3 Nov

Before the Creative Process


I remember studying in grade school about the roots of trees–that often times the roots were triple in length to what was showing above ground.

Not very attractive or romantic looking, those roots:)
Not at all like their lush counterparts swaying in the breeze.

It seems that nature teaches us so much about ourselves–of what is important, of where we gain our strength and our stability.  

In order for a tree to really thrive in rain and drought, in high winds and cold winters—it must have a root system.  The healthier the roots, the mightier the tree.  Sturdy root systems are the “feet” that hang on in fierce conditions.

So I think what I wanted to unearth in this story (sorry–I live for puns) is to look at the roots as it relates to us human beans:)

How do we nurture our own root system?

How important is it to concern ourselves more with what is growing underground/ unseen as opposed to concerning ourselves with that which is visible? 

Well—have you ever clipped a tree branch and stuck it in water to see how long it lives? It can survive for a wee bit, but with no roots and getting water logged, it’s days are numbered.  That’s how important the roots are to the visible portion of the tree.  Life or death.

So back to me digging around on this subject.  Obviously, our roots/our unseen growth– are paramount to our survival and to our thriving.

Even though they may forever remain unseen, roots are everything when it comes to growing into who we are intended to become.  

How do we nurture our roots/our unseen foundation?

Well, a root system does things for it’s above ground/visible guy.  Everyday.
It extends itself to gather nutrients and water for itself.  It’s pretty much job one. Everyday.
It gathers them and pushes them upward and outward, to the above ground/visible tree in order for the leaves to be able to gather light.

What kind of nutrients do we need to gather to sustain and grow ourselves–to be light catchers:)?

Well, only you know what best answers that for yourself.  It is up to each of us to be on the search for it—just like a root system in a tree is constantly growing towards the water source and rich soil,

we must be moving towards what feeds our hearts, what brings us JOY, what brings us to love.

That’s job one.

It’s what makes us strong and flexible–light catchers of the world!  Feeding our hearts (roots) is a matter of life and death.  There will be no sustained growth without a good unseen root in place.  That’s why it matters so much where you plant your roots.

Ever seen a plant that is pot bound?  The roots grow circular, having exhausted what limited supply of food and water there was to be had in its contained growth.  Consider your opportunity for growth when planting yourself.  Not as in lessons learned, hard stuff—but as in surrounding yourself in fertile regions where rain is abundant and regular:))
We are fed by many things in our lives.  Our relationships, what we read, the time we take for quietness, hanging out in nature, spending time with our pets.

It’s our job, a matter of life and death, to place our roots in places they can thrive, for in that, we grow into the manner of being we are intended to be.

Without it?  Do I need to bring up the spindly, pale leafed pot bound plants we’ve all seen at the end of the planting season in the Walmart lawn and garden section?

Roots–they really do matter.

“Colors of the Heart”


Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. Anonymous

    I am grateful for my happy home and wonderful husband.

    Karen Chamblin

  2. Nancy Makar

    Grateful today for the beautiful weather we are having. Skies are as blue as can be, birds are chirping and we actually have cool weather for a few days!

  3. Anonymous

    This morning I sang songs of praise and worship, I am thankful for KLove radio.

    Sandy Turner Slade

  4. Anonymous

    Grateful for Katie, my sweet dog.

  5. Gretchen Stoudt

    I am grateful for having my sister, my best friend, my rock, my mentor. I love you Marcia!

  6. Anonymous

    All creatures, great and small.
    Karen jean

  7. Nancy Toth

    Today I am grateful for this quiet morning. This is my favorite part of the day. I love to watch the sun rise and greet the day. Everything is fresh and ready to go! GOOD MORNING!!!!!
    Nancy Toth

  8. Anonymous

    I am so grateful that I have everything I need and then some. Life is good.

  9. I am thankful for crossword puzzles and sudokus that are so much fun to do just before going to sleep at night.

  10. Marcia Fox

    I’m thankful today is Monday, I always get off work early on Monday’s!

  11. Anonymous

    I’m thankful for a husband who loves me even when I bring home a puppy that totally disrupts our life! S. Simpson

  12. Anonymous

    I’m thankful for being spared by Sandy.

