painting, instead of ‘having to do a painting.’ Sometimes the seasonal change from summer to autumn/winter can leave me wide awake at strange hours. I prefer this . . . to awake with colorful thoughts, jump out of bed to rush to my palette.

  51. Caryl

    Llove the inspiration from your blog. I am most grateful for knowing that God is in control, when I am not.

  52. Thanks for the lovely post Dreama! Wonderful!
    Glimmer – what a lovely word!
    I am grateful for choices today! I love that I am able to choose!

  53. I am grateful for falling stars and glimmers.

  54. Suzanne

    I agree with you about the more you notice the glimmers of hope, inspiration and creativity, the more you will be able to use them. I am very grateful that I am able to see a glimmer moment when the sun is shining off the beautiful snow and snow laden branches of the trees.

  55. Anonymous

    What a wonderful post! It reminds me how grateful I am to be able to see all great art that is available to us. It’s a special thing to see the product of someone else’s inspiration.
    Susan Johnson

  56. LeAnn

    I am grateful for a sunny day which lifts spirits.

  57. Anonymous


  58. Bon

    I love your misty painting ‘of the day’! I too have realized the importance of the glimmer moment. I employ my camera, note pads, or even notes on the phone to help me record and keep alive those thoughts. Like coming back to a dream after waking briefly, they are often fleeting. I am grateful for the fact that I am able to recognize them and to have made some of them come true. I am grateful for this exercise, and your sharing with us your thoughts on your creative process!

  59. Grateful for a month of opportunities to think about and express the things and moments in life for which I am grateful. Today, my comfortable, comforting home.

  60. Anonymous

    I am grateful that I have a wonderful little grandson and that today I can start a painting for his room with love.

  61. Heidi M

    What a lovely and inspiring post! I am grateful for being able to sleep in this morning. Having to be up at 5 AM every weekday morning, it is sure nice to be able to sleep until 10 AM today. I hope to be able to paint today!!
    Heidi Mansion
    League City, TX

  62. I am grateful for my children who are happy, healthy and productive people. I am truly blessed!

    Katherine in Texas

  63. Gail

    You started this post with one of my favorite paintings of yours, “A Walk On The Milky Way”, following it with “Glimmers” to brighten my day! Today I am thankful for girlfriends…..the “BFF” kind that you can always depend on. Our lunch together yesterday was “the best”!!!

  64. Anonymous

    Last night my husband and I were awakened by our dog who had gotten sick and had “the runs” on the carpet in our living room. We have a lot of company coming today to celebrate my mom’s 75th birthday (I am grateful for her!). I am grateful for a husband who hopped to in helping to clean up a truly disgusting mess and we even ended up giggling over it before we were done.
    Mary Beth Harrison

  65. My goodness, what a great post this was! Love the thought about glimmers. Aren’t we all artists? I think we are, as we all can learn to catch those creative glimmers that spark on the edge of our consciousness, mix them with the peculiarities of our own soul, and then create something that only each of us, as an individual, can create. And all this simply for the joy of creating — and thus being a “playmate with God,” as Michele Shea said — and sharing with others.

    Now, what am I grateful for today? I’m grateful that I was able to sleep in this Saturday morning. I woke up when I wanted to, and I didn’t have to rush about. Exquisite. I needed that.

  66. It took awhile but I finally got the comment box to reveal itself on my page!

    Today I want to say just how thankful I am for mended friendships. Often, they just drift away, never really knowing why; getting the chance to set the record straight and renew a friendship is a real treasure!

  67. In response to your question about a specific day that makes me grateful: it was an autumn day, last year, walking through the bush on my way to feed my chickens, leaves had just begun to fall and the tiniest little golden aspen leaf was on the path. I picked it up and marveled at what a beautiful little thing it was. I wondered why it is that we appreciate the magic in even the smallest of things and yet fail to appreciate the magic that we each possess, in particular ourselves. I taped that little leaf in my sketchbook to remind me. I’m grateful for that day and that little leaf.

  68. Gaylynn

    I am grateful that I have my family around me this weekend.

  69. Gaylynn

    I am grateful that I have my family around me this weekend.

  70. C-Rae

    Today we celebrate my grandson’s 12th birthday. Diagnosed with autism when he was 2…he has come a long way to living a “normal” life. We love him dearly.

