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3 Ways to Love the Artist in You

Being an artist is a beautiful thing. At its best, it’s a  life filled with hope, ideas, playfulness, and a delight in living that is unbeatable.
At its not-so-good moments, it can bring feelings of vulnerability, uncertainty, frustration and even challenge our self-worth.

It’s in these not-so-good moments that the artist within needs our love.
(Not our judgments, not our should haves, and not our comparisons).
Instead, how about giving the artist within some grace? Understanding? Some serious love!!!

I thought of a few ways that I’m sharing here, but I’m betting you can think of a whole lot more!
Add your own knowings to this list and use them all to take right action in those not-so-good moments.
All for the love of the artist in you!

Forgive yourself for what you can’t do—YET.
I wrote an entire post on this single word. It’s worth the read, click here.

Be ridiculously proud of what you CAN do now.
Do you realize how many people on this planet would love it if they could paint like you? They haven’t started—yet. They have dreamed of doing it but haven’t found the time, the courage—whatever—to actually make a start. Even if you have just begun this day, you have started, and that within itself is remarkable.

Love the marks you make.
They are yours, and there will never ever be another YOU. Each mark you make is a moment that you are alive. It’s a heart carved on a tree that says to the world, I WAS HERE. Become aware of how ridiculously sacred your marks are. Your marks are so singularly unique that you can’t replicate one stroke you’ve ever made. Pretty incredible when you stop and think about it. Your marks will change over time. Love them all for they are a part of your journey. EACH ONE a testimony that you have lived!

A little suggestion–––become a beauty hunter!
Take one of your paintings and mentally divide it into fourths. Take one of those sections and examine it up close. Notice your marks. The shapes, the textures, the colors. Give thanks for the beauty that exists because of your hand. Make a habit of looking for the beauty in your work. You will be amazed at what can happen once you truly fall in love with the artist in you!

Three Things Worth Sharing

Paint: One of the artists in Flow Membership shared a purchase she made that I’ve been drooling over, so I thought I’d share it here so that you can drool too! Charvin oil paints have a set of colors called Provence that will likely end up finding their way to my house (Santa, are you listening??) View them here.

Book: One of my favorite art books ever by Artist Jerry Fresia (I interviewed him for Flow a bit ago, and it was a delightful conversation!) The Practice and Philosophy of French Impression is available here.

Love: Loss and hardship can make what was once a delight (like the holidays) something to just get through. Looking for ways to express love is good for us and the receiver. And thankfully, there are SO many ways to show love. Send a note, make a call, share a post (like this one ;-), say a prayer, affirm peace and abundance for them, send a bouquet, make them a piece of art., sit down to a lunch or maybe best of all––simply LISTEN to them.
They will feel the love, and it will make a difference.

Tender Pleasures - Dreama Tolle Perry - https://dreamatolleperry.com/

Tender Pleasures
8 x 10in, oil on museum quality panel
(from a lesson I taught in Flow, My Monthly Creative Membership)


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  1. Dreama, your wise words touched my aching heart today. I needed the encouragement & bigger picture. Thank you!

    • Dreama Tolle Perry

      Oh Jan! I’m so glad–sending you love today, dear one

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