    Annapolis, MD

  13. DLPBR

    Thankful for a job that pays real money!

  14. Good morning Dreama! Today I’m thankful for my loved ones (my husband, children, family and my pets… a black cat, 3 dogs and an African grey Parrot… for my pets keep me company throughout the day here in the studio,where I’m painting my day away! Be blessed my friend! <3

  15. Anonymous

    I am grateful for the delight my grandchildren bring, just by squealing and running for a hug when they see me. Lifts my soul every time.
    Karen Gifford

  16. Today, I am very grateful for my Christian roots and faith in God.

  17. I am so grateful for you Dreama, and your inspiration you give to others through your art and your writing!

  18. Anonymous

    I am grateful that my 2 year old grandson gets so excited when I arrive for a visit that he prances around and giggles!!
    Robin McEwan

  19. Ramona Calbeaza

    I am grateful for LIFE.

  20. Katherine Baker

    I am grateful every day for good health, for without that I would have nothing. A healthy body and mind are part of the root system which enables me to experience this adventure called “life”.

  21. Anonymous

    Brenda Smith
    I’m so grateful for the friendship that I share with my daughter!

  22. I was recently invited to visit a farm in eastern Kentucky once owned by my grandparents. I took my camera and traveled the dirt/gravel road back into the beautiful hills and meadows. There I took pictures of the little shack (soon to be torn down) where I once lived briefly as a child. What wonderful, happy memories. I remembered how it felt to roam those hills with great freedom on that big farm. We picked berries and pawpaws with our grandmother and our grandfather taught us to fish in the pond. We road in the wagon behind the tractor as our grandpa did his farm work. Now a “senior”, those Kentucky roots are a warm wonderful memory and I learned a lot.

  23. Anonymous

    I am thankful that my family and friends are safe after hurricane Sandy.

    Judith B

  24. Marcia Fox

    Today I am thankful for the wonderful friend I have, her name is Judy, a cancer survivor, and a wonderful artist. She even went with me to Dreama’s workshop in Lexington! Today the Mississippi Valley art group had their art tour of the artist home studios, (yes, we live on the mighty Mississippi River) and I was able to purchase my favorite pastel that Judy had painted! It’s absolutely beautiful of an “Iowa Winter” countryscene! I’m so grateful to have such a wonderful friend as Judy!

  25. I’m sitting next to my soon to be 4 yr old grandson and he is coloring a rainbow leopard on my iPad. You would love the color Dreama. “I;m going to make a pretty one for Gaga”, he just said.

  26. Anonymous

    I’m grateful for a safe trip home at dusk. Gayle Nunn

  27. I, too, am very grateful for my roots! Thanks for reminding me.

  28. Kay

    Hi Dreama! I am so thankful for my roots, my Mother was a very special women and I am so grateful when people tell me ” you are just like your mom” :). I also am so thankful that my treadmill starting working again, I had some issues with it and today when I turned it on it worked perfect! Just in time for the cold weather.

  29. Anonymous

    I am so thankful that you started this 30 days of thankfulness blog. It is like a big ball of yarn that goes on and on – so much to be thankful for
    each day; but since it is Sunday, I’ll add that I’m especially thankful for God’s love and being planted into His family.

  30. I am grateful to have time to learn and try new things. Today I made noodles from scratch!

  31. After not being home for over a month I am happy to be here with my husband. Due to the economy, the work I do is far from home. At times I feel rootless but today I am firmly grounded

  32. Anonymous

    Beautiful painting… as always!
    I have so much to be grateful for, but family is always at the top of the list.
    ~ Etta Hermann

  33. Josephine Y Hardison

    I am grateful for peace and calm in my life!

  34. Anonymous

    I’m grateful for my sister, and instant messaging on our phones!
    Debbie Spivak

  35. HI Dreama,
    I’m thankful for your WONDERFUL paintings!!!!!!!

  36. I’m grateful that I have a computer so I can enjoy your lovely daily doses of inspiration. Thank you, Dreama.

  37. blogger

    I’m thankful for a loving God who is the Master Gardner of my life.

  38. Today`especially thankful for the beautiful day to drive home from a reunion of classmates, the fall trees are breathtaking!!!