  71. I love your post and this idea is wonderful. Thank you for the reminders that being grateful and giving thanks everyday of our lives is so important. I am very thankful for my health and of all my loved ones continuing health as well.
    peace n abundance,
    ps I would love your tool kit and would be very grateful too.

  72. Dorothy

    My son and his family live in Korea, and every Saturday we Skype with them. I am GRATEFUL to technology that allows us to see and talk to our loved ones who are so far away!!

  73. Deb LaRocque

    I am grateful for God’s glimmering grace that sprarkles all around us. We just have to take the time to.

  74. I am thankful for the incredible “sky painting” I witnessed at sunset last night — the work of the master artist!

  75. I am grateful for all the glimmering beauty in my life. The morning sky glimmers over the water, the paint glimmers on my canvas, the grandchildren glimmer when they talk to me, the dogs eyes glimmer when I say the word, “walk”! Lots of glimmering beauty in my life that I am grateful for today.

  76. Visual excitement. Sparkles of sun on water reflecting through my curtains drawing me outside to the deck, my observatory of shooting stars, hummingbirds, butterflies… fleeting moments & the quite time to enjoy them.

  77. Linda

    Grateful for getting together with old friends. A girl’s day is always good for the soul! Linda

  78. Susan in Texas

    Lunch with friends. Good friends.

  79. Anonymous

    Grateful for beautiful music and the talents
    of so many people…this awesome, beautiful
    world we live in — so wonderfully shown
    in Thomas Newman’s piece “Cathedral –
    Sahara Wonderland— on Youtube…
    we share this beautiful life and you, Dreama
    have brought us together to say a “Thank You…”
    Monica Dahl

  80. I feel honored to be sharing all these thoughts and feelings with so many of my fellow artists/friends. While this ‘adventure’ is still pretty new, it has already filled me with hope and love and a neat kind of happiness reading all these wonderful posts!

  81. I am grateful for FREEDOM; particularly freedom of expression. I enjoy being able to paint what I want, when I want. I can paint in my pajamas if I want (but I don’t!) Just being free to do paint on my terms is a beautiful thing.

  82. Marcia

    I am grateful for a good night’s sleep! It is wonderful to wake up feeling rested.

  83. Anonymous

    I am blessed to smell the crispness of the air. The taste of delicious food. The sounds of beautiful music. The touch of a baby’s skin. Grateful that all of my senses still work…..

  84. Today I am thankful for the people who came to my art sale yesterday! They were a gift just by walking in the door!

  85. The most important thing that I’m grateful for is my health. Without that What~ is there ? 🙂

  86. I’m grateful for my husband and my good health. We may make 60 yrs. of marriage yet!

  87. I am grateful to this blog. Reading all the comments has been very moving.

  88. Grateful for the quiet, still air this morning when I took our little black dog outside before breakfast. It felt so peaceful.

  89. Alison

    I’m thankful for my Grand kids, they are so much fun. It helps me to see life through a child’s eyes again and appreciate the small things in life that mean so much to them.

  90. Grateful that they found my breast cancer early and I hopefully will only have to have a lumpectomy on Monday. Grateful for family, friends and prayers.

    • Dear Gerry, I was just leaving my comment a couple below yours and felt compelled to bless you and wish you well. I’m grateful they found your breast cancer early. I’ll keep you in my prayers…xo

    • Kathy Johnson

      Hi Gerry, I had that journey a few years ago and understand how you feel at this moment. There are so many new ‘wonder’ drugs and therapies now. My prayers go out to you.

  91. Anonymous

    I am grateful for PL folk who paint together every Wednesday morning.
    Dana Burton

  92. Holly Rose

    I’m grateful for friends that go the extra mile or so to be of service..it’s amazing how much easier life can be when we all work together. And my or my I’m grateful for the luscious colors in today’s Milky Way painting by you, Dreama.

  93. Crisp fall morning gratitude . . . anticipation of a a lunchtime bowl of soup and long walk with a good friend . . . life is good!

  94. I am grateful for sunshine and clear sky’s today.

  95. Bren

    I’m grateful for this inspiring post, keeping my eye out for those glimmers today

  96. I am so grateful for PEOPLE, most especially family, friends, loved ones, without whom life would be impossible!!

  97. Jo

    I am grateful for what looks like a beautiful day ahead after our previous cold snap.

  98. Anonymous

    Thankful for conversations with good friends filled with a generous measure of laughter.

    Robin McEwan

  99. NLK

    Today I am grateful for the quiet hours of early morning in the U.S. West. So much potential in another beautiful day!