  39. Gail

    I am thankful that I can relax and enjoy this beautiful day with my husband! Our blessings are many!

  40. I am grateful for a lovely morning walk with my husband of 38 years (yikes!) along the waterfront in San Francisco and a delicious breakfast afterwards! Life is good.

  41. Grateful this day for the warmth of an intact house and family, the root of all of us.

  42. I am grateful I still have my “moms”…June, Helen and Joan…who are wonderful women and loving friends

  43. I am thankful for my car that can take me to see out -of -town friends who mean so much to me.”Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.” Love reconnecting with old friends who I am also grateful for.

    Patty Haynes

  44. Anonymous

    Wow! Did your words ever ring true. My daughter has truly matured in her twenties. She had a very rocky teenage life (a lot having to do with choices she made). However, because of her “root system” she has flourished as a young tree. Thanks to her father’s never ending love and faith that she will “come” back to us because of the “root system” we established. I too, grew so much during this difficult time. I am thankful for my husbands perseverance and my willingness to be patient (albeit, hard on many levels!). Patty O

  45. Dreama! Powerful post! For me nurturing roots means nurturing my relationship with Christ first my family and others second and putting myself last! That’s JOY! Thank you for your post! R

  46. Lana J'Lynn Anderson

    Thank you for always sharing what is on your heart. You are an inspiration in so many ways!
    I am thankful today for my Daughter. She is such a wonderful Mother to her precious son, my Grandson. He goes through so much, going to see his Dad every two weeks. Those kinds of situations are not easy on a child and my Daughter is so good to him and always has just the right words to comfort him and make it as easy as possible to leave her for the weekend. She is a blessing. Love to you.

  47. Anonymous

    I am grateful for new and special friends like Cate who makes me happy and make our world a special place
    Jo Ann Simon

  48. Anonymous

    I am thankful for the freedom that we have to gather together to worship God. Vicki Morgan

  49. Anonymous

    Today I am grateful for old friendships renewed this morning at a church homecoming.Family and friends, it just doesn’t get any better than this.
    Patsy Banco

  50. Anonymous

    Today was my late father’s birthday and I am grateful for everything he was. I am happy that in his last year we had a chace to grow closer.
    Frances, France

  51. I am grateful for books! I cannot imagine my life without it.

  52. Anonymous

    Hi Dreama,

    A wonderful analogy, but what about willow cuttings? They will root. I am grateful for the time to do what I want.


  53. Anonymous

    Today was All-Saints Day at church where we recognize all of the members who have passed away this past year. It caused me to reflect on those people, the roots of our church, and also my father who died 8 years ago and is such a part of who I am. I am grateful for having strong roots to give me the moral compass that help me make decisions and choices that I am faced with each new day.
    Becky Frame

  54. Bon

    Your words are so eloquent and thought provoking. I am thinking I want to save them; or are they going to be made into a book?
    I am thankful today for my family and for being able to celebrate my grandson’s 17th birthday with him later on today.

  55. I am grateful for my computer so I can receive your paintings by email.

  56. Anonymous

    I am greatful for art and Folsom’s Art Association and our wonderful group of artists.
    Also the change in time 2xs a year. It’s fun to be able to sleep a little longer with no guilt for a couple of days in the winter and it’s fun to get up and get the morning paper in the dark in summer and see the black sky, the moon and bright stars.
    Beautiful!! Lori Anderson, Folsom CA

  57. Gratitude for today…a sunny day off work to wander, mentally and physically into my hearts murmerings and physical needs (my personal roots).

  58. Gloria

    I am grateful for my home, where I can rest, unwind and think without distraction. Who am I? Where am I going? I enjoyed your very thoughtful blog post and lovely painting today, Dreama.

  59. I’m grateful for parents who raised me to think, to love and to laugh!

  60. June

    Very synchronistic and timely, your thoughts today about roots, which is what I’ve been cultivating and tending to with care and attention since we moved here nearly 15 year ago.

    I’m grateful for the kindness and generosity of so many of our neighbours, especially one lovely woman who calls in to our house regularly (every 2 – 3 weeks or so) to give us her newest batch of her delicious homemade jams and preserves, which is usually always accompanied by her equally delicious and quite well known (around these parts) and very much loved apple tart.

    Though she’s been a widow for many years now and lives alone, she is loved by everyone in our town, and she loves everyone, reciprocally. She is involved with the community drama club, the seniors book club, the wine and cheese club, and visits the elderly at our local nursing home two or three times a week, and also goes out walking daily – once for leisure in the country, and once each morning to Mass.

    She is a not only a credit to our community, but she is so inspiring with her loving heart, caring nature, her sense of humour, her amazing energy, her kindness and her generosity – all of which are in seemingly endless abundance.

    She inspires me whenever I meet with her, or whenever she invites us to her home for tea and scones (or sometimes Baileys!) for a chat.

    She is a treasure to all who know her, and I am grateful to have her in my life as not only my neighbour, but as my friend, and as one of the important roots of becoming more solidly planted my adopted community and home.

  61. Anonymous

    This is the perfect topic for today. Sundays are always family day and it’s time when the family can reminisce about the past and make new memories.

    I am most thankful that my wonderful grandparents always took photos of their adventures and painstakingly labeled, dated and named everyone in them.

    I have now inherited ALL of these priceless albums 🙂 that tell the tales of my grandfather’s cross country trip with his friends before he met my grandmother. Just one cool group of young gentlemen on an adventure.

    One is her album full of handwritten notes, photos and hearts of her “love interest” before she met my grandfather. (That nobody even know existed until after she passed <3 )

    The rest tell the wonderful story of two young people who met, dated, fell in love and had a fascinating 54 years together.

    Their wedding day showed a young bride totally smitten with her new groom, the handsome groom stealing loving glances at his new bride and a family celebration with all of my grandmother’s 7 brothers and sisters in attendance (this was now a rare occurrence since my grandma was the baby).

    Their own handwritten notes written with that wonderful white pencil on those large black pages for every trip, holiday and birth that followed. Even after they graduated to poloroid pictures, they still dated, named and wrote feelings and events from the day on every picture. (I am so thankful they did this as now I am looking at named people in known places on a date in the past that is known, not guessed)

    I could not be more thankful than to have these priceless memories of my family’s journey.

    Thank you, Monica Avila of Miami

  62. Sharon

    I am grateful for this lovely peaceful day to paint and dream.

  63. Anonymous

    I am grateful for being able to have the opportunity to TRY TO communicate my appreciation for this beautiful world in all it’s wonder via my passion for art.
    Catherine Selinger

  64. Deb LaRocque

    I am grateful for the root of friendship. One of my friends is recovering from major surgery and doing well. I pray that she is back to better than normal soon! I am blessed to have her in my life.

  65. Dreama…today I am grateful for the clean fresh air and hiking in the rain!
    Love and hugs…your words today ring with me on a very high level…many thanks!

  66. susan

    exactly what I was meaning on my comment yesterday, the desert did not nourish my roots, the ocean does. today I’m grateful for a chance to go out to breakfast with friends and sit by the bay.

  67. I am grateful for Sunday morning worship with my church community — a beautiful place to belong.

  68. Annette Nordine

    For the morning sunlight shining through a single red rose petal.

  69. For my family, scattered far and wide and the joy and love they bring to my lif

  70. For the last 12 years since retiring, I am grateful to live in Colorado. I wake up each morning to the view the mountains from my bed. The light changes by the minute exciting my emotions. Never a day goes by that my husband of 42 years and I don’t pause and take the time to be grateful for this life here in Durango. The dancing light greets me each day and stirs my senses to go out and paint en plein air as I live in heaven. God has given me the eyes to appreciate his work. We as artists have the
    gift to SEE more clearly the world around us. Your writings also add to the glory of the day. Thank you for sharing your talents in both painting and writing! I am grateful.

  71. I am grateful for having some time to myself this weekend so that I could write.

  72. I am grateful for the grey overcast clouds today in my city. It may be rainy but the colors of the trees pop against the sky. Reds and yellows and oranges and golds brighten the neighborhood. The sidewalks are a carpet of colored leaves. Even though it may be raining it is a joy to walk under the umbrellas of trees this fall.

  73. Anonymous

    I am grateful for my loving family!
    Pat Kreppert

  74. I am so grateful for my sight. I’ve taken it for granted all my life and now I may be losing it, so I am very grateful for what’s left, and for the beauty that is all around me.