  100. I’m grateful for family. I’m grateful that my granddaughter is spending the weekend with me and, even though she’s a teenager now, she still thinks it’s cool to hang out with me.:)

  101. Anonymous

    I am grateful for you, Dreama, and for this wonderful blog that I look forward to each morning. Your inspiration is so refreshing and inspiring, creating from colors and words.

  102. I am grateful for my wonderful grandchild Carly, that she is healthy, bubbly and full of love and joy.

  103. Grateful to be drinking coffee in a quiet house looking out on a breaking sunny day ahead!

  104. Rebecca Ragland

    I am ever so thankful that my friends up north who were hit by the storm suffered no injuries and little damage to their properties. that is such a blessing. No electricity but they are strong and can survive that. But the idea that they did not loose their homes and eveyone is safe and sound…well that is everything is it not?????

  105. I am grateful for this quiet time each morning to gather thoughts and make “to do” lists!

  106. For this moment, in my day, I’m grateful.

  107. Anonymous

    I am grateful for a new morning dawning on day that will be filled with time with old friends who love the Lord. Cindy K

  108. Catching those glimmers are a way of life for me. I love them! Today I am grateful for breast cancer research. I have many survivor friends and family, thanks to that research and treatment.

  109. Tish Murphy

    I am grateful that I can help with the relief efforts in my birthplace, NYC.

  110. I am so very grateful for our three cats who share their lives with us; give us so much love and inspire much laughter.

  111. I am grateful for my yummy Cafe con Leche that I am enjoying now and very grateful that in a little bit I am going to a painting class in an amazing setting 🙂 🙂 double smileys!!

  112. Thank you for being able to see the glimmer in the shapes, shades and movement of the rolling, dark clouds in the morning light.

  113. I’m so very grateful that after 19 years I’m still cancer free and able to enjoy my family–ups, downs and all. Yay!

  114. I am grateful for hot water and a shower, Thinking about all those people in the Norteast that are cleaning out their flooded houses and have lost everything- that don’t have water or electricity yet Keep them in your prayers.

  115. I am grateful for having created a life where I have flexibility on how I spend my time and have plenty of time to paint and inspire others to paint and grow thru teaching. I am approaching the 10 year anniversary of when I changed careers and my life to be able to do that and I am very grateful that I had the courage and commitment to reinvent my life. when I did.

  116. Ruth Roberts

    How do I respond to the Glimmers in my life. Well, first I have to notice them. That was a gift that came from the terminal cancer diagnosis. In the process of saying goodbye to everything I learned to notice and appreciate the miracle of everyday magic. Here’s an example. Yesterday I was driving home and the sky was streaked with pinks and rose and peaches and the color reflected off the ponds at the gold course. I was so moved by the beauty. What are the odds that I would drive by at the precise moment to see that beautiful sight? I am grateful for everyday magic.

  117. Today…I’m thankful for the cross…for His Blood that was shed for me <3

  118. I am grateful for my supportive, wonderful husband who is taking care of the pets & everything so that I can attend your workshop. Great first day yesterday!

  119. I am grateful for the gift of painting!

  120. Thankful for the little birds that DIDN*T leave for the South!

  121. Today….I am grateful for the joy that painting and my painting friends give me!
    Thanks Dreama for giving some of that JOY!

  122. jen lacoste

    So grateful for my dog’s wet nose on my arm to tell me it’s lunchtime now… and then can we go for a walk please!! Grateful too, for grey, cool, misty days like today – soothing after yesterday’s scorcher.

  123. Love this post…always look for happies and will now quietly look for those glimmers. Somehow seems magical doesn’t it? I love when we can take that moment to just “be”…I will have my glimmer radar on from now on…love it!

  124. today I am grateful for a day off to enjoy my hubby, my pets and my home…hopefully I will find time at the easel

  125. I am thankful for my predawn cup of coffee as I step outside to view the morning stars.

  126. I am thankful for my predawn cup of coffee as I step outside to view the morning stars.

  127. I’m grateful for the rich and varied colours of the world outside. I’m being drawn out for a walk by a beautifully blue sky and expect to gather myself a vivid colour scheme for the day as I go! Your painting today reminds me of all the extra colours that we artists see everywhere we look!