  75. Anonymous

    Hello, after fifty years of swaying in the breeze, producing artwork for businesses and thinking I would always like to create some paintings of my own, freestyling and without someone else’s brief, I’ve decided to make a start, stimulated by the beautiful efforts of Dreama’s paintings and those also of Crystal Cook, and the crumbs of wisdom of Paulo Coelho.


  76. I am grateful for a roof over my head, a yard of my own, and the trees and flowers that have taken root in it.

  77. I am grateful for the rain that has been watering our roots these many days… 😉

  78. Anonymous

    I am grateful for the extra hour of sleep last
    night. The best part is getting the one you lost last spring !! Barb Krell

  79. Dana

    I am immeasurably grateful for all the friends that enrich my life so much.

  80. Dreama, such a great word picture. I’ve been contemplating similar things on my blog (take a peek at the post before last-and you can take this out when you moderate-www.michellemorrisart.blogspot.com) I’m thankful for your encouragement and to know my roots are deep!

  81. Thank you, Dreama, for the reminder. I am grateful for folks who remind us about some of the important things we forget.

  82. Dorothy

    I am grateful for the large maple trees in my backyard. They are the first thing I see every morning when I look out the bedroom windows and they always cheer me with their ever changing personalities.

  83. Susan in Texas

    I am grateful for our welcoming and loving church community. For laughs. For support. For giving.

  84. Anonymous

    Very grateful today that I am healthy enough to take a long walk by the river down a path speckled with a palette of yellow,red and orange leaves.Dianne Harrison

  85. pat

    I am thankful for my roots, and for all of our loving family.

  86. Ginny Good

    I am thankful for a wonderful church family that I’ve been rooted in for 30 years! What a blessing!

  87. I am grateful for my doggies love this morning….we took advantage of the extra hour for special morning cuddles ….invited doggies on the bed….I love our “pack”…:))

  88. I am grateful to be alive. That’s all. 🙂

  89. Cindy

    Sunday is truly a gift; a day to worship and reflect and give thanks and receive God’s infilling grace to fill me again. I’m so thankful for that.

  90. Anonymous

    Today I am grateful for my parents, who raised, loved, educated, and disciplined me, not necessarily in that order. They instilled in me values that are the roots that anchor me in this ever-changing world.
    JJ Hoffman

  91. Today I am thankful for an abundance of things but especially for living the life of an artist and all that it brings with it; up, down and inbetween.

  92. I am grateful to wake up every morning in the Creston Valley surrounded by mountians that hug me and a wide range of trees that sing to me as I walk through the countryside. I always feel centered and grounded after my walk.
    A great post Dreama! My fingers are crossed…..

  93. Suzanne

    I am grateful for the beautiful trees we have in our garden. They provide beauty, shade and oxygen for us everyday.

  94. I am grateful for my computer, keeping me organized, ensuring images of my art look right, and connecting me to the rest of the world.

  95. I am thankful for my husband who has been very good at taking care of me while I recover from a leg injury.

  96. I am thankful for my husband who has been very good at taking care of me while I recover from a leg injury.

  97. I am thankful they opened the 255 extension and I can open my front door, and feel the fresh air and hear the wind chimes…is that four?

  98. Anonymous

    …….for being retired, giving me the time to create!
    Gloria Benedetto

  99. Anonymous

    I am grateful for the urgent care worker in my area. Their kindness and professionalism helped a long wait go fast. So Thankful! Barb,WI

  100. Loving these blog posts – thank you! Today I’m grateful for my beautiful niece Elsa and that she and her mom (my awesome sister) live so near by!

  101. Linda

    Oh this one’s easy today: I’m grateful for that extra hour of sleep! =}. Linda, Nevada

  102. I am grateful for growing up in the Mid-West near grandparents who shared their family stories of our ancestors. Very strong roots, indeed!

  103. Irene

    Thankful for God’s outpouring love!

  104. Thank you Mom for starting our family history and collecting photos from every elder possible. Thank you to the internet and to the Mormons for making family history easily accessible to everyone. Learning the story of the people who came before has made me feel much more connected to people and part of an ongoing history. For that I am very grateful.

  105. Thank you for doing this! I am thankful for and happy with my teenage sons, who grow up in my home and that we share life!

  106. C-Rae

    Today, the sky is gray. The trees are naked and the farmers fields are barren. But the fields still show the residue of the crops in colorful strips…yellow and green and brown. The colors of nature inspire me.

  107. I am thankful for the wonderful parents who raised me. They were always there for me providing encouragement and inspiration.
    What a pleasant memory your writing for today has brought to my mind.
    Thanks, Dreama
    You are amazing!!!

  108. Last night, we sat outside and drank in the beauty of the glimmering stars and am so grateful that we have recently established our roots (forever) in this beautiful place!

  109. I am thankful for all the wonderful teachers of art. They feed our roots so we can continue our artist journey! Thank you Dreama!

  110. I am grateful that we have telephones and I talked with my sister yesterday.

  111. Anonymous

    Today I am feeling grateful for my mom who is turning 75 this week. She gave me and my siblings roots in a place where the “soil” was very thin! My hot cup of tea and a beautiful sunrise are also on my list! Thanks, Dreama.
    Mary Beth Harrison

  112. I am grateful for the views we have here in Colorado! I love looking at them and they make great paintings!

  113. Grateful for my “roots” in Christ Jesus!

  114. Anonymous

    I am thankful to you for providing the motivation I needed to establish a gratefulness habit. It is something I have wanted to do for a long time and now, thanks to you, I am on my way!
    Dana Burton

  115. Sandy Ward

    I am grateful for the extra hour today – the kitchen is tidy and now I’m ready to finish up a botanical collage that needs more roots!

  116. A hot cup of coffee on a chilly morning.

  117. Anonymous

    I am grateful for my faith in the Lord to guide my life.
    Carol Hickerson

  118. This post takes on several meanings for me. Today I am thankful for my dad and brother. They are my roots…we are from the same clay. My mom passed away a year and a half ago…we of course are closer than ever – clinging tightly to one another. As for roots where I am planted…those roots are like those branches in water you wrote about…I am hoping to move on to a place which has a different focus, but for now I push my wings outward and keep on flying.

  119. Anonymous

    I am thankful for reaching my destination safely yesterday and for my brother who is such a special person.
    Brenda Gibbs

  120. Anonymous

    Hi Dreama,
    I am thankful for so many things, I can’t list them all.
    Happy Painting!
    Jaquelin Perry

  121. I am thankful for all the fond memories I have of my dad, his birthday was November 9. R.I.P. Dad!

  122. I am thankful for the beautiful fall colors God has given us and the desire to paint those colors–blessings.

  123. I am grateful today to be able to see my neighbor,who rebounded from a horrible stroke, riding in his golf cart with his beautiful dog by his side.

  124. I thought this was yesterday’s post. So I am not late in post the above even though it is what I am grateful for for yesterday.

  125. Susan Williams

    I am thankful that my computer is working today today. I missed two days of your blog, but am catching up now. I live in Greenville, SC and every year for the first weekend in November, we have what is called “Open Studios”. Any artist with a studio can open their studios for the weekend and people flock to see all of these artistic works. Yesterday I indulged myself and went out to visit some of my artist friends. It was a perfect fall day….clear skies and 70 degrees in the afternoon. So, I am thankful again for another beautiful day as well as time to visit with my favorite artits. And, I have been so inspired by them and you Dreama that I am going to start taking art classes again. Haven’t done that for about 15 years or so and I know that my heart and soul will be filled by the joy that I experience from painting.

  126. Am commenting a day late because I had to be at our church bazaar early. I am grateful for the good weather we had, the companionship of church workers, and a successful day.

  127. Anonymous

    I am thankful for the time and opportunity to worship today with fellow believers.

    Cindy K

    • Susan Williams

      I am thankful for that as well!

  128. I am grateful for my beautiful family and your wonderful work that never fails to warm my heart.

  129. Today I am grateful for the blessing of this little bundle of joy puppy that has come into our lives!

  130. Having a studio in my house. Even though it is small, it’s nearby and has everything I need and on days like today I can just roll out of bed and continue on the painting I started yesterday.