  128. I’m grateful for the friendship and inspiration of an artist friend who just spent the night with us.

  129. I am grateful for my little dog, Katy-Bug, who always hangs with me in the studio & warms my feet at night.

  130. Anonymous

    I am grateful for today. It’s going to be beautiful.
    Brenda Gibbs

  131. Beulah

    Today I am thankful Daylight Savings Time ends and we finally return to what I call Real Time!!! Sweet blessed ‘chicken time’. 🙂

    c.paints [at] yahoo [dot] com

  132. Anonymous

    I am thankful today to be a kidney cancer survivor.
    Marilyn Troutman

  133. I’m grateful to have heard that a friend is safe after being hit hard by Hurricane Sandy ~ As a writer, I always keep a pen & paper handy for those Glimmers as they happen in the blink of an eye ~

  134. As I woke this morning I found myself grateful for being able to spend the day today with a good friend and artist.

  135. Lyn

    Today I am grateful for this day when I get to play in the paint!

  136. Fingernail Polish
    It’s one of my cheap thrills. No matter what
    situation I’m in or how stressful a particular
    moment can be, I can always glance down
    at a beautiful spot of color on my nails and
    catch a glimpse of what makes me happy:

  137. Anonymous

    Today I am grateful that I am looking with new eyes after a weeklong workshop that helped me to see “more” when I look. Jeanne D

  138. Yvonne

    My husband is coming home today. He has been away for most of the year and it has been a long and lonely road. I am really grateful. Yvonne Ankerman

  139. Anonymous

    I’m grateful for Sundays
    Sheri Freshour

  140. Anonymous

    I think your idea of being grateful is great as most people are always complaining. I am grateful for having eyes to see all the beauty God created around me and to admire beautiful artwork. I am also grateful that my beloved dog is well again after I almost have to put her down because of tick fever and she has survived.

    • Anonymous

      I think your idea of being grateful is great as most people are always complaining. I am grateful for having eyes to see all the beauty God created around me and to admire beautiful artwork. I am also grateful that my beloved dog is well again after I almost have to put her down because of tick fever and she has survived.
      Aurelia Sieberhagen

  141. My thankful thought today is for all the people who believe in me and my art. I am blessed.

  142. June

    Yes….the glimmering is there, everywhere and all around us. If only we pause and take the time to really listen, really see and take it in for all the gloriousness it offers to us, in each moment. It is there. Sometimes hidden, yes. But there, just the same – we need only to pay attention.

    Thank you Dreama, for giving us this ‘platform’ each day to both connect and share with everyone what we are thankful for and most appreciate each day. Today I am thankful for the universe bringing you and your beatufiul, inspiring creative intentions and creative expressions into my life via your blog. You’ve helped me in so many ways, and have given me so much encouragement, inspiration, motivation in your words, a lightness in my heart with your sense of humour, and brightness in my world with all the light and especially all the colour you share with us in your paintings. Like yourself, your paintings glimmmer!

    Have a beautiful day!

  143. Anonymous

    I am so grateful that I am feeling well today, that the sun is shining in a cloudless sky, for a change, and that I am going to start painting after nearly two years! You inspire us, Dreama, and we are grateful for your words and stunning paintings!

    Alma Marshall

  144. Dana

    I am grateful for the beauty of skies full of puffy clouds after a rainstorm.

  145. margene parker

    I am so grateful that the Lord has given me this time here on earth to learn and do all the things I can do, and he fills me with desire every day to want to do more than most people dream of in their lifetime. life is good. thank you Dreama for your great words I love the glimmers.(I don’t always stop and do and I miss the moment.) Margene parker

  146. Anonymous

    Thank you to the young couple who took away my mattress and made a big donation to charity for it. Thank you to two wonderful new friends who drove me to see some paintings I would never have got to without their car and then took me to an airport to watch lovely old planes flying. Thank you to Heather who made the wonderful painted bracelet I’m now wearing and purchased the last of my fabric to make bags for Ruanda (would have given it to her free if I’d known what it was for so I will pay the $20 forward). And lastly thank you Dreama for this wonderful painting. I love that sky!

  147. Gloria

    Darn, I was listening to a podcast about “spontaneous urban vegetation” and lost track of time and didn’t comment before midnight! Oh well, day three. Today I am thankful for good friends who are artists and who are fun to be with and encouraging to all their artist friends. It makes for a happy life!

  148. Thankful for YOU. You are an inspiration!

  149. Thank you Lord for the new glasses that will help me see better and money to pay for them!

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