  131. I’m so grateful for the Village Fine Arts Association in Milford, MI, and all of it’s wonderful members. They got my wheels turning as a fine artist after my ‘real’ job was over. I’ve made so many like-minded buds in the art community here 🙂

  132. Terri Godfrey

    My husband recently commented that we still have the “summer” sheets on the bed (cool to the touch and winter is arriving). I am grateful for the terrific sale I found on holiday flannel sheets for our King Size bed. I am grateful for the little things that make others happy. And it is often the little things that make a difference in our every day lives, don’t you think?

    • I agree, and often think that if we paid attention to those little “insignificances,” our lives would be much happier and contented. Who knows…. we might even slow down and quit chasing our tails in search of things that we can’t quite grasp?

  133. What a lovely post – trees offer so much good to our lives, such as stability, tranquility, shade, beauty… the list is almost endless. I think I have to use the word “almost” only because of the limitations of the English language and not because of the limitations of the wonderful trees. 🙂
    I am grateful each morning when I wake up and see 4 sets of eyes staring at me, quite intently. Not sure if it’s love or hunger, but they are the sweetest pets one could have.

  134. Anonymous

    Roots are like tiny threads of creativity that weave into branches and leaves making colorful awnings and tapestries. A great grandmother’s quilt, an aunt’s favorite recipe, a grandfather’s story, all these flower and fruit in our own lives from love, the great “miracle grow”! I am grateful for this blog.
    Alabama Girl

  135. Grateful today for the image of the visible being a small part of well-being…that the invisible, our roots, really are the heart of who we are in the world. Thanks, Dreama!

  136. I am grateful that yesterday is over and that a brand new day has crested the tops of the trees. Not all days are easy however valuable the lessons learned. Sometimes I feel wind whipped as if a small storm has challenged the roots of my very existence; broken small limbs and toppled the lofty stance. But, today I can take the memory of things past, combine them with things present, and begin anew.

  137. Thankful for my health and the health of my family today….

  138. So grateful for this post both my children and my plant roots will get a dose of fertilizer today!

  139. jen lacoste

    Thankful today for so many people who realise life is not just about plodding on, but filled with good stuff, like friendship, joy and light.

  140. I am grateful for the ability to participate in this event; not for material gain, but for spiritual transformation this month.

  141. LeAnn

    Grateful for the anchor of family.

  142. Ruth Roberts

    A friend brought me a “found” table and then spent a day thrifting with me to find all the things I needed to finally set up a painting studio. Thanks Dan. And thanks, Dreama, because of your inspiration it is also really pretty.

  143. I am grateful for the time I have with my mother. She is 82and her “roots” are getting weaker as the months go by, but each day is a blessing.

  144. Today is Sunday and I am grateful for the family coming over for dinner today. I love spending time with those grandboys!

  145. Marcia

    I am grateful for Day Light Savings! The ability to stay in bed an extra hour before getting ready for church is nice this morning.

  146. Cindy

    Thankful for wonderful children who have given me beautiful grandchildren so the journey continues to grow.

  147. My 2 sweet cats who follow me around like adoring little groupies lol

  148. Thank you for this thought provoking post…..

  149. Gaylynn

    On this fourth day of gratitude (and it is Sunday), I am grateful for my faith. My beliefs and prayer keeps me going.

  150. Thank you for sharing your thoughts in this very meaningful post! I’ve waited most of my busy life to reach the age that I can kick back a little and have the time to pursue some of my dreams… like paint. I’m thankful that I’m still healthy and fit enough to enjoy it and look forward to many more productive years.

  151. Anonymous

    It’s Sunday, my favorite day of the week to reflect on everything that has happened this past week. I will read the Sunday paper with a cup of my favorite coffee and make blueberry pancakes for my Hubby and dream of what I want to paint next.

    Karen Chamblin

  152. I love Sundays. Church to fill my soul. An amazing husband to fill my heart. And art to fill my constant thirst to create. All these things plus watching the Bears this afternoon make me smile and peacefully sigh.

  153. I am thankful for the root of salvation in Christ. He is the vine (root) and I am one of His branches. What an amazing blessing! I’m thankful for my family; my parents, husband, son, and sister. I’m thankful for the freedom to vote my conscience. I am blessed!

  154. Anonymous

    I am grateful for the incredible God of Grace who adopted me as His child many years ago. I’m also grateful for the man he introduced me to when we were very young. We held hands through high school, married the third year of college, raised three children, and are still holding hands after forty years of marriage.

    Terry in Germantown

  155. I am thankful for my parents and the Christian heritage of love my instilled in me. They were the salt of the earth. Jill

  156. I’m grateful for today knowing I can spend it as I choose with whom I choose and surely it will include creating some art.

  157. Today I am grateful for a bright, beautiful morning. Against a cerulean blue sky there is a mighty oak tree, the last of the trees here in New England to cling to its leaves. The leaves are gold in the morning light.

  158. What a wonderful reminder of our roots and how to nourish them. I am grateful for that reminder and this incredible day before me with wonderful things happening to and for me.

  159. I am grateful for the strong roots established by my parents, and am also grateful that our recently married son recognizes the value. I am so grateful for family and friends.

  160. Anonymous

    I am grateful for my loving cat “Annie”.
    Marilyn Troutman

  161. Another wonderful post…So important to surround yourself with wonderful, supportive, positive people. I am so grateful when I find a new special friend to add to my “root system” 🙂

  162. Julie

    I am so grateful for the glorious fall day we are having in Munich today.

  163. I am grateful for all the Sunday mornings of my life.

  164. I’m grateful for good friends, the ocean waves and fully packed suitcases.

  165. Lyn

    I am grateful today for color and an extra hour in my day.

  166. I am grateful today for my own roots, my parents, who supported 9 children with love and with unwavering faith.

  167. Joanna

    My husband and I moved more when we were first married than we ever did as military, but with family we have roots and I am so thankful for them!
    Joanna Cranford

  168. Rebecca Ragland

    My partner and I were a couple of rootbound folks when we found each other. Through kindness, patience, and humor we have found a way to uncoil our roots and he and I both have sent out new shoots reaching for the light. It is so amazing what a little tenderness and care can do for the spirit. We are peeping out of the dark and we like what we see. Isn’t that wonderful…..

  169. Your writing for today reminds me of Psalm 1 (from the Bible). It states the person who find his or her roots in the Word of God is
    “…like a tree
    planted by streams of water
    that yields its fruit in its season,
    and its leaf does not wither.”
    So I’m grateful for God’s truth in the Bible and a free country. 🙂

  170. Yvonne

    So grateful for a beautiful, sunny, wind free, great temperature, scent filled Spring day. Very welcome after a particularly chilly Winter. Yvonne Ankerman, Cape Town

  171. Yvonne

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  172. Pets
    OK- lock your husband and your dog
    in the trunk of your car for two hours.
    When you open it up- see which one is glad to see you. Thank Goddess for Pets.

  173. This comment has been removed by the author.

  174. Anonymous

    Hi Dreama from Idaho….I am grateful today for finding an darling little $8 table at the thrift store that I can paint for my grandaughter’s room.

  175. Today I’m grateful for your words to ponder, Dreama. Up-rooting takes a toll — nuff said.

  176. Beulah

    Thank you for this posting on roots….just what I needed to read this morning! I am thankful for relatives who came before me to a new country, to put down new roots, to build a new nation…America…one nation under God.

  177. Today I’m grateful that our gorgeous cat Charlie is home again as he’s been off on his travels for nearly four months! (yes he really does treat this place like a hotel!)

  178. Anonymous

    I am grateful that I will see my parents this week and that they are still healthy. We live in two different countries and I am going down to visit them and friends.
    Aurelia Sieberhagen

  179. Anonymous

    What an awesome, timely message for all of us – I am grateful that I am growing daily – learning more and more, discovering that everything is love! Thank you so much, Dreama!

    Alma Marshall

  180. Today I am grateful to be able to rest in a comfortable bed with a good book and a cup of tea to recover from a cold.
    Love your beautiful paintings!

  181. Dreama, I am grateful for knowing you through your post. They are so inspiring & helpful to me . Eddie is fun too.

  182. Oh Dreama, I loved your message today. Thank you for sharing so much of YOU!
    …grateful for the simple things in life 🙂

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